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5 Signs ISFP Likes You Romantically (And Not Simply As a Friend)

If you’re looking for a mature, secure, and non-toxic relationship, you’d definitely want to consider being with an ISFP. Known as Introverted, Sensing, Feeling, and Prospecting, ISFPs are low-key, cheerful, and warm.

They’re labeled “Adventurers,” and that adventurous spirit manifests in their lives, especially when it comes to spending quality time with the people they truly care about.

Don’t like overly dramatic relationships? ISFPs don’t engage with those either. Rather, they value authenticity and honesty, creating a safe and trusting environment for themselves and their partner. 

These individuals possess a creative streak and deeply appreciate the beauty of the tangible world around them. And that’s one reason why they love to go on adventures solo or with company. Nature trips? Hikes? Conventions? Museums? You better be ready!

Moreover, ISFPs are best described with these three adjectives – playful, affectionate, and highly secretive. These individuals can be complex cases to crack, making it a bit of a puzzle to understand them when they’re attracted to someone. 

However, once they let their guard down and reveal their true feelings, there’s no turning back. Being the all-or-nothing kind, they deserve the patience and undivided attention of the apple of their eye. 

5 Signs an ISFP Likes You Romantically 

How do you know if an ISFP likes you? Are you in love with an ISFP but unsure whether they feel the same about you? Read the signs! 

1. ISFPs go out of their way to spend time with you.

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As feeling introverts, ISFPs are selective about the people they want to spend time with. They’re even more picky about the people they let into their lives. Interactions consume their social batteries, so you’ll often see them spending time alone or with a few close friends.

This explains why you don’t see them openly flirting with anyone they find attractive. 

They’ll think and rethink their feelings before they give you the time of day. Their guarded and mysterious nature makes it challenging to read their feelings before they express them. So, if you’re in love with an ISFP, you might need to wait until they’re ready to let you know if they can reciprocate how you feel. 

Fortunately, when ISFP likes someone, they’d move heaven and earth for you. They’ll be willing to give up their alone time just to be with you. This may not automatically mean going on a date with just the two of you.

\They’d test the waters by joining group hangouts. They won’t hesitate to invite you when they also hang out with their friends. If you feel like they’re always “around you,” it means this ISFP probably likes you!

2. They act awkwardly toward you.

The thing about being introverted yet playful and adventurous is that they act as if today is the last day of their lives… and then feel embarrassed once the moment passes.

This explains how ISFPs behave when they’re in love. They can profess their love and undying devotion to you now, act as if you’re the only one who matters, and immediately regret their decision. This will explain why, after the confession, they might be aloof or act as if nothing happened. 

But don’t worry. Though their demeanor may change and their treatment may seem lukewarm, their feelings won’t. That’s just how they are around the people they feel attracted to—pleasantly awkward. 

3. They like reciprocity.

ISFPs are tender souls. Their “observant” and “feeling” natures make them empaths. This explains why, though they hide their true feelings and have a hard time confessing, they want their loved ones to reciprocate the love they give them.

Know that if they confess, it takes much courage to do so. They may not openly say they want you to express how much you value and love them, but they’d love to hear it. 

You might want to stretch your patience with an ISFP because they want reciprocity, but they rarely make the first move. Wearing their hearts on their sleeves will leave them vulnerable; hence, they want to ensure you feel the same way before letting you into their lives.

So, if your ISFP crush sends you mixed signals, make the first move. You have nothing to lose. 

4. It’s in their body language.

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ISFP may be good at keeping their mouth shut, but their body language can’t lie. If they like you, it will show how they act around you. Say hi to them, and if they blush and smile incessantly, you’ve got them.

Imagine your shy classmate who can’t look you eye-to-eye. They’re shy and uncomfortable around people they like. Imagine how they’ll act around the love of their lives.

They could also be touchy-feely with the person they like. You read it right. They can be shy and meek, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be flirtatious.

As Extraverted Sensors (Se), touch is their love language, so you can expect out-of-the-blue hugs from your favorite ISFP. 

5. They take their time knowing you.

ISFPs are adventurers, but that doesn’t mean they’re impulsive. They’re also prospecting and feeling creatures, which explains why they want to welcome someone new into their lives.

They will get to know you better, understand your quirks, and learn your love language. So, don’t rush them to confess or commit to a relationship. Just be your usual loving self, and let your ISFP crush see why you’re the one.

Even if they take time to figure out and admit their feelings, an ISFP will surely give in to the love bug if pushed against the wall. When they can no longer hide what they truly feel and can’t do anything other than confess, they’ll let you know.

Don’t give them an ultimatum because that will just turn them off. Before they were adventurers, they were introverts. They need time to warm up and feel at ease with anything or anyone. 

Use this time to get to know them deeper, too. You’ll be amazed if you learn the quirks of your ISFP “soon-to-be” lover. By doing so, getting patient with them won’t feel like a chore or a waste of time. You’ll realize it’s part of a beautiful journey toward a blissful, wonderful relationship. 

Be Patient and Watch an ISFP’s Love Grow Fonder 

These are just a few signs an ISFP likes you. They are often misunderstood for being too picky or too slow in love. These misconceptions about them are not true. You must look beyond the surface level if you genuinely love an ISFP. Learn how they communicate their feelings and understand them when they’re out of words. 

Don’t be put off by their meekness and awkwardness. Behind their strong and introverted natures lies a heart willing to give their all for the love of their life. 

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