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9 Signs an INTJ Likes You Romantically (and Not Simply As A Friend)

Some people are afraid to wear their hearts on their sleeves, so they’re often misunderstood. But with INTJs? Nahh. If they like you, you don’t have to overthink. You’ll soon know you’re the apple of their eye. INTJs are pretty transparent about their emotions when in love.

Are you curious how to tell if an INTJ has a crush on you? If you are, dive in! 

9 Signs an INTJ Likes You Romantically

As you already know, people express affection differently. Understanding another personality type can make it easier to tell if they’re being friendly or genuinely interested in you. That’s why I’m here to help you list the observable signs INTJs display when in love.

Pinpointing how their behaviors change towards people they love, these can help cut to the chase.

Also, these can prevent you from appearing foolish if you’re attempting to pursue a romantic relationship with an INTJ.

Here we go:

1. They include you in their personal and long-term plans.

If you’ve ever been close to an INTJ, you’ll notice that man, they’re all about plans, goals, and knowledge — sensible, yet abstract.

An INTJ is genuinely interested in you when they include you in their plans. As individuals who value their time, INTJs typically plan with a clear purpose. Therefore, if they prepare for the future involving you, it significantly indicates they want to stick you around in their life. 

Ever heard of your INTJ saying they’re enrolling in the same university as you, and proceeding to make study plans as if it’s happening tomorrow? How about hearing them share their long-term goals, and surprisingly, you have a significant role in it? 

If you answer yes to these, that’s a clear sign that that INTJ is falling for you. 

Simply put, if an INTJ likes you, you’ll see them around. If not, they’re gone and will see you in probably the next 5 years (or never). Being purposely around you, even when they don’t have to, can be a bold declaration of interest, the INTJ way! 

2. Getting awkward.

INTJs do well in whatever they intend to do. But the thing is, while other people are impressed by how INTJs approach problems and goals, they must admit they know too little about these Strategists. And it’s because INTJs protect their privacy hardcore.

That said, when an INTJ falls in love with someone, it’s long strife because it involves revealing their true selves. 

Love is an undermined aspect INTJs rarely dwell in. A young INTJ may just daydream about you all day, and remain unaware of the so-called “being in love.”

Yet when the heart and mind clash, the usually confident INTJs become awkward and even cautious. When you’re around, they either smile more because they’re sure about their love or commit embarrassing moments like losing track of what they’re saying.

If the confident INTJs become awkward, there’s a chance they’d have growing feelings for you!

3. They ask you a bunch of questions.

Unlike INFPs, who try to know you by merely observing your actions and responses, INTJs, on the other hand, are more direct in getting to know you.

They may ask many personal and philosophical questions, subtly feeling like they’re going into a real-time analysis of you.

But it’s more of trying to get to know your values, your interests, and whether you can understand them for who they really are (especially their abstract-loving and logical nature).

They want to test their boundaries, whether you can take sarcasm or not. How do you respond to people and problems, and what makes you tick? They want to learn about your hobbies, so they may as well enjoy them with you.

So if an INTJ takes a direct approach of asking you questions, consider them finding an interest in you.

4. INTJs are protective of people they care about.

An INTJ in love has unwavering loyalty and willingness to defend the person they love. In fact, they are known for being fiercely loyal.

If they have affection for you, they will go to great lengths to have your back and ensure your well-being. 

A classic example would be when their family is against you. If they hear people, even their loved ones, badmouth or accuse you of anything wrong, they won’t think twice about defending you. 

On a more intense scale, they won’t mind burning bridges to clear your name. Now, that’s one fierce and passionate lover you got there. 

5. They’ll make everything better.

An INTJ cares deeply about improving your quality of life in every possible way. This means they will go above and beyond to make your surroundings pleasant.

It doesn’t matter whether it involves sprucing up your work environment or cleaning your living space when you’re too busy to do it yourself. They’ll do it with all their heart. 

Are you a reader? They would buy you good books and even share with you their well-kept library of e-books.

Essentially, their actions reflect their deep affection for you and want you to have the best possible quality of life.

6. They want to be alone with you.

You’re special if they’d rather spend their precious “me-time” with you. This means they want you close -– for themselves

When INTJ falls in love, they tend to view their partner as an integral part of themselves.

Weekends and special occasions are sacred for introverts. They have this unwritten rule that days like these are best spent alone. However, if they decide they’ll be with you, they’re ready to share a piece of themselves.

7. They’re more than willing to lend a hand.

An INTJ who likes you will often try to assist with your daily tasks. Due to their perfectionist nature, INTJs are inclined to take charge of projects to ensure they are executed flawlessly. Reflecting that into relationships, they want to see you thrive in every area of your life, as well.

This could be in the form of practical assistance, such as helping you organize your space or constructing a bookshelf you’ve been struggling to assemble. It could be going out of their way to find the tools you need. 

An INTJ may even volunteer to help you study. They can be the most patient teachers, mentors, and tutors. They’re willing to have sleepless nights and take physical tolls just to accomplish your task.

These gestures demonstrate how much an INTJ values you and strives to contribute positively to your life.

8. Compliments come sincerely.

INTJs don’t compliment a lot unless they’re really fascinated.

So when an INTJ is in love, expect that their compliments hold significant meaning beyond surface-level observations. Rather than commenting on how you look, they tend to focus on more important qualities that they admire in you.

They might acknowledge your intelligence or appreciate your humor.

When they’re genuinely in love, they take the time to delve deeper and ensure that their compliments effectively convey their feelings. This is one of the most remarkable aspects of an INTJ relationship – they can make you feel incredibly valued and special.

9. You’ll know it.

After numerous hours or days of dissecting and trying to quantify love (and failing), an INTJ who becomes sure of their feelings is ready to confess it without a second thought.

They will likely initiate contact through conversation or physical touch.

One way to tell that an INTJ likes you through text is if they never fail to send you messages asking how your day went or if you’ve already eaten. They may even demand you call them.

As INTJ become more invested in a relationship, they are typically more willing to take the lead in initiating communication. They would even be creative in expressing their feelings. 


INTJs have a unique quality regarding love — they don’t try to conceal it. They’re extremely loyal to their lover. They’re also very transparent about their emotions. And if they are sure about their affection towards you, they will make it evident to the extent that they may directly express it.

INTJs have a mysterious, unconventional, reserved, and analytical nature. Despite these, they’re relatively straightforward to see if you can recognize the cues. These signs of an INTJ in love can assist you in discerning their sentiments.


That’s it. I hope this gave you insights. Good luck! Thanks for reading. 🙂

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