Will An INFJ Ever Cheat On Their Partners?

Will an INFJ Cheat

Will an INFJ cheat in a relationship? Like any other personality type, the same principle applies: yes, it’s possible for them to cheat. But the real question is when, why, and with whom. While we may not have all the answers, we can provide a decent explanation as to what makes INFJs more susceptible to

5 Best Ways to Comfort An INFJ

How To Comfort an INFJ

As much as how great empathizers INFJs can be, lifting them up from a slump (emotional, mental, and physical) can be quite complicated as they usually have difficulty confronting and expressing their feelings to others. This is especially true when dealing with negative emotions such as disappointments, anxiety, or anger.  Need to figure out what

23 Best Hobbies for INFJ Personality (Try Something New!)

Hobbies for INFJ

Though INFJs enjoy social events and going out with friends, they are often drawn to hobbies that are solitary in nature. As introverts, they need adequate periods by themselves to recharge their energy and regain focus.  What’s more, these idealists are highly creative with many interests, passions, and hobbies. They enjoy doing things that allow

9 Secret Behaviors INFJs Do When They Like Someone

INFJ when they like someone

Ah, the mysterious INFJs. These sensitive empaths have a way of getting to know someone’s depth, yet their feelings remain a mystery to almost everyone. They are often reserved and have a high value for privacy, so you never know whether an INFJ likes someone or not. If you’re curious about how INFJs act and

How Are INFPs Forgetful, Yet Also Remember Too Much?

Are INFPs Forgetful?

INFPs are often described for their forgetfulness or absent-mindedness. “Floaty and clumsy,” as one might say. But while INFPs appear clumsy, and may always be scolded for forgetting tasks, in reality, they’re not as forgetful as people perceive them.  The truth is, INFPs are walking libraries of memories, too. INFP’s forgetfulness depends on how much

6 Reasons Why INFPs Are Effortlessly Cute

Why are INFPs So Cute?

When you get to know an INFP and spend time dealing with them, you might catch yourself asking one thing – it’s that, dang, why is this INFP so cute? Not trying to boast, but as an INFP, yeah, I’ve been told such a compliment. Depending on the situation, I admit I didn’t always like

The Dark Side of the INFJ Personality

The Dark Side of INFJ Personality

Despite coming off as warm and approachable, the dark side of INFJs can be quite scary—I mean terrifying. These introverted individuals are typically laid back. Some INFJs are even unaware of their dark sides as they are so good at controlling their emotions. But you see, INFJs have a very intense and complex inner world. So,

Can INFJs Be Manipulative?

Can INFJ Be Manipulative?

Can INFJs be manipulative? Well, in one way or the other, the answer is yes. Like any human being, we’re all prone to socially manipulate and “influence” the people around us. And at some point, we all get manipulated, too. We mimic phrases, copy one’s gestures, and make people accept our beliefs. Since everyone has

7 Ways To Care for Your INFJ Partner

How to care for your INFJ Partner

Loving an INFJ can be as comforting as a pillow or as profound as the blue seas. As the type who values warmth, insights, and the future, these fluffballs can be quite a character in love.  Want to have an idea of how to take care of your INFJ? I got you with that! In this

INFJ Intelligence: What Makes INFJs Smart?

Yes, INFJs can be the goofy friend who joins you in your weirdest plans or someone you can lean on during your saddest times. But did you know, behind INFJ’s friendly persona, is a mind constantly reeling with depth, ideals, and awareness? In this post, let’s tackle what lies behind an INFJ’s mind. How are