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INFP-INFJ Compatibility: How do INFPs see INFJs?

INFP and INFJ are 2 of the rarest personality types among the Myers-Briggs Personality Types.

  • INFP stands for Introverted-iNtuitive-Feeling-Prospecting
  • INFJ stands for Introverted-iNtuitive-Feeling-Judging

People often confuse whether they’re an INFP or INFJ. It’s because these two personality types are so attuned and have a lot in common. They are both introverts, intuitive, and feelers. The only distinction they have is their chief preferences in decision-making processes.

INFPs are Prospecting. They are spontaneous and love last-minute changes. Sometimes, we can tag them as procrastinators.

On the other hand, INFJs are Judging Types. They prefer well-organized and structured plans. Going off a plan will surely frustrate an INFJ.

Do INFPs and INFJs get along?

With too much similarity, INFPs and INFJs build strong and long-lasting friendships. Moreover, it’s friendship founded on empathy, humility, and respect.

In my 25-ish years here on Earth, life allowed me to experience not one, not two, but four amazing INFJs. I think I have a lot more INFJ friends, but I haven’t identified them yet, so I only know four. They are all my closest friends.

Sometimes, it makes me wonder if INFJ really is the rarest type comprising only 1.5% of the population. I’m an INFP but INFJs… They’re like, everywhere! (In my country, at least).

I’m not complaining. It’s awesome!

Considering that I have several INFJ friends, I’m well aware of how INFP-INFJ friendships work. It’s incredible.

Now let’s continue to the main course. Without further ado, let’s talk about how INFPs see INFJs.

How do INFPs see INFJs?

There are many reasons why INFPs like INFJs. Since these two are like-minded, they could grasp what each other thinks. They know how each other would react to a concept. But having them as long-time friends, here are my observations on INFJs. What do INFPs think of INFJs? Continue reading further:

INFJs are INFPs’ most moral and respectful friends.

INFPs are morals and values junkie. They tend to set their own standards and judge people silently. INFJs, fortunately, can break down the INFP wall because of such like mindset. I see INFJs with a great set of principles and standards which resonate with my idealistic viewpoint.

A friend with the same idealistic mind? INFPs love it.

Whenever I say a word or two to my INFJ friends, they easily get it. They are so easy to catch up and it makes me comfortable around them. It feels like whatever I say, it goes through them, unlike other personalities that give me a hard time.

When it comes to respecting, INFJs could reciprocate how much a person gives them. If someone has high regard for them, they also do the same. INFPs with INFJs feel light-hearted and comfortable.

But here’s a blight. When someone gives them bull – and I’ve seen it many times (towards douchebags) – an INFJ can throw it right back at you. My INFJ friends can curse your whole being and ignore you for who knows how long.

INFJs are so caring to us, INFPs, yet they could spit fire and bite someone’s head off if you rub them things the wrong way.

INFJs are caring people who always are willing to help.

INFJs are the friends who show up when nobody else does. When they know you’re in a pinch, they offer you as much help as they can.

When I was younger, I had many trips where I need someone to go with me. Sometimes, your other friends would turn you down. But INFJs just never.

They will go with you. I honestly feel like I’m a burden sometimes, but they won’t let you feel that. It’s so fascinating that INFJs can look so responsible especially when a friend’s in need.

They keep promises because I feel like guilt is one of their weaknesses. They dislike having not done good enough. So as a friend, I see INFJs try to accommodate you, make you feel better, and help go through your problems.

For INFPs, they are the best listeners.

They keep their word and carry out their duties.

As an INFP, I’m easily demotivated with toxicity and lack of purpose. In everything we do, we’re all about passion, passion, passion.

As for INFJs, they are as idealistic as INFPs, but I would give them tons of credit for keeping their word even through difficult conditions. They won’t leave a situation just because it turned difficult. Instead, they walk through it head-on.

Despite their cries and exhaustion, they won’t leave these toxic environments. That alone leaves me in awe.

Some of my INFJ friends complain about how stressful work and life can get. My default response is, “why don’t you just leave the job?”

At some point, my INFJ friends tell me they want to. But 2 years later, surprise, they are still in the same job. What endurance!

If it was me, I’d leave like Michael Jackson doing an air flip with his jacket. I admire INFJs for their will and commitment to endure harsh conditions. At the end of the day, they would triumph and overcome whatever situation they’re in.

My INFJ friends are role models.

INFJs, like INFPs, value loyalty so much.

INFJs are hardcore on loyalty. Betray an INFJ once and they will hold you accountable for it for a long time. Pranks, cheating, backstabbing – come on, don’t do it. I saw my INFJ friends struggle in trusting the same person again.

I believe it’s because they can do so much for you, giving their loyalty, included. They dislike depriving them of the truth. So once someone betrays them, you’re shattering a huge part of their beliefs.

But as an INFP, I haven’t had any loyalty issues with INFJs. INFP traits stick up for loyalty and honesty. INFJs, too. Overall, these INFP-INFJ friendships ooze with harmony, thus create an unbreakable bond.

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INFJs are the best consultants. They help verify INFPs’ ideals

If someone will have to critique my ideas, it’s gotta be my INFJ friends. They are my go-to people to verify my plans and ideas.

INFPs don’t usually ask for advice. But when they do, it’s often with their INFJ friends. INFPs are so comfortable with INFJs.

INFPs and INFJs have this exclusive common respect and humility within their friendship. So if I, an INFP, ask for criticisms and opinions, I know I can trust an INFJ’s perspective. They have a way to get their words through INFPs where it won’t look aggressive and hurtful.

INFPs see INFJs as social butterflies.

From what I have observed, INFJs have the ability to attract friends. They are natural friend magnets! They become the center of attention without even trying too hard.

I’ve had good laughs with my INFJ friends and other people are drawn to their energy, too. Maybe it’s because they’re always willing to cheer up other people or make someone feel comfortable. This INFJ trait is so strong that people trust them even with their deepest secrets.

I’m not gonna lie. When I want to hang out, rant, or just cry, it’s my INFJ friends I initially call on.


INFP-INFJ compatibility is innate. INFJs are one of the best and most trusted support systems of an INFP. From my experience alone, I adore INFJs for their strong will and consistency.

I still need to learn a lot from them, especially on becoming well-organized and triumphant over difficulties. INFJs know how to bounce back and INFPs must learn from them. Truth be told, I’m blessed to have INFJ friends – who have the same frequency as mine – present in my life.

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