8 Secret Behaviors Female INFPs Do When They Like Someone

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INFP is one of the rarest personalities in Myers-Briggs 16 personalities. The INFPs’ kindness, compassion, and peace-revering personality earned them the name Mediators.

As an INFP, living in a rosy, romanticized world is pretty usual. However, when it comes to relationships, INFPs are less likely to risk their hearts.

They’re prudent and not risk-takers which makes it difficult to recognize if an INFP’s having a crush on you.

But if you’re really, I mean, reaaally curious and probably have been hinted that an INFP likes you, then here’s a list of how INFPs truly behave when they like someone.

8 Secret Behaviors INFPs Do When They Like Someone

Disclaimer: As an INFP female, I attest to these scenarios. I am also delighted that many INFPs feel the same way, too. However, we must remember that INFPs are still individuals who have different takes on relationships.

Here are 8 Ways INFPs act when they like someone – that you probably would’ve never guessed right.

1. INFPs ignore the person they like.

8 Secret Behaviors Female INFPs Do When They Like Someone

Omg, I just snorted. Lol. This is so true.

How to know if an INFP has a crush on you? You won’t! Not unless she chose to give you hints.

This can be a little tricky. If an INFP straightforwardly tells you she likes you, then it probably means “as a friend” because INFPs rarely confess to someone they romantically like.

INFPs keep their feelings a secret to avoid concocted responses from the other person.

Some people ask you out after they discover you like them. For INFPs, it’s a turn-off.

 “Did you really like me or you’re only taking chances ’cause you knew I liked you first?” This question pops into an INFP’s mind as she probes the genuineness of the intention.

INFPs value authenticity in relationships, so they don’t rush love. It doesn’t have to be the person we currently like, but it should at least be someone who has honest intentions.

2. INFPs secretly check the person out from the corner of their eyes

INFP when they like someone – they ignore the person they like on purpose. But it doesn’t mean they’re not checking you out. If an INFP gets interested in you, no matter how big the crowd is, she will have a clear sight of you.

She will take a glimpse of you every now and then. You’re lucky if you catch her looking. It’s totally a sign she likes you.

On the other hand, if you’re within the circle, an INFP would rarely engage with you or look at you in the eye. Nevertheless, they are highly conscious of your presence and actions.

3. INFPs stalk the person they like

When an INFP has a crush on you, they do the opposite. They skip and avoid interacting with your social media posts.

But, rest assured, an INFP has stalked the person they like over and over again for the nth time. They may have reached the 2009 timeline in the desire to know you more.

You will be surprised by how much information we have gathered even before we had a proper conversation. But of course, we won’t admit it. That’s another INFP secret.

Along with extensive stalking, comes an extra layer of precaution to not “react” to any of your older posts. But if by any chance an INFP accidentally likes a post, dang, that’s a sure sign she’s interested in you.

4. INFPs smile brighter, yet still ignore the person they like

8 Secret Behaviors Female INFPs Do When They Like Someone

Once INFPs have a crush on someone, they start showing premeditated enthusiasm to the people around them. Suddenly, they became fun, engaging, and talkative.

This action from INFPs intends to make an impression. They display their fun personality to get the attention of the person they like. I say it’s quite effective. 

It’s like, this INFP smiles at everybody, but not to you? Yep, that will surely trigger the person’s curiosity. 

This has worked for me a couple of times.

It was the first day of classes after the Christmas break. I cheerily approached a friend and greeted him with a Happy New Year. 

Alongside him was a guy I’m interested in for a few months. He was probably curious why I get along with his friend but not with him, so he asked me: “how about me?” He was demanding that I greet him, too.

I felt ecstatic, yet I greeted him with a poker face.

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So, are you the first one to confess your feelings to the person you like? Or is it the other way around?


5. INFPs tend to open up more through texts or chats

8 Secret Behaviors Female INFPs Do When They Like Someone

The deepest conversations all happen through texts.

INFPs can be themselves when they’re texting. It’s like writing a storybook. Texting is a medium to pour out their personality which they may find difficult in face-to-face (especially during the getting-to-know stage).

Even if an INFP likes you, there’s still a low chance that she’ll meet you in person. And if she knows you like her too, then the chances become thinner.

I remembered myself declining, walking faster, or reasoning out just to not meet the person I like.

Furthermore, having a frequent deep conversation through texts or chats with an INFP would be a good sign she likes you or the chemistry can work.

6. INFPs become talkative

How to tell if an INFP likes you? She becomes more talkative.

INFP personality is a tough nut to crack. But once she opens up to you, you become exclusive to her warm, hyperactive, and whimsical persona that’s often hidden from the public.

An INFP who becomes comfortable with you will share everything that comes to her mind. Whether it’s the last book she read, a weird commercial banner she saw, or even an ordinary delivery truck passing her way. You’ll have a free ticket to see how she spotlights almost everything.

I think this INFP “secret behavior” always mesmerizes the person who sees it. Once a person cracked through the wall, there’s endless randomness that no one ever saw but the people within her circle. 

7. INFPs rarely go with the person they’re interested in

INFPs don’t easily accept invitations. Even when she likes someone, she’s capable of declining and making excuses – especially if you’re still at the getting-to-know each other stage.

However, if there’s a mutual feeling between you and an INFP, there’s a fat chance that your very few encounters will be more significant and memorable.

It’s not every day that an INFP comes out of her shell. They only go out when the event requires it – at an event, an activity, or a conference. 

So, you see, it’s quite hard to recognize if an INFP likes you. But with this method, INFPs learn to sort out what’s real from what’s not.

8. INFPs don’t easily admit they like you

An INFP won’t ever reveal they have a crush on you unless it has been years and they got over it.

Once they have gotten over it, they can freely admit it without batting an eye. By then, it’s too late for the person to even reciprocate.

INFPs won’t easily admit they like you because they seek a genuine relationship. They won’t risk staying in a toxic environment. INFPs won’t commit if it overrides their values and beliefs, so they carefully evaluate their potential partners.

Do INFPs fall in love fast?

INFPs are gradual in falling in love. INFPs take months to years to consider and evaluate a person’s genuine intentions. While INFPs fall in love with ideas, dreams, and depth, we don’t easily fall for a person.


INFPs have giant walls around to guard themselves. They may be compassionate and loving, but when it comes to romantic relationships, they desire authenticity above all.

They have always appreciated people, but personality and values are what matters to them the most.






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