How Are INFPs Forgetful, Yet Also Remember Too Much?

Are INFPs Forgetful?

INFPs are often described for their forgetfulness or absent-mindedness. “Floaty and clumsy,” as one might say. But while INFPs appear clumsy, and may always be scolded for forgetting tasks, in reality, they’re not as forgetful as people perceive them.  The truth is, INFPs are walking libraries of memories, too. INFP’s forgetfulness depends on how much

Do INFPs Cry A Lot?

Do INFPs Cry A Lot?

As much as we don’t like to admit it, many INFPs do cry a lot. We have a propensity for being deeply touched by emotion and often find ourselves crying more than we should. But for the record, not all INFPs cry a lot, contrary to the stereotypes. However, personally, as an INFP, I can’t

INFP Job-Hopping: How Do You Stop It?

INFJ Job-hopping

“INFPs are jacks of all trades.” Sounds cool, right? It does! Because of their passion for learning a breadth of knowledge and skill, you may find INFPs as multi-talented and all-rounders. However, while they possess incredible talents to dwell in a wide range of hobbies and careers, these gentle souls fight internal conflicts, which in

What Is It Like To Be An INFP Male?

What is it like to be an INFP male

They said INFP females are prone to rose-tinted imaginations. They love the oh-so-romantic and fantastical. But you know what, INFP males are no different. The male Dreamers are similarly creative, yet they are easily misunderstood because of their macroscopic understanding. Following the tiny percentage of INFP males worldwide, their mysterious yet intriguing personality is one

Why INFPs Are Called The Healers

Why is INFP Called the Healer

If there is one Myers-Briggs personality type who would take to heart John Lennon’s anti-war slogan ‘Make love, not war’, it would be an INFP.  Known for their love for peace, INFPs have also been commonly called ‘the healers’ because of their ability to help and heal through people’s struggles. However, there is more to

9 Common INFP Stereotypes & Why They Aren’t Always True


“Crybaby, illogical, weak, and weird.” These are just some of the words used to describe INFPs. Ahh, stereotypes. People often make assumptions and jump to conclusions, making generalizations based on a few details. Sometimes, we know it may work out well, but most often, it doesn’t! Stereotypes can’t say everything about a person.  And it’s

11 Weird INFP Contradictions and Paradoxes

INFP Contradictions and Paradoxes

INFPs are funny creatures. We’re a tangle of weird contradictions! See, we’re fiercely independent, but we also deeply value relationships with others. We want to be understood, but have problems communicating our real concerns. We love our solitude—but maybe not always. Goodness, I think our contradictions never end! But it’s also why INFPs are unique

How INFPs Can Stop Being Hard On Themselves (3 Tough Advice)

INFP hard on themselves

Optimists and healers — these are what INFPs are about. They heal others, care for, and motivate people with their naturally passionate demeanor. It’s their instinct to turn people’s miseries around.  However, such compassion doesn’t always go the same when these Healers deal with themselves. Ironic, isn’t it? INFPs are known for being kind and