17 Worst Things To Say To an Introvert

Worst Things To Say To An Introvert

Introverts are overflowing with imagination and creativity. We can be skilled and talented in many things, but there’s one thing we struggle with most of the time: small talk. If you’ve ever tried to talk with an introvert, you may have noticed the conversation usually falls flat. But this isn’t to say that introverts don’t know how

4 Introvert-introvert Relationship Problems (And How To Make It Work)

Introvert Relationship Problems

In a world filled with upbeat extroverts, introverts would gladly turn down party invitations in exchange for a snuggle in bed, 3rd cup of coffee, and a marathon of Tim Burton’s Wednesday for the 2nd time. As the name suggests, introverts process energy inward. Any effort spent socializing outwardly tires them out. With such exhaustion

INFP-INTP Compatibility in Relationship: Strengths and Struggles

INFP-INTP Compatibility in Relationships

What happens when Cupid’s arrow hits an empath and a thinker? Now, this will be interesting, especially if we’re talking about the Dreamers and the Logicians of the MBTI. Yep, INFP and INTP romantic relationships can have a solid connection, especially when they find common ground. Both are curious people who enjoy exploring new ideas,

How Can INFJs Be Successful?

INFJ Success

Taylor Swift, Oprah Winfrey, Mahatma Gandhi… Do you know what they all have in common (aside from their millions of followers, of course)? They’re all INFJs!  It’s no doubt that INFJs are capable of being successful. They have a unique and innate gift of having a positive impact on the lives of others. But how

INFP Bravery: How Are INFPs Brave?

INFP Bravery

Harmless, quiet, and gentle – these are probably the traits often associated with INFPs. Well, people are not wrong. Indeed, these Dreamers are the most peace-revering souls of the Myers-Briggs personality types. However, because INFPs are sensitive and are so-called “crybabies,” they’re also perceived as weak, innocent, and fragile — ahh, these dang stereotypes. They’re

How To Start a Conversation with an Introvert Girl?

How To Start A Conversation With An Introvert Girl?

Introverts are often misunderstood because they seem to be quiet and reserved. However, introverts aren’t necessarily shy or unfriendly – they have different needs when socializing than extroverts. Understand that it’s neither a lifestyle nor a choice but an orientation. For example, introverts need time to recharge after spending time with others, so they might

Why Would An INFP Lose Empathy?

INFP No Empathy

Is it possible for an INFP to lose empathy? I’m an INFP, and one day, I realized I couldn’t empathize as deeply as I used to. One day, putting myself into other people’s shoes became a conscious effort. When my friends share their heartbreaks, of course, I feel sadness. But unlike before, I rarely get