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INFJ Behaviors When They Like Someone
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9 Secret Behaviors INFJs Do When They Like Someone

Ah, the mysterious INFJs. These sensitive empaths have a way of getting to know someone’s depth, yet their feelings remain a mystery to almost everyone.

They are often reserved and have a high value for privacy, so you never know whether an INFJ likes someone or not.

If you’re curious about how INFJs act and react when they find interest in a person, you don’t have to wonder any longer because here’s a list of secret behaviors INFJs do when crushing on someone.

Let’s start!

9 Secret Behaviors INFJs Do When They Like Someone

1. INFJs stalk their crushes.

When an INFJ likes you, they will do everything they can to get to know you better.

They have an outstanding ability to stalk your social media profile to get the information they need — your interests, what your friends are like, and what you look for in a partner.

They observe you (but not as creeps!) and try to get to know you better from a distance. After all, INFJs are good at reading people.

You see, if an INFJ isn’t friends with their crush yet, that doesn’t mean they know nothing about the person.

Behold, INFJs come prepared!

Since they value meaningful connection, “stalking” allows them to understand the person they like on a deeper level. And even before they let out a conversation, you bet they already checked their compatibility with you!

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2. INFJs daydream a lot about the person they like.

INFJs are idealists, and vivid imaginations are their strong suit. So if they create fiction and spectacles of scenarios about their crush, there’s no stopping them. 

They imagine conversations with their crush and picture what-if scenarios that most likely won’t happen in real life.

They may not have talked to the person they like yet, but trust me, these idealists have kept a hundred conversations with them in their heads. 

Meeting, dating, and marrying the person they like? Ha! Don’t underestimate INFJ’s inner world and idealism for romance.

3. When INFJs like you, they will make eye contact.

Here’s a bold move: confident INFJs aren’t subtle when they have a crush. Instead, they make eye contact. When they look at you, they’re both interested and calculative.

They observe how their crush speaks, laughs, and acts around others — they won’t simply shy away.

An INFJ may stare at you several times, hold their gaze for a moment, and even smile at you when you catch them looking. While many introverts don’t do that, INFJs can and will!

4. INFJs are awkward around their crush.

INFJs’ conversational skills can be contradicting at times. They can be friendly and good communicators, but they also struggle with small talk and can get awkward. 

But if an INFJ likes you, their awkwardness amplifies. Just imagine how overwhelming it is to finally talk with someone you daydreamed about. They may stammer, babble, respond embarrassingly, tell odd jokes, or keep awkward silence when they’re with you.

They may come off as looking uninterested, but really, they’re just struggling to verbalize their thoughts to keep the conversation going.

See, they can flirt with you through their eyes, but talking to you is a whole different story.

5. INFJs initiate conversations with you.

This is a little contradicting to point #4,  but know that INFJ’s awkwardness won’t hinder them from starting conversations with you. If they genuinely want a conversation with you, they will. 

They’ll ask questions about yourself, making you feel comfortable, while hinting at their interest in you. INFJs are incredibly intuitive people and might pick up on many things about you without you realizing it.

After they’ve gotten past the awkward stage, you will find that they are easy to talk with. They’ll make you laugh with their jokes and throw in compliments on occasion!

6. INFJs will open up to you.

INFJs are very private individuals and don’t open up to just anybody. It takes them time to trust someone with their innermost thoughts and feelings. 

But even though they tend to be secretive, INFJs willingly let you in on their thoughts — their past experiences, dreams, fantasies, and even the struggles that bother them lately.

If they find comfort in you, they won’t mind being vulnerable.

7. INFJs will find ways to physically connect with you.

These INFJs don’t just value their privacy but also their personal space. They like to guard their physical boundaries, keeping the outside world at arm’s length and only letting family and close friends into their personal bubble.

They may even decline to shake hands with someone they don’t like.

But when an INFJs like you, they will find reasons to be within your proximity. They may find ways to touch your hand, bump your shoulder, hug you, or stand next to you. Sometimes, an INFJ may actively find reasons to stay a little longer when they like you.

8. INFJs make an extra effort to dress up.

INFJs know how to dress themselves appropriately. From others’ perspectives, they would often appear classy and poised.

However, when they like someone, they don’t just “dress appropriately.” They go out of their way to look extra good. 

They do preparations — buy some new clothes, shoes, accessories, or even buy from a brand you might like. They will always look polished when you’re around, and would want to look their best for you.

9. INFJs will analyze and overthink your interactions.

INFJs tend to overthink lots of things. If an INFJ likes you, they will analyze your interactions, how you spoke to them, and maintained proximity with them.

They’d analyze what you said and did not say, and even compare it with your interactions with others. They may even overthink their own awkwardness and wonder how you possibly felt.

Not only do INFJs daydream about you, but they may also replay every conversation they’ve ever had with you.

That’s the impact a person they like can have on them!


These are the secret behaviors that INFJs do when they like someone, but when they find the courage, you can find them making the first move with their crush.

INFJs are honest, loyal, and caring individuals who value meaningful connections.

And if they are interested in someone and have seen a future with that person, rest assured, they are deeply committed to their relationships and will do whatever it takes to keep things running smoothly.

In relationships, INFJs will not take their partners for granted. 


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