8 Tips for Introvert Teachers to Overcome Classroom Stress

Want to teach but you’re an introvert? Like what celebrity audition tagline says, “do you have what it takes?” Teaching while introverted requires social stamina to keep up with all the noise and everyday activities. I truly understand how it feels to want to teach, yet the social environment exhausts you and you’re doubting your … Read more

5 Signs Introverts Need Alone Time from the Bustling World

Introverts are people who have minimal capacity for noise and social stimulation. They absorb the world differently, thus, function differently from the high-spirited extroverts. Introverts recharge alone in peace and quiet to keep their well-being. This is contrary to extroverts who accumulate energy from moderate to extensive socialization.  People usually correlate introversion to shyness and … Read more

7 Tips on How to Be Happy as an Introvert (for highly sensitive introverts)

How do we become happy as an introvert? It’s actually pretty easy… if people don’t oblige us to socialize with them. I’ve seen running jokes about introverts disliking people (which I don’t fully disagree with). But going deeper, there’s really a lot happening within an introvert that triggers them to return back to their shells. … Read more