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7 Tips on How to Be Happy as an Introvert (for highly sensitive introverts)

How do we become happy as an introvert? It’s pretty easy… if people don’t oblige us to socialize with them.

I’ve seen running jokes about introverts disliking people (which I don’t entirely disagree with). But going deeper, there’s a lot happening within an introvert that triggers them to return to their shells.

Moreover, extroverts’ standards have become society’s base measure of happiness. According to the norm, you’re not truly happy unless you have boisterous laughs, countless friends, and parties. 

Sadly, this creates the notion that introverts must follow and fit in (but we don’t have to).

Tips on How to Be Happy as an Introvert (Especially for highly sensitive ones)

So how can we be happy despite the overstimulation that surrounds us?

Here are some tips on how to be happy as an introvert and to keep ourselves sane and functioning citizens in society:

1. Don’t force yourself to engage in small talks.

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Engaging in small talk is part of being human, and introverts don’t necessarily hate it.

If a friend asks me, “how was your trip?” it would be very engaging as I can say whatever I feel.

On the contrary, introverts dislike small talk only when it hinders them from digging deep into their mind and emotions. Failure to pique an introvert’s interest may result in exhaustion.

Let them know if you don’t want to engage in small talk and leave politely. It’s alright to leave the conversation rather than throwing dejected responses and giving them the wrong impression.

2. Stop reading too much of people’s emotions

7 Tips on How to Be Happy as an Introvert
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Reading too much on people may backfire on how we interact.

Overanalyzing people’s actions twists the person’s real intentions. As a result, you set rules around them like keeping your distance, instigating fear within yourself, or getting intimidated.

For such empathetic yet sensitive introverts, minimize delving into other people’s minds. Focus on the current reality and exercise rationality. Sometimes, an introvert can be too carried away by his judgment.

3. Be conscious of what you’re overthinking about

7 Tips on How to Be Happy as an Introvert
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Introverts pick up a single thought and then reflect on it for hours to days. We even catch ourselves monologuing.

We make up scenarios that never happened but have a “potential” to proceed. Exaggerating past events is part of our checklist, too. 

Unfortunately, introverts pick up negative thoughts, too. And this can go on for nights and days like thinking of failing, sickness, humiliation, etc. 

Breathe deep and toss the idea out. Tone down overthinking.

Like I always tell myself, “Whatever’s bound to happen, happens. If I can’t do anything about it now, it’s no use overthinking it.”


4. It’s okay to say “no”.

7 Tips on How to Be Happy as an Introvert
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Introverts aren’t fans of social events. Forcing them to come takes a toll on them.

If you’re not comfortable going, then politely decline the invitation. The constant struggle to force yourself out leads to burnout.

Moreover, we must avoid pleasing everybody if it drains out too much of our energy and enthusiasm.

5. Give time for the hobbies you really love

7 Tips on How to Be Happy as an Introvert
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We see extroverts living their lives to the fullest. They enjoy parties and concerts, going all out.

Same way, introverts have the freedom to enjoy life, too. They most often reach contentment in simpler activities.

If you love reading, arts, or traveling alone, spend time doing it.

Fulfill your plans, and don’t forget to live life outside of work.

6. Honor a downtime

7 Tips on How to Be Happy as an Introvert
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Overstimulation affects our performance quite seriously.

This is true for many introverts. Even I experienced getting pumped up for an event and soon wished I could go home as quickly as possible.

Trying to keep up with all the noise burns us out. Worse, we won’t know when we’ll recharge completely.

So please don’t overdo it. Honor a downtime to reset your mind from all the bustling noise.

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7. Stop self-criticism

7 Tips on How to Be Happy as an Introvert
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Excessive self-criticism twins with perfectionism. When you see a flaw within yourself, it eventually leads to self-consciousness.

To be a happier introvert, let go of self-criticism. Accept that it’s normal to commit mistakes. Besides, we should stay humble and focus on how we will improve rather than how others will see us.

Be true to what you feel without trying to impress. It’s more peaceful.

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Can Introverts be happy?

Introverts are capable of happiness. Only, we capture joy differently from extroverts. We get excited about purpose, authenticity, new ideas, and tranquillity. Introverts feel happy and fulfilled within, which resonates simply with their behavior and outlooks in life – not through grand celebrations, contrary to extroverts.

Do introverts get lonely?

Introverts can get lonely even in a middle of a happy crowd. When an event or activity doesn’t stimulate an introvert’s curiosity, interests, and purpose, everything becomes white noise that slowly drains the energy.

Moreover, being an introvert who’s alone doesn’t equate to loneliness. As long as an introvert acquires stimulations like reading books, watching movies, planning, or artistry, then it’s all good.


Those are some tips to become a happy introvert.

Here’s a little summary:

1. Don’t force yourself to engage in small talks.

2. Stop reading too much of people’s emotions.

3. Be conscious of what you’re overthinking about.

4. It’s okay to say “no”.

5. Give time for the hobbies you really love.

6. Honor a downtime.

7. Stop self-criticism.

Introverts and extroverts… we have different definitions of happiness.

We all deserve happiness, and other people can’t dictate how we should acquire it.

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