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10 Reasons Why Introvert-Introvert Relationships Work

Opposites attract,” that’s what they say. And when it comes to relationships, many people approve that introvert and extrovert relationships do better. 

According to them, in such a relationship, what the other lacks, the other shall fill, which is a good point. I have no issues with that if that’s how they see it.

But what if an introvert finds another introvert? How does it go? Do introvert and introvert relationships work? Ideally, it’s a perfect yes! What could be the issue between two peace-seeking folks? 

Introvert-introvert couples understand the essence of peace of mind within a relationship. Compared with introvert-extrovert relationships, introvert couples tend to have more similar preferences in hobbies and lifestyle, which lead to a more harmonious relationship.

Can an introvert be with an introvert?

Introverts tend to settle backstage rather than harbor the spotlight. From that spot, they make excellent and silent observers. With this common trait among introverts, it’s most possible that an introvert spots another introvert.

Birds of the same feathers, remember?

Contrary to the widespread misconception, not all introverts are shy. Many introverts can communicate properly and know how to have fun.

They can demonstrate confidence, especially when they need it- even in dating. It’s not a secret, but introverts are often the more romantic types.
Now, here’s the question. If an introvert dates another introvert, how would it go?

Some are in fear that introvert-introvert relationships would be a library love story where they raise a “Keep silence” signage. In short, boring.
With introverts’ reserved nature, we won’t discount that side of the story.

But to be honest, introvert-introvert relationships have their own perks. A date with an introvert may be much more intimate, nostalgic, and comforting compared to the blaring extrovert couples we see.

10 Reasons why introverts should date introverts

I find introvert-introvert couples so mysterious, yet they hold up strong in relationships. They don’t need to brag and post everything they do as a couple.

Furthermore, here’s a list of reasons why introvert and introvert relationships absolutely work.

1. Introverts understand your need for peace

No one understands you better than a person who has like personalities. While extroverts try to drag you out of your shell, sometimes forcefully, introverted couples respect each other’s spaces.

Introverts aren’t as pushy and rarely spontaneous. Before they invite you to go outdoors, they intend to inform you at least a day before to help you peacefully transition.

They won’t rub on you the things you’re uncomfortable doing. As fellow introverts, they understand how important peace is to keep you healthily functioning.

2. They respect your alone time

After a tiring week, they understand that weekends are your only rest time. They won’t have issues if you’re on closed doors for two full days (Kidding, that’s suspicious). Introvert partners allow you to enjoy the moment and maximize your rest time. No plans, no social events. Only books, phones, and pajamas. They know you need your alone time and respect it. 

What makes it better is that introverts can recharge with their loved ones. Typically, quiet alone time with your partner is comforting, too.

3. They are good listeners

Introverts spend time listening to you with genuine empathy. Whether you have had a bad day or are too overwhelmed about problems, they are your comfort place.

Introverts can set aside their achievements to level and listen to your problems instead. They lend an ear in hopes that it’ll make you feel better.
What’s more beautiful than having peace in the form of your favorite person?

4. You may enjoy or appreciate the same hobbies

Extroverts find fun in outdoor activities, social gatherings, and games. In introvert-extrovert relationships, each one needs to compromise. The introvert has to deal with all the exhaustion. The extrovert has to deal with “boredom.”

On the other hand, introvert-introvert relationships often share the same passion and hobbies. Hobbies are an obvious middle ground. They find interest in books, creativity, artistry, and planning — all with little to no social stimulation. In this case, both parties need little to compromise at all.

5. Fewer expenses for dates

Weeks before Valentine’s, introvert-introvert couples plan to trek to another town, eat at a fancy restaurant, or do outdoor activities.

Everyone’s excited.

However, date with introverts usually has major adjustments. Canceling plans is a norm. On the exact day of the occasion, they ditch the expensive get-aways for lovely, non-regrettable at-home dates. Aside from it’s cheaper, such dates become more intimate with quality time, cuddles, and meaningful conversations.

6. You don’t have to deal with introvert’s loud friends

Here’s a fact: your introverted partner will avoid their friends even without you telling him. Lol. Moreover, they use you as an alibi to reject invitations.

Introvert-introvert couples don’t party too much. They love to be at home, in the comforts of their bed. Usually, having a fellow introvert as a partner means you will have an ally whenever you decline invitations. No one forces the other to get out of the shell because you’re both happy staying in it.

7. No one posts relationship fights on social media

Most of my introverted friends rarely post anything about their relationships on social media. I’m just the same. Maybe, I post about my partner twice a year – during birthdays and anniversaries. No cheesy lines, no petty fights on Twitter and Facebook.

Introverts like to keep their privacy. Whatever issues they have in their relationships, they would solve them privately with their partners. Introvert couples don’t crave attention. They dislike people who feast on personal matters, so they won’t fuss about telling these arguments in public. They know better.

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8. You both dislike large crowds and leave together

Introverts are more empathetic and observant partners than extroverts. They will sense it if you’re uncomfortable during a social gathering. Well, it exhausts them, too.

So if you want to escape all the noise, your partner will most likely feel the same. You both find an escape and enjoy leaving the crowd with each other on the side. Isolating yourself from the crowd is much more pleasing when you have someone happily accompanying you.

9. You don’t expend too much energy

Unlike the high-spirited extroverts, an introvert partner won’t drag you out of the room to “relax”. They completely understand that there’s no better place than home.

Both of you will enjoy having chitchats and coffee together. If you’re not in the mood for a conversation, having to mind your own businesses feels alright, too. They won’t cling much to annoy you. Most importantly, they won’t expend your energy just to fill their loneliness.

10. Meaningful conversations take place

Introverts are deep thinkers. Creativity and deep thinking stimulate and heighten their motivation. So most of the time, the talk you will have with an introverted partner will be meaningful, deep-seated, or mind-boggling.

But of course, small talk would also take place. Asking your partner simple questions like”how are you” or “how your day went” would soon become each other’s comfort zone.


Do introvert and introvert relationships work? Of course, they do. There are a lot of perks in having a partner with the same frequency as you.

However, these are the ideal situations that happen in an introvert-introvert relationship. While most of these happen and are realistically experienced, we must consider the varying traits of an individual. Introverts are not all the same.

If you’re still wondering if introvert-introvert relationships work, you must try it yourself!

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