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best self-improvement books
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Self-Improvement Books




I remember reading “Atomic Habits” by James Clear during my Teaching Internship in 2018. The best lesson it gave me that I can still carry today is that, if a rock breaks at the 100th smash, it didn’t break because of the 100th smash. It broke with the help of the other 99 smashes. An impactful piece of advice – we must learn to enjoy the power of collective little successes brought by our little actions and habits.

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I admit. I do commit slip-offs from what this book teaches. However, I am honored to grasp ideas that our mind plays a role in what we will become. It discussed in-depth and clear examples as to how our mind makes one object look either grandiose or worthless in our eyes. I would never forget this book as it also talked about freedom from getting stuck and pursuing what we love – Jeff Keller, a lawyer to a motivational speaker. Applaud for the courage!

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Are you a minimalist? Then, you would love this book, too. This book is built under Spartan’s methods of laser-like focus, high-level control, and discipline over themselves. I just love how much I stopped reading at every section and having some “aha” and “wow, I didn’t think of that before” moments. I’ve read many self-help books before, but stoicism discussed here sheds a different light.

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*I am an affiliate of these books. I earn from qualifying purchases through these links. Regardless, I would still recommend them because they’re AWESOME.