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Do INFPs lie?
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Do INFPs lie? The INFP Motivation to Lies and Honesty

INFPs uphold values and morals the most among the personality types in the Myers-Briggs. So moral that they find it arduous to lie, even as a prank.

So, is it because INFPs have more aptitude to sort the good from the bad? Or does conscience govern INFPs more than other personality types? Could be. However, there’s actually more to that.

Do INFPs lie?

INFP rarely agrees to become an accessory to a lie. They would rather walk away or refuse to speak, just so lies won’t come out their mouth. Regardless if everyone was doing it, if INFPs find it against their values, they won’t do it.

That said, do INFPs lie, too? Or are they brutally honest beings? Here’s the thing.

INFPs struggle to lie about verifiable circumstances in fear of ruining their reputation. However, INFPs can easily lie about their feelings and private life since there’s little to no verification to these stories.

For example, an INFP can’t lie about an unpaid commitment because there are records to prove the lies. They wouldn’t lie if it will make the situation worse for them.

Moreover, their conscience won’t bear it every time someone brings up a missing fund. They would live in fear and peace-revering INFPs can’t handle such stress.

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On the other hand, if people ask them a personal question, INFPs may lie about their true feelings, tweak a story, or hide a detail because they know no one can verify them but themselves.

Aside from avoiding conflict, reputation is also a factor in whether an INFP will lie or not.

Yes, INFPs are highly moral and uphold strong values. They are often honest but at times, they can deviate from such standards to protect their reputation.

INFP: That didn’t make sense. I looked so shallow. Maybe I’ll craft a story to save face.

Also INFP: *paranoid* They will discover the truth sooner or later. They know it’s me. That guy saw me. I will look bad if I don’t admit this soon. I. must. not. lie.

INFP’s fixation on reputation has its good side, too. For example, because they want to maintain their trustworthiness, they are courageous enough to admit their mistakes. Such trait makes friendships and relationships healthier. And they become more credible in the eyes of many.

But why are INFPs valuing reputation so much? If we’ll look into an INFP’s cognitive process, they have extraverted Thinking (Te) inferior as part of their ego stack. Te refers to the collective facts from other people. INFP cares about these facts and what other people think and say about them.

Are INFPs good liars?

This is a tricky question. But, are INFP good liars?

INFPs are good liars, but they are not aware of it. With INFP traits such as loyalty, authenticity, honesty, love for peace, and soft nature, it’s easy for people to assume that INFPs abide by the truth.

Although INFPs struggle to lie due to internal conflicts like the fear of getting caught, in the perspective of other people, INFPs appear to be believable. Situations like, “she’s kind, there’s no way she would lie” could often happen. The lies become more powerful when INFPs pretend to be sure of it.

If you’re an INFP, have you ever told a big lie and everyone effortlessly believed you with it? If you don’t mind sharing, comment it down below!

When does an INFP lie?

INFP’s most common lies are about themselves. Here are some situations:

1. INFPs act unaffected and lie about their true feelings.

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INFPs don’t want anyone to pity or look down on them. Despite being emotional, they opt to display a strong and unaffected front.

For example, if someone indirectly hurt or embarrassed them, and people start to worry or pity, an INFP may act cool as if nothing happened. But deep down, the act offended them and they may not get it out of their heads anytime soon.

Another thing is jealousy. They hide their jealousy for who knows how long. They don’t want people seeing them miserable, so the easiest way out is to pretend they don’t care.

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2. INFPs hide their goals and intentions if people around them yearn for the same thing. 

INFP may act passive about their desires if they know others are also yearning for the same goal. They’re sensitive about overriding other people’s happiness. As much as possible, they will look unexcited and not care at all.

The best example involves winning. An INFP would pretend they’re uninterested in winning, say in a competition, but the truth is, they spent time thinking about it or may have exerted extra effort to prepare for it.

Nonetheless, they don’t want to look conceited in front of people who pursue the same goal.

3. INFPs lie about their growing romantic feelings.

Although an INFP starts to fall for someone, they may end up not pursuing it if it would hurt friendships and other relationships.

Also, INFPs may deny any romantic connections to avoid being the butt of a joke of their friends. INFPs take privacy to unfathomable heights to the point that they can effortlessly lie about it.

4. INFPs may lie about success. 

“How’s your startup doing?” a friend asked.

“Works great!” says INFP.

INFPs are born idealists and usually start new projects. They have high hopes and may have shared the plan with many of their friends. However, if the plan fails, some INFPs take it negatively and think people would look down on them.

Thus, they would rather lie about the real status of their project rather than admit they “failed”.

5. INFPs may use white lies to avoid worsening a conflict.

INFPs may speak white lies to save friendships and relationships. Despite how aggravated the two parties are, they would only mention the good things each group says about the situation to make the conflict lighter and less complicated.

When does an INFP cannot lie?

In what situations do INFPs can’t lie? Here are a few examples:

1. Covering up for someone else.

INFPs can’t blatantly lie to cover up for someone else especially if it’s too risky.

The lie I loathe the most is the “tell them I’m not here” line. It might be the easiest lie to tell but as an INFP, one wrong slip-up and that will brand me as a liar in a snap of a finger.

2. Fabricating stories to smear other’s reputations.

INFPs don’t fabricate stories to stain someone else’s reputation. Aside from it’s exhausting to be consistent with lies, INFPs don’t like gossips to point back at them.

But contrary to that, INFPs may have tendencies to tarnish someone’s reputation, not with lies, but with what they see as true. They do it with conviction.

They’re not afraid to spread the word especially when that person is a bully, full of themselves, and selfish.

3. Lies to support mistreatment.

INFPs dislike bullying the helpless. When a group plans to hurt, bully, or make fun of someone, an INFP either rejects the idea or walks out of it.

4. When they know it’s a dead-end.

If INFP can 100% get out of a problem with a lie, they would go for it. However, INFPs don’t risk their reputation. If people start to investigate, that’s a cue that they need to admit to their mistake before anything worse happens.

INFPs confess their mistakes fast if they see it’s a dead-end and lying would lead them nowhere. They prevent tarnishing their reputation more by hiding the truth.

When is an INFP brutally honest?

When is an INFP brutally honest?

An INFP is brutally honest when they’re in rage. If someone completely strikes a nerve, INFPs can shoot daggers of brutally honest criticisms. They use their keen observation to map insecurities and weaknesses and speak it straight without care for the person’s feelings.

Fortunately, rage rarely happens to the peace-revering INFPs. Their anger is collective rather than impulsive. It only shows when someone consistently shows insensitive behavior towards them and to other people.

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Just like any human being, INFPs also lie when they need to. However, they refrain from lies that manipulate or destroy other people.

On the contrary, they can lie effortlessly about their private life and feelings. There’s always this reputation they want to uphold.

Overall, every personality types are prone to lying to reach a goal, even the INFPs. Indeed, people always have something to achieve and to protect. No one is perfect, after all.

That’s it. Hope this gave you insights. Thank you for reading!

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