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5 Tips How Introverted Guys Can Attract a Girl Without Talking to Her

There’s no doubt that introverts’ reserved nature, independence, and creativity contribute to their overall attractiveness. Not to mention, they are reliable and truly value depth and meaning more than surface-level connections.

However, sometimes, introverts do struggle to unleash their strengths, too. Although their calmness and quietness have their perks, some introverted guys find it a challenge to initiate conversations with women, especially in the beginning. 

Thankfully, there are more ways to attract girls and earn a good impression even without initiating a conversation. If done well, these tips can lead to a more meaningful connection with the girl you like.

5 Tips How Introverted Guys Can Attract a Girl Without Talking to Her

So now, how can introverted guys attract girls without talking?

When introverted guys send off a confident and reserved vibe, it catches women’s curiosity and attracts their attention. Along with a good sense of style and neatness, introverted guys can attract girls without having to talk to them.

Here are 5 tips you can use to work on to make yourself a more attractive introvert guy.

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1. Dress in style and choose the correct clothes size.

How to make a good first impression? Let your clothes do the talking!

The clothes and accessories you wear describe a lot about you. Do you wear brands? Do you wear crumpled polo shirts? Are band shirts your thing, or is your shirt awkwardly oversized?

Your style is what a woman sees right off the bat, that’s why you should take your time to prepare your clothes.

Wear clothes that are neither oversized nor too tight.

Seek for a perfect fit that both emphasizes your body assets, and is comfortable. Also, when buying clothes, check chart sizes and take note of your body measurements to make sure you’re shopping for perfectly fitting garments. 

If you want to impress women, you wouldn’t want to wear sagging or squishingly tight pants, or cuffs that extend longer than your wrists.

Choose neutral-colored clothes.

Here’s some news: patterned (checkered and floral) polo shirts aren’t as attractive as you thought they are.

Instead, wear neutral and dark colors such as tan, gray, black, white, or navy blue. They’re easier to match and suit any skin tone.

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2. Watch out for your body movements.

Move with dominance.

“Dominant movements” doesn’t mean you need to overpower others. Rather, these are confident, gentle, and expansive actions.

Avoid crossing your arm or hiding your hands inside your pockets. Let your gestures be gentle, yet purposeful and unrestricted. Learn to take up space. When you walk, always chin up. Walking a bit slower also shows composure and dominance.

Eliminate your weak mannerisms.

Eliminating mannerisms would be difficult, but worth correcting. How to start?

Stand or sit in front of a mirror so you have an insight on how other people see you. Let’s tell the truth, there may be body movements that you think are cool but isn’t really that attractive.

In front of the mirror, try to sit comfortably. See on the mirror the way you naturally sit. Are you crouching with slumped shoulders? Do you unnecessarily lean your head? 

I remember how leaning my head was my habit back then. People tend to notice how my neck bend and I’d respond with, “but my head feels heavy” and continue. But when I got caught in a photo and saw myself, I was surprised how weird and lethargic I looked – really unattractive, overall. That’s why it’s important to see yourself from another person’s point of view.

Once you know what your posture looks like, try to correct them with exercise and constant practice. Look at the mirror every day, do a proper posture, and it will eventually become a routine.

Avoid fidgeting

Avoid fidgeting your arms and legs as it may look like you’re nervous, bored, or stressed. Research says that women generally prefer men who ooze with a chill vibe. “Chill” would mean you must not look anxious or stressed when you’re in a crowd. You shouldn’t look too arrogant either. 

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3. Neatness is a plus on physical appearance.

Who doesn’t want neat men? Looking tidy and smelling good undoubtedly boosts your appeal.

When it comes to hygiene, here are a few checklists that a woman would easily notice.

  • Hair is like a dress that you never take off of yourself.

Find a hairstyle that fits your face shape. Scroll through the internet or ask your friends about their opinions. If you still can’t tell what hairstyle suits you, it’s time to invest some time (and money) in a salon and ask for professional advice!

  • Self-care, Beard Care!

Are men more attractive with or without a beard?

survey says that 54.80% of the surveyed women preferred clean-shaven faces and 45.21% preferred men with facial hair. Not much of a distinction, isn’t it?

But in any case that you think a beard suits you, make sure to take care of it. Use beard care products like this one since your face is up on the front lines.

Here are more reminders to add to your checklist:

  • Trim your nails regularly and keep them clean.
  • Smell good – Don’t forget to put on deodorant. As for the perfume, don’t put on an overpowering smell. Some women are sensitive to strong fragrances. It would be better to use a cologne with a subtle, yet long-lasting fragrance.
  • Clean your shoes – Women will notice the shoes you wear and judge your personality based on how clean it is. Yes, there are women like that, so keep them unsoiled!

4. A subtle eye contact stirs curiosity.

Eye contact may not be your thing, but I can’t discount that some introverts are confident enough to gaze at the woman they like. 

So how do you use eye contact to attract a woman you like?

The key here is, to be natural and don’t overdo it.

If you make eye contact with the woman you like, try to hold your gaze for 1-2 seconds before you stare away. If you’re feeling extra confident, you can even display a friendly smile before you gaze away.

Again, don’t overdo it. Some men would try to smirk or do a lip bite which indicates a clear sign of flirting (but ugh, it’s cringey). From my perspective, building a “silent connection” stirs more curiosity. 

Moreover, when you gaze away, keep your chin up. Don’t gaze down as it would indicate insecurity and uncertainty. Keep your cool and just look back at the person you’re talking to or wander your eyes towards other interesting things in the room.

5. Be busy and let her observe you at a distance.

Fact: women usually have a crush on men who are (or act) uninterested in them. Unfortunately, women don’t appreciate it if you chase them too much.

That said, one way an introverted guy can attract a girl without talking is indirectly showing off skills. Let the woman you like observe you at a distance.

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Make sure you have gained her attention first. If you’re athletic, then show her how focused you are in your games and routines. If you’re inclined to music, confidently play the instruments and live in the moment. If intelligence is your best asset, make sure you’re giving out strong propositions within her hearing.

This way, you’re giving them a portfolio of who you are without even striking a single conversation. You’re letting her “get-to-know” you!


There you go! These are some actionable tips on how to be attractive as an introvert guy. These will take practice and effort, but will surely be worth it!

-M. Mathias


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