17 Worst Things To Say To an Introvert

Worst Things To Say To An Introvert

Introverts are overflowing with imagination and creativity. We can be skilled and talented in many things, but there’s one thing we struggle with most of the time: small talk. If you’ve ever tried to talk with an introvert, you may have noticed the conversation usually falls flat. But this isn’t to say that introverts don’t know how

4 Introvert-introvert Relationship Problems (And How To Make It Work)

Introvert Relationship Problems

In a world filled with upbeat extroverts, introverts would gladly turn down party invitations in exchange for a snuggle in bed, 3rd cup of coffee, and a marathon of Tim Burton’s Wednesday for the 2nd time. As the name suggests, introverts process energy inward. Any effort spent socializing outwardly tires them out. With such exhaustion

How To Start a Conversation with an Introvert Girl?

How To Start A Conversation With An Introvert Girl?

Introverts are often misunderstood because they seem to be quiet and reserved. However, introverts aren’t necessarily shy or unfriendly – they have different needs when socializing than extroverts. Understand that it’s neither a lifestyle nor a choice but an orientation. For example, introverts need time to recharge after spending time with others, so they might

7 Tips For Relationship With An Introverted Partner

how to deal with introverts in a relationship

Finding yourself in a relationship with an introverted partner? Wondering how you can live together and go through tough times? This blog post will give you tips and techniques for coping with your introverted partner and improving your relationship. Are Introverts Good Partners? Are introverts good partners?  Introverts make good partners because of their value

8 Signs You’re Probably an ‘Extroverted’ Introvert

8 Signs you're an Extroverted Introvert

Are you a pseudo-extrovert? Or do you love alone time but also enjoy spending time with your selected crowd? If you do, chances are, you could be an extroverted introvert. Simply put, being an “extroverted introvert” means you’re predominantly an introvert who projects extroverted traits under specific circumstances. You’re always reserved and seeking calmness deep

5 Tips How Introverted Guys Can Attract a Girl Without Talking to Her

There’s no doubt that introverts’ reserved nature, independence, and creativity contribute to their overall attractiveness. Not to mention, they are reliable and truly value depth and meaning more than surface-level connections. However, sometimes, introverts do struggle to unleash their strengths, too. Although their calmness and quietness have their perks, some introverted guys find it a