“Success is the collection of all the little wins.” -M. Mathias

Hi! I’m Margarette Mathias!

I’m a Filipina writer currently in my mid-20s. At such an age, I know I haven’t traveled enough, but I think my mind has wandered a bit too much. While staying in my zone, my mind just keeps reeling, thinking, and self-reflecting. These ideas urge me to share these thoughts with everyone.

I’m a daydreamer, a writer, and yeah, a great procrastinator. I love discovering, trying, and learning from my mistakes. Despite my spontaneity, I still write because there’s intent — to encourage people while adhering to what I truly believe in and following what resonates from the soul.

I may have seen situations that others miss seeing, and I wanted to put light on such an angle. I’m no better than anyone, but I feel like  I can be of some help to people who feel the same way I did — especially during times I questioned myself, asking why I seem different, and my purpose in life.

I’m a blogger, freelance writer, educator, reader, self-improvement enthusiast, cat lover, coffee lover, and someone who monologues a lot. Familiar with MBTI? I’m an INFP!

I also have a Bachelor’s degree in Technical Teacher Education, specializing in Automotive Technology. I taught a few batches of college students before I turned to writing full-time.

I hope you find interest in my blogs. I’ll keep pushing forward to deliver some meaning. I hope you do well in life, too! Best regards!

Why Mathias Corner?

Mathias Corner is an extension for introverts who are conscious of human connection, subjectivity, authenticity, and deeper meaning.

I’m an INFP and I created Mathias Corner because I’m someone who likes helping myself and helping other people get through the negativity in life.

I hope Mathias Corner can reach many like-minded people. 🙂