Do INFPs lie? The INFP Motivation to Lies and Honesty

INFPs uphold values and morals the most among the personality types in the Myers-Briggs. So moral that they find it arduous to lie, even as a prank. So, is it because INFPs have more aptitude to sort the good from the bad? Or does conscience govern INFPs more than other personality types? Could be. However, […]

INFP Success: How Can INFP Become Successful?

Can INFP be successful? You bet. You may not be Johnny Depp or William Shakespeare, but you can also lead a successful life according to your perception of success. For the INFP personality type, the Internet has become a vent and an instrument to connect with other INFPs. While there are INFPs who would inspire […]

INFP Forgiveness: How to Regain INFP Trust?

Are you puzzled about how to regain INFP trust? Maybe you have wronged one unintentionally and you wonder if they will ever trust you back. If that’s the case, then this post is for you. What’s in this post? Here, we’ll talk about: INFP and Trust How do INFPs respond to betrayal? What breaks the […]

How Do People See INFP? Is INFP Personality Good or Bad?

Do people like INFP? Some say yes, others say no. Their reasons? Let’s talk about it. In this post, we’ll talk about: What frustrates people about INFPs Best things people see in INFPs Let’s be honest. INFPs, for some people, are the most understanding and gentlest friends they will ever have. But for others who […]

6 Differences Between Healthy and Unhealthy INFP Behavior

“I led an honest, righteous, and dignified life as an INFP, but… I also realized I’ve been an unhealthy and immature one for most of my life.” INFPs can be either encouraging or destructive at some point. Yes, INFPs may follow the same thought processes, but we’re still individuals with different goals, decisions, and ideals. […]

11 Reasons Why Being an Introvert is Awesome

“Oh, so you’re an introvert,” my co-worker’s sarcasm was as clear as day. She acts like I magically came up with a word to justify my “shy” character, and she won’t buy it. Funny enough, many people misinterpret that our social orientation – which is introversion – equates to shyness. But honestly, if I’m not […]

7 Signs to Tell if an Introvert Guy Likes You

How do you know if an introvert guy likes you? Do they give strong signs or do they keep them hidden until you discover them yourself? Introvert guys initially hide their feelings and attraction. They protect themselves while slowly getting to know you from afar. However, once an introvert guy starts to interact with you, […]

6 Powerful Self-help Books for INFP Personality

INFPs shine the most with their creativity and idealism. However, to live as an INFP means you have to deal with ravaging emotional contradictions. INFPs are visionary but will feel lost with a lack of purpose. They comfort struggling friends but have to deal with anxiety on their own. Talented and flexible, yet clouded with […]

5 Signs INFP Likes You Romantically Without Them Admitting it

When it comes to love, INFPs aim for genuine and long-term relationships. Although they are idealists and fantasize about romantic novels, INFP romance doesn’t develop like cheesy books and movies. Worse, it’s more of a hide-and-seek game. INFPs are difficult to get to know. Yes, they are kind and gentle. But at the same time, […]

INFP Career: Finding the Right Job for INFP

When it comes to careers, passion drives INFPs. They can exert extended efforts for a purpose and work many hours as long as they find meaning in what they do. They are compassionate, creative, and honest. Ideally, this personality type works effectively and should have been a good addition to the workforce. However, according to […]

Top 11 Most Affordable Gifts for INFP: My INFP Wishlist

Are you wondering what do INFPs want as gifts? Of course, you do. If you’re looking for what INFP wants in general, I made a separate blog post about it with 155 INFPs responding to a survey. As an INFP myself, I’ve also spent some time scrolling through Amazon. I noticed my preferences are in […]

How Do You Get an INFP to Fall in Love With You?

 Are you interested in dating an INFP but don’t know how to approach them?  Well, they’re naturally compassionate and empathetic. However, at first glance, they appear distant, unique, and private which makes them hard to get to know. INFP means Introverted-iNtuitive-Feeling-Prospecting. It’s a rare personality type among the 16 Myers-Briggs personalities. They comprise 4 to […]

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