How To Overcome (and Avoid) Writer’s Burnout

Ahh, writing. Nothing compares when passion ignites and you’re immersed in the movie of your thoughts. Writing is by far the most enjoyable form of self-expression – especially to introverts like me. But to be honest, writing isn’t always rainbows. While writing becomes every writer’s refuge, there could be days where you shower in frustrations, […]

6 Things That Hurt INFP But They Will Never Show To the World

“Snowflakes.” “INFPs are crybabies.” I guess these are the common stereotypes we always hear about INFPs. At some point, I agree that we do are soft and sensitive. I won’t deny that. INFPs do shed a tear on many circumstances – when we’re under overwhelming joy, or watching tear-jerker movies, or by simply listening to […]

INFP Indecisiveness: Why Can’t INFPs Make up their Mind?

“Should I find another job or go back to school?”“What career path should I thrive on?”“Out of 32 hobbies, where do I focus on?” If these frustrations sound familiar to you, then you’re not alone. Dang, these indecisive nights were probably the most agonizing parts of our life as INFP. What’s worse, INFP’s indecisiveness gravely […]

The INFJ Mind: Good and Bad Traits of INFJ Personality

INFJ has piqued the curiosity of inquisitive people. Not only because they’re rare which makes them hard to find, but it’s due to INFJ traits and their cognitive processes that work in a mystic and mysterious way.  With INFJs? There’s more than what meets the eye. INFJ stands for Introverted-iNtuitive-Feeling-Judging. They are reserved and empathetic […]

How to Deal with a Loud Family as an Introvert

Home becomes every introvert’s haven after long, tedious work. However, how bad could it be if your supposed sanctuary is as blaring as the bustling world outside?  Introversion is awesome, but not until your parents or kids nag you for attention. Is it a drag to work from home while with extroverted kids? How do […]

INFJ VS. INFP Differences: Which One Are You?

Are you an INFP or INFJ? With one letter difference, people find it difficult to tell these two apart. And even sifting through their traits one by one may leave many of us confused. Both empathetic? Idealist? Writers? Misunderstood? I’m all that, and so are you. So, which one? Certainly, INFJ and INFP are like […]

Do INFPs lie? The INFP Motivation to Lies and Honesty

INFPs uphold values and morals the most among the personality types in the Myers-Briggs. So moral that they find it arduous to lie, even as a prank. So, is it because INFPs have more aptitude to sort the good from the bad? Or does conscience govern INFPs more than other personality types? Could be. However, […]

INFP Success: How Can INFP Become Successful?

Can INFP be successful? You bet. You may not be Johnny Depp or William Shakespeare, but you can also lead a successful life according to your perception of success. For the INFP personality type, the Internet has become a vent and an instrument to connect with other INFPs. While there are INFPs who would inspire […]

INFP Forgiveness: How to Regain INFP Trust?

Are you puzzled about how to regain INFP trust? Maybe you have wronged one unintentionally and you wonder if they will ever trust you back. If that’s the case, then this post is for you. What’s in this post? Here, we’ll talk about: INFP and Trust How do INFPs respond to betrayal? What breaks the […]

How Do People See INFP? Is INFP Personality Good or Bad?

Do people like INFP? Some say yes, others say no. Their reasons? Let’s talk about it. In this post, we’ll talk about: What frustrates people about INFPs Best things people see in INFPs Let’s be honest. INFPs, for some people, are the most understanding and gentlest friends they will ever have. But for others who […]

6 Differences Between Healthy and Unhealthy INFP Behavior

“I led an honest, righteous, and dignified life as an INFP, but… I also realized I’ve been an unhealthy and immature one for most of my life.” INFPs can be either encouraging or destructive at some point. Yes, INFPs may follow the same thought processes, but we’re still individuals with different goals, decisions, and ideals. […]

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