INFP-INTJ Compatibility in Relationship (Strengths & Struggles)

Honest, intense, and quiet. These adjectives describe the polarizing dynamics of an INFP and INTJ relationship.  At first glance, these two introverts seem to be on the opposite end of the introvert spectrum since INTJs are more logical, while INFPs are more free-spirited. However, as the saying goes, opposites attract. Half of the INTJs’ and INFPs’

Are INFPs Boring?

Are INFPs Boring?

So you’re telling me being quiet and reserved is “boring?” Well, it’s people’s obvious first impression when you’re not talkative and a partygoer.  However, with INFPs, I can attest that they’re more than being quiet and reserved. They may not be as sociable as you want them to be, but they offer so much more if

INFP-ENFJ Compatibility in Relationships (Strengths & Struggles)

INFP-ENFJ Compatibility in Relationship

INFP-ENFJ is called the golden connection. And it’s for a good reason. They often form long-lasting and harmonious relationships since they’re Intuitive Feelers (NF) dedicated to creating meaningful connections that benefit both parties. Criticisms keep these personalities moral and prevent them from being selfish. These traits help each other grow. But are these enough for

INFP-ISFP Compatibility in Relationship (Strengths & Struggles)


If you’re someone in an INFP-ISFP romantic relationship, then it would be evident to you that both have strong personal values, the urge to be authentic, and creativity. Both are passionate and caring about the people in their lives and can be deeply committed to the relationships they form. As with any relationship, specific challenges may

INFP-INTP Compatibility in Relationship: Strengths and Struggles

INFP-INTP Compatibility in Relationships

What happens when Cupid’s arrow hits an empath and a thinker? Now, this will be interesting, especially if we’re talking about the Dreamers and the Logicians of the MBTI. Yep, INFP and INTP romantic relationships can have a solid connection, especially when they find common ground. Both are curious people who enjoy exploring new ideas,

INFP Bravery: How Are INFPs Brave?

INFP Bravery

Harmless, quiet, and gentle – these are probably the traits often associated with INFPs. Well, people are not wrong. Indeed, these Dreamers are the most peace-revering souls of the Myers-Briggs personality types. However, because INFPs are sensitive and are so-called “crybabies,” they’re also perceived as weak, innocent, and fragile — ahh, these dang stereotypes. They’re

Why Would An INFP Lose Empathy?

INFP No Empathy

Is it possible for an INFP to lose empathy? I’m an INFP, and one day, I realized I couldn’t empathize as deeply as I used to. One day, putting myself into other people’s shoes became a conscious effort. When my friends share their heartbreaks, of course, I feel sadness. But unlike before, I rarely get