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Signs an INFJ Likes You Romantically
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8 Sure-Fire Signs An INFJ Likes You Romantically (and Not Simply As A Friend)

Now here comes an INFJ leaving you curious.

“Does this INFJ like me or he/she’s simply kind to everyone?” Ack. I know, I know. It’s hard to read an INFJ’s thoughts!

Moreover, as innately intuitive and introverted, INFJs love listening to their friends’ problems which often gets misinterpreted as flirting. 

But although the Advocates may typically treat their friends and the person they like similarly, there are still surefire signs you can spot if an INFJ likes you more than a friend. 

In this post, you’ll find out 8 signs an INFJ is romantically into you.

(And after reading this post, if you think you’re currently not in a special zone with the INFJ you’re interested with, there’s still a way to connect with them. Here are ways you can do to make an INFJ fall in love with you.)

And now, here we go:

8 Signs An INFJ Likes You Romantically

1. An INFJ always makes time for you.

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INFJs are extroverted introverts who love to bond with friends. But despite their bubbly and loud demeanor with people they’re close to, the truth is, they love spending time alone even more.

They’re introverts, through and through, anyway.

Now, if an INFJ likes you romantically, it could mean that they’re ready to go out of their way, give up their alone time and voluntarily accompany you despite having the option to leave.

If you see them dropping their task to accompany you willingly, then celebrate! That’s an obvious sign they like you. Not madly in love yet, but at least you have a more significant place in INFJs than others.

They might even escort you even when you’re not asking for it.

The perfect illustration of this romantic gesture is Edward Cullen in Twilight, who is coincidentally an INFJ too. If you can still remember the movie, Edward would stay in school longer to spend time with Bella and casually give excuses for it.

Even if it is only a few extra minutes of their time spent with you, an INFJ will not hesitate to give it up for someone they like.

2. An INFJ squeezes in flirtatious compliments when with you.

Like how Edward Cullen would casually tell Bella Swan the lines “you’re beautiful” or “you look nice”, an INFJ would also squeeze in subtle compliments to someone they like.

For what? To flirt with them, obviously.

You see, if you’re friends with an INFJ, you would know how seldom these judging personalities give compliments about your eyes, body, attire, and appearances overall. In fact, you would even have to fish it from them. 

They have more tendency to compliment your lifestyle or kind personality and validate your achievements to make you feel good about yourself.

But complimenting your looks? Nope.

INFJs notice everything, but they don’t always put effort into telling it.

So, if an INFJ praises you for your appearance even if you haven’t changed anything, then that’s your cue that they see you on a romantic spectrum, and not simply as a friend.

3. An INFJ looks for you when they need help.

As extremely independent people, INFJs can handle their problems on their own. You might even be surprised by how many struggles they overcome without people knowing about them.

So if an INFJ specifically asks for your help, then it’s a game-changer.

This “asking for help” move can start with simply asking for your opinion on small decisions such as what dish they should eat or what color they should wear. 

They want you to know what they’re dealing with, even if it’s a simple part of their day. For them, it’s the little thing that counts.

But as an INFJ progresses romantically with you, you may notice how they become more consultative with you, even to significant problems they face, and give weight to your every piece of advice.

4. When they know you’re upset, an INFJ will find ways to cheer you up.

INFJs are empaths, and they know when you’re feeling down without you admitting it. Typically, these idealists would only exert effort to ask how a person feels when upset, but if they like you, they will go the distance to see you happy.

If you notice your INFJ friend giving a small gift, talking to you longer, or checking up on you more often, these are signs they like you romantically.

Even if their gestures seem too ‘showy,’ they will not hesitate to do it only to cheer you up. 

5. When INFJ opens up about their emotions, it means you’re special.

If an INFJ willingly opens up about their emotions to you and you alone, then it means they are willing to be vulnerable with you.

These idealists are notoriously private people, you see. Even their close friends and family may not even grasp their real thoughts. The only reason they open up to someone is when they trust them completely.

If you hear an INFJ admit their emotions to you, it is a sign that they are already comfortable with you.

6. An INFJ will invite you to do adventures with them.

INFJs prefer doing activities solo because, apparently, in many cases, it can get burdensome to always check up and include other people in their plans. But if an INFJ likes you romantically, boy, it will be different.

They will see you as someone who gives them rest rather than a burden. That said, they would love to share new experiences with you.

If you have the same interests, an INFJ could invite you to do activities together. And if you have opposing interests, no worries. They can adjust their preferences to see you happy. 

They don’t always make this gesture, but when they do, it is a surefire sign of their interest.

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7. An INFJ makes the extra effort to learn hobbies you love.

You will be surprised how far an INFJ will go to share an interest with a person they like romantically. 

If you like sports, an INFJ would learn the news, trends, and popular events in the field to have a good-flowing conversation with you.

If you like art, they would likely give you a hand-made craft to show they thought of you while doing it. They will do their best to learn your hobbies in hopes to do these activities with them.

They always come prepared, even with simple conversations with you.

It’s rarely about them, but their efforts will always center around you.

Ahh, these INFJs. Romantics, aren’t they?

8. An INFJ can’t stand replying slowly when talking to you.

INFJs amusingly reply fast to everyone — a habit they want to get rid of but can’t unlearn.

Maybe, one of the possible reasons they reply fast is that they can’t stand the anxiety of constantly re-reading and re-checking their inboxes for new messages.

However, the difference in how an INFJ replies to a friend and a significant other is extremely obvious.

You will know an INFJ likes you if they not only reply fast but also keep the conversation going.

They ask a follow-up question to a topic to make you reply again. They find a new direction to a conversation that seems to get to a close.

And because they’re great communicators, you may find yourself enjoying these sweet and funny exchanges for long hours!

On the other hand, if an INFJ only treats you as a friend, expect to get quick but bland replies.


If I could summarize the signs an INFJ likes you romantically, it would be effort, emotions, and actions. INFJs will go the extra mile to make you feel they care about you.

They will make you feel significant without making you feel uncomfortable. You can confirm an INFJ likes you if they choose you over other people’s company, be emotionally vulnerable with you, and share hobbies you both find important.


That’s it. I hope this gave you insights.

Thanks for reading!

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