5 Steps on How INFP Can Reach Long-term Goals

INFPs are a passionate and creative bunch. Amazingly, this personality type can carry out transformative idealism to the world. But while these free spirits are also known as idea generators, unfortunately, procrastination and sticking with goals are the villains to unleashing their utmost potential. INFP goals may often come as too ambitious, unclear, or ever-changing. … Read more

INFJ Rage: 4 Ways INFJ Shows Anger

INFJs are reserved and deep-thinking idealists. Unaware of their unique capabilities, some INFJs tend to underestimate their contribution specifically in group settings. As an INFP who has several INFJ friends, I must say they create a light-hearted and warm group atmosphere without even trying hard. But the surprising part is they may not be even … Read more

How Can INFP Stop Overthinking?

Overthinking is the most tiring and even frustrating part of being an INFP. We overthink finding a solution to circumstances that haven’t happened yet. We overestimate situations and invest emotions – a massive amount – until it hurts our heads or even causes anxiety. As an INFP, I don’t like it. Dang, no one likes … Read more

5 Things That Turn Off and Annoy INFJ

INFJ makes deep and critical thinkers. But while they’re called the most logical feelers, no one can deny their reserved, yet irresistible presence that wraps people with warmth and understanding. But here’s a blight. While INFJs are naturals at setting one at ease, some people ought to overlook that these accepting spirits can get annoyed, … Read more

Good and Bad Sides of Introverted Feeling (Fi) Function

Introverted Feeling is one of the 8 Jungian cognitive functions. While it’s often described as the attachment to morals and values, it’s also an abstraction and it remains untouched by anyone outside the cognition. Because of the absence of physical representation, Fi earned many “subjective” grounds and explanations. Truly, even the people who lead with … Read more

3 Ways to Keep INFP in Love With You

INFP relationships may have been one of the longest and most heartwarming relationships you will ever have. It’s no wonder. To INFPs, entering a relationship means accepting you as part of them. Once these reserved INFPs commit to you, they will share with you all – their secrets, thoughts, pain, and dreams. Their openness alone … Read more

9 Ways to Take Care of Your INFP Partner

Aside from being a rare personality, INFPs may probably be the most unique type among the 16 Myers-Briggs personalities. I don’t mean to gloat over INFP’s uniqueness. But INFP’s “different” is somehow an alluring INFP quality for some. They are childlike, yet wise. Compassionate, yet nonconformists. Gentle, yet strong-willed. In this extroverted and kinda insensitive … Read more

Ni vs. Ne: 5 Differences in their Cognitive Attitudes

“Trust your guts.” When you have exhausted the facts, logical reasoning, and still feel off, your last resort is to say these spirited words. No wonder people would rely on their instincts because these “guts” are a part of people’s natural intuition. Some are more intuitive than others, while some use it frequently as their … Read more

How Does the INFP Mind Work? 4 Cognitive Functions Explained

INFP cognitive functions

INFPs are those goofy friends who are likely to smile at everything. They’re light-hearted but ooze with sensitivity in their words and would always treat people with kindness. These peace-revering spirits seem like they never get angry at all. But contrary to what they show to the world, INFPs have a constant battle within themselves. … Read more