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How to have a long lasting relationship
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How to Have A Long-lasting Relationship? Be An Asset Rather Than Liability

Have you met the man of your dreams, having the same wavelength as you, and told yourself, “he’s the one”?

It’s so nice to be on cloud nine. However, there’s this tiny bit of fear knocking from time to time. As you look ahead in the future, questions pop up. Doubts like “until when?” or “will things remain the same forever?”

You’ve decided to have him in your life. But struggles will come along the way. If that’s the case, how do you prevent him from falling out of love?

Since you aim to have a long-term relationship, how do you keep your man in love with you?

At the end of the day, men fall in love with someone who gives them peace of mind. They love to be with an independent, caring, and thoughtful partner who understands, listens, and stay with them through thick and thin.

But remember, relationships are always conditional.

Are you searching for unconditional love? Indeed, it exists. Parent-children relationships are often unconditional. But romantic relationships? I doubt it.

People have emotional, physical, and financial needs. They enter into a relationship because they want to grow and build together. Also, they get comfort, or warmth, or attention. Relationships are a give-and-take process and it’s always conditional.

If a person doesn’t accommodate your needs? Would you even stay that long?

For example, if the father doesn’t provide for his family, what happens next? Lawsuits. How about if your partner doesn’t respect your values and beliefs? Of course, it would lead to a break-up.

So, are relationships conditional? You bet.

And in this post, I’d like to give tips that people ought to forget. That in a relationship, you must have something significant to offer to make sure your man stays in love with you.

Be an Asset Rather than a Liability

If you want to have a long-lasting relationship, then become your partner’s greatest asset. Learn to compromise rather than forcing the situation to go your way. Be an instrument for growth and be your partner’s safe place.

In business terms, assets are valuable investments that benefit a person in the present and the future. On the other hand, liabilities are obligations you need to pay like debt, credits, and car loans. In other words, liabilities weigh a person down.

So, as a partner, do you think you’re an asset? Or a liability?

Personally, it’s satisfying to be called an asset in a relationship.

When you’re his best asset, it means he has overall trust in you. He won’t think of anyone keeping his secrets better than you. You’re the first person he runs to when his world’s breaking down. And there’s nothing better than when your partner praises you in front of his friends.

So if you want to keep a guy in love with you forever, then be someone he will be proud of and someone he can’t live without.

5 Tips How to Keep a Man In Love With You

So how do you become the “perfect partner” your man can never let go of? Here are 5 tips you should remember:

1. Find a sweet spot between being independent and being needy.

Men love independent, strong, and confident women. Other than physical attraction, intelligence and abilities provide more long-lasting attraction. Truly, a man can’t let go of a capable woman. You can imagine how proud he is to have you.

However, don’t be too independent to a point that it shrinks your man’s ego.

“Why do I have to step down? Aren’t we all equal? It’s not my problem if he’s insecure.” Yes, yes, I know. But they’re men, after all.

While they love how you can handle yourself better than any other girl, they would still love to be someone you can lean on. Taking care of you is his supposed job.

On the other hand, being too needy comes close to toxicity. There’s a thin line between needing him and being clingy. Don’t over-control his actions or force him to self-sacrifice just to accommodate you. Eventually, he would break free from the cuffs.

2. Be someone he loves going home to.

The world outside is tiring, yet you may have seen a few guys who would rather party at night instead of going home. The question is, why?

What do you think? Oh, yes, because the life outside is probably better than when he’s at home.

In many relationships, you can’t even find peace at home. Instead of rest, he goes home with arguments and zero appreciation. Most relationships go down to the blaming game.

If you want to keep a guy madly in love with you, then become his peace. Remember when you’re new in this relationship and he tells you about all his issues and frustrations? As much as possible, keep it that way.

3. Praise his work, instead of pinpointing his weaknesses.

During fights, it’s not a battle between who’s right, but an argument about who’s more wrong. Fights are subjective. Everyone thinks they’re right and no one wants to lose.

If you want to have a long-lasting relationship with your man, you better start living in his shoes, too. Appreciate the little things he does. Praise him for what he did good, comfort him when he fell short.

Nothing becomes the best giver other than someone who’s appreciated. If they know their deeds made you happy, people are prone to doing it again.

On the other hand, no one argues better than someone who’s held in contempt.

4. Understand that you two live different lives.

Are you blocking him from meeting his friends? There could be many reasons why you do that. Like, knowing how his friends pose a bad influence.

But if his friends aren’t that terrible, and the reason you’re stopping him is because you’d feel lonely, then think again. You might want to look at the situation objectively. Your partner has a life outside of his work and your relationship.

Although you’re a couple, you two live different lives. You have a different set of hobbies and a wide range of friends.

Things you enjoy may not be his cup of tea. The same works for you. Thus, you need to interact with other people, while you let him do his hobbies, too. As long as he’s not committing crimes, and he’s meeting his obligations, then let him breathe once in a while.

5. Support each other financially.

Money is always an issue in relationships, hence, financial plans can save you from many arguments.

To keep a long-lasting relationship, aid your partner with the expenses. Imagine putting yourself in your partner’s shoes. Can you see how draining it is to be the sole financier? It’s exhausting, too.

Therefore, if your partner collapses financially, be someone who doesn’t rely on his job, but rather, one who can stand on your own and help him rise.

Relationship means having a reliable, life-long tag team.


To keep him in love with you, you must also be truly in love with him. Love doesn’t always have to be physical attraction, or gift-giving, or the huge surprises. But it’s the little consistent things that matter.

Thanks for reading. 🙂

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