How To Overcome (and Avoid) Writer’s Burnout

Ahh, writing. Nothing compares when passion ignites and you’re immersed in the movie of your thoughts. Writing is by far the most enjoyable form of self-expression – especially to introverts like me. But to be honest, writing isn’t always rainbows. While writing becomes every writer’s refuge, there could be days where you shower in frustrations, … Read more

13 Signs that Blogging Isn’t For You (Don’t quit your job yet!)

With millions of people searching for answers online, it could take eons before blogging could ever run dry. The search volume won’t fade out easily. As a result, people are now leaning toward content creation. Many pursue blogging as their full-time job now. Aside from the privilege to work in your pajamas, here are the … Read more

Blogging for Beginners: 8 Things I Learned about Blogging that No One Told Me About (My first 4 months)

I’ve been familiar with blogging since I started publishing on free blogging platforms such as Blogger and But it’s only in December 2020 that I leaped to web-host my blogs. I’m currently at the 4-month mark in blogging with a web-hosted blog. As I write this piece, I aim to share with my fellow … Read more

FAQs and Review: Is Yonipp a Good Writing Marketplace for Filipino Freelance Writers?

So you’ve heard about a writing marketplace called Yonipp. As a writer who seeks some extra income, you wonder, can you really write and get paid on this platform? Is Yonipp legit or just another scammer company that doesn’t compensate for the work you put in? Here’s the answer: Yonipp is indeed a legitimate writing … Read more