INFP Comfort Zone: Why INFPs Need to Be Uncomfortable

INFP Comfort Zone

We can regard the INFP comfort zone as any person, place, or situation where INFPs can be free, genuine, and remain emotionally unthreatened. What does the INFP comfort zone look like? Within their dreamlands, INFPs spend hours constructing reels of perfection, what-ifs, and creative possibilities. Meanwhile, in the tangible world, it could be anywhere from … Read more

INFP Sadness and How to Overcome It

It’s an endlessly running stereotype. When people hear INFPs, we know they straightaway associate our personality as the “saddest” among the 16 Myers-Briggs personality types. We’re pictured as the gloomy, yet gentle, and always crying personality. But how true is this? Now, people ask, “why are INFPs so sad?” Alright. Let us first clear a … Read more

Real Self-Love: 10 Ways on How to Love Yourself

Some say too much self-love can be destructive. Narcissistic. Selfish. Boastful. But is it, really? Is self-love destructive or maybe, it’s the flawed idea of love that makes it dangerous? Self-love is a positive state of emotional, mental, and spiritual growth. It is the ability to deflect baneful thoughts as you ground yourself to who … Read more

Are INFJs Ambiverts?

If you have an INFJ in your life, then you’ll notice how they tread across the reserved personality and an extroverted one. They’re deep thinkers, yet quirky at the same time. Focused, but can be funny goofballs, too. Because of such duality, people would wonder about their true personalities. Now, people ask, “Is INFJ personality … Read more

8 Signs It’s Time to Change Your Life

At the back of our minds, we know there’s something more in this life. People succeed. Some are contented. Others seem they had life figured out. But do you wonder why, sometimes, despite life’s vastness, mystery, and surprises, our long-desired dreams all seem unreachable? Despite the hopes and well-structured plans, why do we feel trapped … Read more

How Do You Cheer Up An INFP?

INFPs have a lot to offer to the world. Being an idealistic bunch, it seems like they never run out of plans, dreams, and goals. Their ability to see perfection and their pursuit of progress make INFPs heartwarmingly radiant people. However, being humans and introverted feelers, INFP isn’t exempted from feelings of sadness. When they … Read more

How to Make An Introverted Girl Fall in Love With You

“Listen to the silence. It has so much to say.” – Rumi Simple, yet this line keys on what’s unseen but felt, silent but transcendent. In the generation that chases popularity and approval, silence becomes a heavily sought-after luxury. Due to this, it’s no wonder how introverts’ reserved vibe has, too, become more alluring than … Read more

15+ Must-Try Solo Date Ideas for Introverts

Who said being alone is lonely? No, it isn’t! For us introverts, alone time means peace and soaking ourselves with self-reflection, imagination, and creativity. Whether you’re single or not, solo dates are a great idea to cultivate self-love. We learn to enjoy the moment, be more independent, and grateful for every little thing around us! … Read more

9 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend/Husband

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Do you wonder what your man wants as Valentine’s gift? Because men often appear to be the practical types, some women conclude that they don’t need anything fancy at all. But truth is, men appreciate the simplest things their partners give. They are sentimental, too. That’s why they also deserve … Read more