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9 Ways to Make Your Room Calming and Peaceful



Our home is our haven. It’s the best comfort zone and the only place where we can unwind, recharge, and disconnect from the bustling world of city life. Undeniably, one of the best things to do to calm your mind is to also make your room relaxing and warm.

9 Ways to Make Your Room Calming and Peaceful

Here are 9 things you can start today to make your room more relaxing and peaceful. Remember, a well-organized room can calm your mind instantly and even boost your overall mood and productivity. Now, let’s start:

1. Greenery calms your mind in more ways than one.

Being with nature is undoubtedly a relaxing and calming ground. Not only does the greenery aesthetically soothe your eyes, but it also improves the air quality at your home. It relieves the discomfort from humidity which by all means appeases your mood.

How to create a calm bedroom? Place plants on the corners of your home or on tables. Jasmine and lavender plants are top choices for bedrooms because of their spreading fragrance that gives you a relaxing good night’s sleep. 

Meanwhile, the snake plant and aloe vera improve air quality so they’re best positioned in rooms where your family gathers.

2. Natural light will lift your mood.

Based on research, a touch of natural light is proven to heighten the happy hormone, improve sleep quality and productivity. On the other hand, the lack of natural light has wretched consequences.

Some ways to increase the natural lights on your home is to add decorative wall mirrors and paint your walls with light colors such as white or light tan. If you have the budget, then you can also install larger windows to welcome more natural light.

But take note: the timing for natural light and darkness exposure have an influence on controlling your rhythm. That said, arrange your room with lovely curtains to control the natural light you’re exposed to.

3. Arrange your home with these five elements: fire, earth, metal, water, and wood.

No doubt, being close to nature surely calms the mind. So adding a touch of these 5 elements – fire, water, wood, metal, and earth – will increase the likelihood of feeling oneness with nature which will create a comforting environment.

Here are some furniture and accessories to add to your home:

  • Fire – Candlelight, a fireplace, and good lighting make a cozier atmosphere.
  • Water – Set up moving water decorations at your home. Place fountains or aquariums. Mirrors work well, too.
  • Wood – Rooms will look less dull if you add some greenery such as indoor plants or wood furniture.
  • Metal – Metal displays, trophies, and wind chimes are a few awesome additions.
  • Earth – Accentuate your home with ceramics and pottery. You can also accessorize with sandy, soft yellow, or brown colors on your pillowcases and rugs.

4. Aromatherapy is proven to relax your mind.

Aromatherapy reduces stress and calms your mind. Essential oils are one of the effective ways to use aromatherapy. A 2013 study shows how a little amount of lavender fragrance rubbed on workers’ bodies reduced their workplace stress. 

Fortunately, you can also shroud yourself with a relaxing aroma using a diffuser at home. Lavender, rose, and chamomile are the best essential oils for relaxation.

This Lavender Essential Oil has a therapeutic fragrance you should try at your cozy home.

5. Thrive towards a minimalistic lifestyle.

A minimalistic home saves you from the chaos. Close your eyes for 10 seconds. Then open your eyes and see all the scattered materials that take up space at your home but are not necessarily useful.

You can start to declutter these items. When you only own what’s truly valuable, you also save time for yourself and keep money in your pockets. In the long run, it also saves you from a stressful and dingy home.

6. Lean on a neutral-colored theme.

How do colors affect someone’s mood? Most restaurants use warm shades such as red and orange to induce vibrance, energy, and activity. Dark colors will make you lethargic and sleepy. But the most peaceful color to paint a room are neutral colors such as light blue, white, or cream. It provides not only sophistication but also a calming warmth, elegance, and comfort.

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7. Free your home from clutter.

A clean house that’s free from clutter and dust relieves stress, improves sleep, and increases productivity. It’s a good way to calm your mind instantly. Cleaning your space promotes a good mental state. 

Tidy up by starting to vacuum, decluttering, and washing the laundry. Try to make a cleaning habit to maintain the organization of your room.

To help you with your full decluttering, you can download my FREE 30-Day Decluttering Challenge Printable Guide to stick on your board!

8. Play uplifting music that you know by heart.

Many would agree that classical music relieves your stress. It could be the soothing sound of a native stringed instrument or a flute to calm your mind.

But at the end of the day, you can choose songs that you know by heart and certainly restore your mood. I often play acoustic songs, especially the old and nostalgic ones. Focusing on lyricism can soothe your mind, too.

9. Slow down and disconnect for a moment.

A practical way to calm your mind is to have short, deep breaths. But what’s most necessary is in every exhale, you’re also freeing your mind from the problems. If it means thinking blank for a while, then do it. Disconnect from the bustling world for a while, surround yourself with music, and enjoy a hot cup of coffee, too.



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