Do INFPs lie? The INFP Motivation to Lies and Honesty

Do INFPs lie?

INFPs uphold values and morals the most among the personality types in the Myers-Briggs. So moral that they find it arduous to lie, even as a prank. So, is it because INFPs have more aptitude to sort the good from the bad? Or does conscience govern INFPs more than other personality types? Could be. However, … Read more

How Do People See INFP? Is INFP Personality Good or Bad?

How Do People See INFP? The Good and Bad about INFP Personality

Do people like INFP? Some say yes, others say no. Their reasons? Let’s talk about it. In this post, we’ll talk about: What frustrates people about INFPs Best things people see in INFPs Let’s be honest. INFPs, for some people, are the most understanding and gentlest friends they will ever have. But for others who … Read more