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How To Stop INFJ Procrastination
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7 Actionable Tips to Stop INFJ Procrastination

INFJs are perfectionists who like to have a detailed plan before doing something. But while they are people of commitment and structure, here’s a question people still often ask: do INFJs procrastinate? Do these idealists get lazy at times, too?

Well, who doesn’t?

Just like other personality types, INFJs procrastinate, too. INFJs know what and how to get things done, but sometimes, procrastination gets in the way due to the high standards they set for themselves, lack of motivation, or they’re simply busy playing made-up scenarios in their heads.

And although INFJs procrastinate, they may have different reasons than simply being lazy.

In this post, let’s discuss further why these gentle souls procrastinate and 7 actionable tips to overcome it.

Here we go:

4 Possible Reasons Why INFJs Procrastinate

1. INFJs get lost in daydreaming.

INFJs get excited about starting a new project. 

When we want to start something, we know the possibilities are endless. Since we don’t act on impulse, we spend hours or days planning for it and imagining all sorts of outcomes. 

Due to our dominant function (Ni) and our inferior function (Se), we get lost in our thoughts instead of executing our plans. Because of our extreme intuition, we are too focused on the future and the possibilities that we forget about the present.

2. Perfectionism makes INFJs procrastinate.

Another reason why INFJs procrastinate is that we are perfectionists. We don’t want to settle for anything less than perfect, but because of this, we end up settling for nothing. Not doing anything somehow sounds better than failing.

If you’re an INFJ, you might procrastinate on a job application because you think you might not excel at the job. Why bother applying if it will only lead to failure? Right? 

We procrastinate because the pressure of not living up to the high expectations we set for ourselves scares us. 

3. INFJs procrastinate due to a lack of motivation.

As INFJs, we may lose motivation even in the things we want to pursue. It may be because our grand plans can make us feel overwhelmed. 

Sometimes we think it’s impossible to turn them into reality, or we don’t see the purpose of why we’re pursuing things. And when we lack motivation, we end up not getting anything done.

4. INFJs don’t want to inconvenience other people.

INFJ procrastination isn’t always about putting off tasks. There are times we procrastinate when voicing out the things that bother us. As extremely private individuals, we only have a select few whom we open up to.

Even then, we tend to keep our problems to ourselves because we don’t want to be a burden or inconvenience to them. Sometimes, we only talk about it when we have done too much overthinking.

How Can INFJs Stop Procrastinating?

It’s hard to do something when your morale is low. How will you apply for that job if you think you’re going to fail at it?

How will you start your project if all you can think of is everything that can go wrong? Why will you start doing what you want to achieve when it’s more fun imagining it? 

If you’re struggling with procrastination, don’t worry too much. Here are some ways that may help INFJs in getting things done.

1. Understand the purpose of the things you do.

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Everything we do has a purpose, but sometimes, in trying to accomplish something, we forget its purpose.

You might procrastinate on a book report because you think it has nothing to do with your degree, but if you dig deeper, you will understand that it has something to do with understanding our society.

And as a responsible citizen, you should be aware of what is happening in society. 

The same goes for your dreams in life. As an INFJ, I understand that we have too many plans in life. Sometimes we ask ourselves, “What is the point of all these?” or “Should I be doing this?”.  

If you don’t know why you’re doing something, it is easy to not care about finishing it. That is why it is important to remember and understand the purpose of the things we want to achieve or do.

Whenever you have difficulty accomplishing something (or starting something), make it a habit to remind yourself of its purpose. Ask yourself these questions: 

  • Why do I want this? 
  • Why did I start this? 
  • What will I get from this?

2. Create a to-do list.

INFJs are methodical—we always have a plan. 

But if all your plans are only inside your head, now is the time to create a to-do list. It can be on a planner, a calendar, or a notes app. When you write down your tasks, you’ll see which needs to be prioritized first. 

That way, it will be less overwhelming. And when you create a detailed list of your tasks, set deadlines for yourself, too. When you have a deadline, it’s easier to check if you’re falling behind on your tasks. As an INFJ, having a deadline helps me focus on the task. 

3. Break down big tasks into smaller ones.

Starting a project, especially a big one, can sometimes be overwhelming. 

Let’s say you want to write and publish a book. You may already have the outline for the book. You have the dialogues in your head. You know how the story ends. But thinking of publishing a book can be overwhelming, especially when negative thoughts start piling up in your mind. 

But to make things easier, start with a small task. If you already created a to-do list, check if you can break down your tasks into smaller ones.

If you want to publish a book, your smaller task can be to write one chapter a day. Once you have the finished manuscript, you can move on to editing. 

The same goes for all the other projects you want to do. Instead of fixating on the big picture and what outcome you want to have, start with a small step. 

4. Just do it.

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You already figured out how to break your big tasks into smaller ones. Now, it’s easier for you to start taking action. You have to learn when to stop daydreaming or worrying and start doing.

Once you start going, you’ll find out that it’s not so hard to do that project after all. And when you get going, you’ll be surprised at how productive you become.

5. Remind yourself of your abilities.

Our fear of not doing good enough holds us back from doing the things we can. 

When doubting your abilities, think of all the times you thought you couldn’t finish or do something in the past, but you did. 

It’s easy to let our fears and negative thoughts consume us and stop us from taking our plans into action. But reminding yourself of your skills can help get rid of these negativities.

Sometimes, all you need to stop procrastinating is to let go of all the pressure you put on yourself.

6. Reward yourself.

I know this tip doesn’t seem like something that will help end your procrastination, but it does. You don’t only reward yourself after finishing a big project. You also have to celebrate your small wins. 

Still haven’t published a book but finished writing ten chapters? You deserve a treat! Did you finish your book report? Now go and binge-watch your favorite TV series. 

A reward can be a source of motivation to get you going. And it doesn’t always have to be expensive.

So, the next time you’re procrastinating on decluttering your room, motivate yourself with a reward. It can be as simple as getting your favorite cup of iced coffee once you finish the task.

7. Don’t forget to socialize.

We crave alone time. After all, that is how we recharge. A relaxing day inside the room, curled up on the bed, reading a good book. Sounds like a plan! We tend to lock ourselves up and avoid social interactions because they drain our energy. 

But remember that you should not over-isolate yourself from the rest of the world. Socializing with family and friends can help us get through difficult times.

We are advocates, and we are used to being the ones helping others. But there is nothing wrong with accepting help from them, too. Let the people who care for and love us help us when we need it.


INFJs are dedicated and goal-oriented individuals. When we set our minds on something, we will do it no matter what it takes. But like everyone else, we also procrastinate at times. 

If you are an INFJ, there may be times you cannot get yourself to move because you are too busy with your thoughts (whether they are fears or they are the beautiful future you imagine for yourself), and you end up struggling with procrastination, and you beat yourself up for it.

Go easy on yourself. Give yourself the kindness and support you give to other people. 

If you have an INFJ, remind them how great they are. They may be too preoccupied with their thoughts or too shy to ask for help. Who knows? Your words might be the spark that will get them out of procrastination.

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