15 Reasons Why Introverts Are Uniquely Attractive

Although tagged as the “quiet” ones, people can’t deny how introverts pique people’s curiosity and even capture the eyes of some.  Are introverts attractive? Indeed, they are. Introverts’ independence, calm nature, and creativity make them attractive and charismatic. A study shows that women generally prefer “chill” men, while men prefer women who are supportive of … Read more

6 Tips to Deal with Introvert Procrastination (and finish any task!)

Have you ever over-planned everything inside your head but haven’t got the time to actualize them? Yup, been there! Being an introvert, I spend a lot of time making sense of my plans and goals — only to end them piling up and abandoned. Yup, that’s procrastination. But is procrastination an introvert thing? Do introverts … Read more

5 Actionable New Year’s Resolutions for Introverts

“New year, new me.” Ahh, I love how people express heightened optimism whenever they’re starting anew. Maybe it’s the cold weather and the gift-giving season that contributes to the hype. The last months of the year are such a nostalgic season. But here enters January. While we’re all excited for the new beginning, it also … Read more

9 Ways You Can Deal With Introvert Friends

Do you have a friend who’s always there during your tough times, but oddly disappears when you invite them to parties? They are great listeners but when you request them to do adventures with you, suddenly, they’re all gone.  And you’re wondering, “What’s wrong?” Don’t worry. Your friend isn’t shy or being weird. They vanish … Read more

11+ Hobbies for Creative Introverts in 2022

creative hobbies for introverts

Here I am, bored from the work-from-home setup but still enjoying the peace and the hassle-free workflow. The quarantine worked like a charm and delighted the introvert me. I must admit, when the lockdown was declared, I’m one of the introverts quietly celebrating. But compared to now, I didn’t know my work-from-home setup would take … Read more

11 Reasons Why Being an Introvert is Awesome

being introvert is awesome

“Oh, so you’re an introvert,” my co-worker’s sarcasm was as clear as day. She acts like I magically came up with a word to justify my “shy” character, and she won’t buy it. Funny enough, many people misinterpret that our social orientation – which is introversion – equates to shyness. But honestly, if I’m not … Read more

7 Signs to Tell if an Introvert Guy Likes You

Signs an introvert guy likes you

How do you know if an introvert guy likes you? Do they give strong signs or do they keep them hidden until you discover them yourself? Introvert guys initially hide their feelings and attraction. They protect themselves while slowly getting to know you from afar. However, once an introvert guy starts to interact with you, … Read more

11 Must-Read Books for Introvert Leaders

There’s more to the quietness and stillness in you. Truth be told, the extrovert world may find it hard to spot the best potential in introverts. But what they didn’t know, the greatest life-changers and transformative leaders mostly are introverts. Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, and Warren Buffett… these are introverts that changed the world. We … Read more

24 Best Gift Ideas for Introverts

Introverts are those who find solace in calm and quiet places. They aren’t the party types but they surely know how to have fun. You probably have an introvert girlfriend, boyfriend, parents, or co-workers. Despite their quiet nature, they’re everywhere! So, wondering what to get an introvert for their birthday, special day, or for Christmas … Read more

8 Tips for Introvert Teachers to Overcome Classroom Stress

Want to teach but you’re an introvert? Like what celebrity audition tagline says, “do you have what it takes?” Teaching while introverted requires social stamina to keep up with all the noise and everyday activities. I truly understand how it feels to want to teach, yet the social environment exhausts you and you’re doubting your … Read more

10 Reasons Why Introvert-Introvert Relationships Work

“Opposites attract,” that’s what they say. And when it comes to relationships, many people approve that introvert and extrovert relationships do better. According to them, in such a relationship, what the other lack, the other shall fill which actually is a good point. If that’s how they see it, I have no issues with that. … Read more