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3 Common Misconceptions about Law of Attraction (and How To Do it Right)

It was previously on a high-rise trend and has hurt my eyes for a while. My Facebook friends shared motivational posts that intend to haul themselves up. Law of Attraction lines, per se. Scripts such as:

“One day, I will have my own XXX…”

“Soon, people will see me succeed…”

“Law of Attraction — Someday, I will become a licensed ZZZ!”

These are encouraging remarks and I’m nowhere against them.

However, the sudden burst of the “Law of Attraction” social trend has become rowdy and irritating. Not because they’re proclaiming it, but because as far as I can see, their collective actions say otherwise — work complaints, normalized lazy jokes, and everyday rants.

It’s hardly believable.

Well, I had that phase before, too. That’s why it’s annoying.

I was introduced to the idea when I was in college. According to my psychology professor, we must be careful with our words because it rears what we’ll emerge as in the future. 

She shared compelling stories and I was tugged to believe them like, “she’s got a doctorate degree, so this gotta be true!”

One story I remembered from her was about her friend who kept on singing a song about forbidden love — a relationship affair. Years later, that friend, unfortunately, turned to be a mistress herself.

Another story was about her student who sulked, complained, and calls herself “poor as a rat”. A few years later, the girl appeared to be on the same financial rut.

Call me naïve, but this Law of Attraction concept was drilled on me that day.

Since then, I never cussed, thought of positive matters, and even listened to positive affirmations every. single. night. I tried to attract the good things.

So, how did it go? Did my life get better? Well, the answer’s not really.

Despite my positive outlook, my financial struggles were still the same. I’ve had relationship issues. I got stress and frustration all over the place.

Did you know what I obtained instead? Exhaustion. I got tired of staying on the course of this concept.

Is the “Law of Attraction” fake, after all?

I’ve discounted this idea at some point. I puff out extra air whenever someone talks about “attracting” the things they desire in life.

But at the back of my mind, I won’t say it’s untrue. There are a lot of unexplainable events that halts me from doubting it completely.

The glint of ideas that rushed through my mind before was eventually my reality today. It’s happened many times, that when a short flash idea passed through, years later, it happens.

During college, my professor was standing in front of us, pointing at the diesel engine mock-up. My subconscious mind said, “I want to teach like that.”

Many events have happened but here I am now: an educator, teaching the same subject, in the same school. This is just one of the many scenarios.

The universe’s so mysterious, right?

But while we wish for our desires to come true, many people seem far from “attracting” them. There are various reasons for that.

3 Misconceptions about the “Law of Attraction”

I’d like to add why many intentional “attractions” don’t reach fulfillment the way we want it. Here’s why:

Misconception #1: Think of success, and you will receive it.

Wrong. Just thinking about success won’t make you win.

Everyone has visions of their dreams. Yours is just as unique. Unfortunately, only a few get to the real thing.

Many of us dreamt of becoming our own boss. Freeing yourself from the 9–5 job is an enthralling idea. But here’s the question: How are you going to do it?

“I attract this, I attract that.” Every Law of Attraction peeps say that.

But… what are your primary steps? Sadly, many people don’t even have a Step 1.

Truth be told, the Law of Attraction isn’t all positivity at all. It takes work — a lot of it.

Misconception #2: Say the words as much as you can to manifest them.

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Do you manifest through words, just like the friend who posts his goals on Twitter but remains on the same spot (for years)? Beautiful speech does nothing unless you prove it through work.

Dr. Steve Maraboli, a writer and academic, quotes:

“The universe doesn’t give you what you ask for with your thoughts; it gives you what you demand from your actions.”

Stop sharing your plans with the wrong people. Instead, work on it quietly or gather with the right community to make it happen.

Misconception #3: Whatever I manifest should happen soon.

How soon is soon for you?

Well, a good business only proves its stability after 3 years (or more). A running blog may need 2 years to see astounding results. We can’t fast-forward time but we can stretch our patience as we wait the perfect time.

But to predict when your dreams shall come true? The amount of work you put in would be the deciding factor.

Doing the “Law of Attraction” the Right Way

It’s possible to reach whatever you set your mind to. But like the common factors that make a person win, the Law of Attraction also requires the same ways.

While we uphold our visions, we must keep the following:

1. Commitment

If you worked for a goal today, then emulate the work for the rest of the week until it becomes a habit.

2. Growing a rich mindset

Read, listen, and capture new knowledge. Dive into other people’s writings, words, views, and skills. Learn from people who have already done it.

3. Gaining connections

Don’t burn bridges. Instead, expand them.

4. Strong belief

Just like believing that a boiling pot shouldn’t be touched, you must have a deep-rooted belief that you are capable to achieve your goals.

5. Consistency

Even when your mind doesn’t want to move (which usually happens), you still need to show up.

Final Say

When influencers claim that the Law of Attraction works, remember that it isn’t the Law of Attraction alone. It’s a whole pack of action — commitment, a rich mindset, belief, connections, and consistency. 

Work for it, and you will surely attract what you’re aiming for. Oftentimes, you receive something even better.


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