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How to care for your INFJ Partner
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7 Ways To Care for Your INFJ Partner

Loving an INFJ can be as comforting as a pillow or as profound as the blue seas. As the type who values warmth, insights, and the future, these fluffballs can be quite a character in love. 

Want to have an idea of how to take care of your INFJ? I got you with that!

In this post, let’s talk about the 7 ways you can care for your INFJ, and make them happy.

Here we go:

7 Ways to Care For Your INFJ Partner

1. Provide quality companionship.

INFJs value mutual experiences that will help them get a deeper understanding of the things that they encounter in their life. Most INFJs’ primary love language is quality time, so always keep that calendar in check and make sure you spend time with them. 

From unplanned walking dates to menial daily tasks like purchasing groceries, little personal interactions where you can have them observe or experience things can be quite an excellent way to spend your time together. 

Use your time together to build a deep emotional and intellectual bond. Remember that INFJs are people of substance and feelings, so even if it’s pretty tricky, do your best to provide quality companionship that is more than the butterflies and all the romantic things in life. 

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2. Make sure they won’t fall victim to the “Broken Wing Theory.”

Broken Wing Theory believes that people needing help should never be abandoned. And unfortunately, INFJs often live that.

Their interests are wrapped with other people’s problems to the point where they sacrifice taking care of themselves.

Do you know that bridge from Ed Sheeran’s Save Myself? It goes like this…

“But if don’t
Then I’ll go back
To where I’m rescuing a stranger
Just because they needed saving just like that
Oh, I’m here again
Between the devil and the danger
But I guess it’s just my nature”

That may be the most INFJ thing you will hear from the songs out there. As the type who values warm empathy, INFJs find gratification and fulfillment in helping others. 

However, it can also be very stressful for them when their sense of “helping” tops their initial responsibilities.

Therefore, you should always look after your INFJ partner to ensure they won’t overlook the surfaces and fall victim to their “empathy.”

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3. Talk with them about the future.

“Talk about the future like we had a clue…”

Remember that line from Katy Perry’s The One That Got Away?

If you want to keep your INFJ partner, make sure that you are ready to commit to a long-term relationship.

Seriously, casual flings are not an INFJ thing. They are future-focused.

They don’t want to waste their time on some things that may not be long-term– this is especially true in the way they build relationships. They keep their circles closed, but once you’re in, they intend to keep you close in this lifetime. 

In terms of a romantic relationship, they take their time to commit, which is definitely not because they are indecisive. As the partner, you should express your intent to keep them forever.

As much as they love their words of assurance, they also consider whether your action parallels your words. So don’t end it by saying that you want them to stay with you but act to actually keep them!

4. Respect their personal space.

Similar to other “I” personalities, INFJs value their personal space. This is true even in exclusive romantic relationships. INFJs love taking the time to reflect on their thoughts and plans for the future.

Yes, they want connection but may rarely request companionship. Thus it is unusual for them to appear clingy and needy. 

Within closed doors, INFJs appreciate all types of love languages, but they will most likely be glad if you just accompany them in silence or profound talks.

Make sure to give your INFJ partner their “me-time” to sort out all their feelings and intuition to ease their minds.

Do not fret if they suddenly ask you if they need some time. Once you have them, you have them — despite the little time off. You will always be their person.

5. Communicate with them if you don’t understand.

I know! INFJs are not the best when it comes to communicating their feelings. As the insightful type, which often relies on their instincts and gut feelings, it is hard for an INFJ to relay the depths of their hearts.

They find it hard to explain their deepest thoughts or feelings (hence a barrier to personal and quality time in a romantic relationship). 

Thus, when you are accompanying them, make sure that you understand their ideas before moving to a deeper conversation. As much as they love companionship, they also appreciate keen insights and talks from the people around them.

Always give your INFJ partner talks that are more than the weather for the day, their breakfast, or any conventional small talk starter. 

6. Validate their thoughts and feelings.

As the type to keep almost everything to themselves, INFJs love to be provided with security through the validation of their thoughts and feelings.

Establish deep emotional and intellectual connections by joking around them and exerting effort to understand them more.

Be generous in providing assurance and appreciation of what they do for you. Don’t wait for them to ask you something, because I am telling you, they won’t be INFJ if they do!

7. Be your “truest” self in front of them.

Above all, INFJs appreciate authenticity. As people who rely on intuitions and feelings, they will always grasp the situation whether you are being true to them or not.

Be your most authentic self in front of them– even if it’s painful, unacceptable, unfair, or anything of that sort, be honest and be yourself. 

INFJs value their truths, and when they catch you lying, they would rather keep the grievance to themselves and shut you out– completely, coldly, and decisively. 


Once you become an INFJ’s “person,” you will remain to be that unless they feel that you don’t see yourself with them in the future or you have crossed their line and were door-slammed

Building a relationship with an INFJ is basically a house of cards– it’s arduous. It bears so many risks, but it is incredibly fulfilling when completed. 


That’s it. Hope this gave you insights into how to care for your INFJ.

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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