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How To Start A Conversation With An Introvert Girl?
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How To Start a Conversation with an Introvert Girl?

Introverts are often misunderstood because they seem to be quiet and reserved. However, introverts aren’t necessarily shy or unfriendly – they have different needs when socializing than extroverts. Understand that it’s neither a lifestyle nor a choice but an orientation.

For example, introverts need time to recharge after spending time with others, so they might not always be available for casual hangouts or impromptu get-togethers. That doesn’t mean they don’t like you. It’s just that they need some space before jumping into another social situation.

How To Start a Conversation with an Introvert Girl?

You’ve met a shy girl who tends to keep to herself. You want to initiate a conversation with her but need to figure out how.

You know she is more sensitive than other extroverts and needs time to warm up to people. But what do you do when you want to talk to her immediately?

Here are some tips on how to hold a conversation with an introvert:

Step 1: Mind the non-verbals

Non-verbal communication is everything when starting a conversation with an introverted girl. The way she holds herself, what she’s wearing, and how she smiles – all of these things send signals that can give you a better idea of how to approach her.

For example, if she sits with her arms crossed and looks at the ground as you approach, it might be best to give her some space. Don’t try to force yourself into her bubble because it will only end badly for both of you. If she’s smiling at you and nodding while you speak, keep going!

Step 2: Make them feel comfortable

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If you are in a room with an introvert, the first thing to do is to make them feel at ease. This is not to say that you must clam up and be silent. Instead, avoid being too loud or boisterous in your conduct.

If they are seated in the corner of the room, walk up to them and introduce yourself. If they seem receptive and welcoming, ask them questions about themselves and their interests. Don’t start a conversation for the heck of it because most introverts hate small talk. Instead, be more genuine in your approach.

If they seem like they need to be more responsive or interested at first, don’t worry! Just keep talking to them in a friendly manner until they warm up.

Instead of being too eager to start a conversation, give her space. Let her know that you’re not trying to pressure her into anything. If you’re struggling with that, try using some of these tips:

  • Make eye contact with her and smile when she looks at you
  • Ask questions about what she likes or what she’s doing
  • Tell her something about yourself, so she knows where the conversation is going

She likes to go slow, so don’t rush things. Let her take the lead if she wants to talk about something specific.

Step 3: Figure out her interests

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If you’re figuring out a way to start a conversation with an introverted girl, make sure that the first thing you do is find something in common.

Whether it’s a shared interest or something else, you should use this common ground as a jumping-off point for your conversation.

If she has a book on her desk, ask her about it. If she’s wearing a shirt from her favorite band, ask her why they’re so important to her. If she is the kind of person who would enjoy walking around the city, invite her to take a stroll with you.

If you can figure out what’s important to her, it’ll be easier for you to spark a meaningful conversation. Ask yourself, “What are the things that she cares about?” If you’re unsure, there are a few ways to find out:

  • Ask her friends or family members
  • Observe her behavior when she’s around people she likes (or doesn’t)
  • Listen to what she talks about at work or school

Step 4: Be sincere and attentive

You’ve done all the prep work to get her interested in you, and now it’s time to seal the deal. You want to ensure you’re giving off an air of sincerity, so don’t try too hard. Instead, take a step back and let her do most of the talking.

Introverts love when someone asks them questions about themselves and seems genuinely interested in their answers. It helps them feel comfortable and makes it easier to open up about what they like or dislike.

If you can make eye contact with her without staring, that will help draw her out even more. Here are some questions to ask an introvert girl:

  • Are you reading anything interesting lately?
  • Are you working on something exciting?
  • What are your plans for the weekend?
  • Is there any movie you’d love to recommend?

These questions would make them warm up to you faster and convey that you’re genuinely interested. 

Step 5: Pick up the details and remember them

Introverts often have difficulty starting conversations because they like to observe before speaking. This makes it difficult for them to get their words out promptly. But if you try to remember the details of what she’s telling you and bring them up later in the conversation, you can help her feel like she has more space to talk without feeling like she’s interrupting you.

Remembering all the details of what she said is easier than you think. When an introverted girl is already comfortable talking to you, she’s likely to be very open with her answers. All you have to do to keep the conversation going is pay attention.

Some people think that because introverts are quiet, they don’t like talking about themselves. But that’s not true at all. Introverts aren’t great at initiating conversations. They’d rather listen and learn about their friends’ lives instead. So if you listen closely when she talks about herself or her interests, it’ll make it easier for her to open up more in later conversations.

Plus, if you remember what she likes and gets excited about, you can use that knowledge as a starting point for a new conversation whenever your paths cross again.


Figuring out how to talk to your introvert crush isn’t rocket science. Being patient is the key to starting a conversation with an introverted girl. If she doesn’t feel like talking, give her space, and try again later.

If you’re interested in getting to know her better, figure out what she likes to do for fun or if she has any hobbies or interests that she can share with you.

If all else fails, be nice! You’ll get a better chance of making friends if you’re warm and kind from the beginning.


That’s it! Hope this encourages you to talk to your introvert girl crush. Thanks for reading!

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