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5 advantages of being an INFP
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5 Exciting and Amusing Advantages of Being an INFP

Have you ever wished to be someone else other than INFP? I did, too. Although I like to stay in the peace-revering and compassionate soul department, it’s a whole different story when INFP’s indecisiveness and unpredictability enter the picture.

Oftentimes, nothing in reality seems to align with an INFP’s ideals. Why in the world do our desires always end up as irrational?

It’s frustrating indeed. Unless… we embrace it.

It took me a long time to appreciate who I was. But after I accepted being an INFP and learned what truly makes me tick, it isn’t as bad as most INFPs thought.

Being an INFP has benefits we ought to overlook. That said, let me share with you 5 advantages of INFP that I find unique and even funny. Here we go:

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5 Advantages of Being an INFP

Here are 5 INFP advantages I find both funny and exciting with our personality type:

1. INFPs become exceedingly, and intimidatingly good at whatever they’re passionate about.

Do you think INFPs are slow learners? From my experience, I’d say, YES.

Not with concepts, but often with hands-on skills. It takes days to months of doing the same tedious task before an INFP completely learns it. What frustrates me more is when people around me get it the first time. Like, how do they do that?

However, here’s a hack – a powerful advantage I realized after years of disparaging myself. It’s that once an INFP becomes passionate about a skill, and gets repeated exposure to it, tendencies are no one – again – NO ONE will outdo an INFP.

INFPs have interests they’re extremely good at. Some may have reached unbeatable scores in video games, paints with so much meaning, or flawlessly multitask. INFPs are capable of so much.

As a matter of fact, they become unbelievably, intimidatingly, and exceedingly good at whatever, even in a technical field.

In my first year in college, people laughed at my cluelessness after failing to follow a simple technical procedure. I studied automotive technology, by the way, and I had zero knowledge about it. I was all new to this and can’t even name car brands.

Unfortunately, their smirks and humiliating remarks remain embedded in my mind. It instigated my passion to prove them wrong.

A few years later, and with enough exposure to repairs, tune-ups, and troubleshooting, I championed an automotive skills competition that brought recognition and several willing donors to our University.

I tell you, exposure to the skill along with burning passion? An INFP will surely make a mark.

Moreover, MBTi practitioners agree that there’s inexplicable divinity in a personality type’s tertiary cognitive function. That means INFP’s tertiary function – introverted Sensing (Si) – aids our chances not only to learning, but also in becoming the best in our preferred skill.

No one can outshine INFPs once an experience gets stuck to their core. Yes, I used the term “stuck” because I always thought of it as muscle memory. Their body starts to move in such detail, precision, and speed.

Imagine if INFPs spend at least a year on an interest before jumping to another. We gotta be powerhouses. Divergent.

But for the sake of equality and balance in this world, I believe we are made to easily lose interest. Or else it’s gonna be unfair for others. Lol.

2. INFPs can get away from trouble just by being themselves.

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Here’s another amusing INFP benefit.

Have you ever started a brawl, but people easily believed it’s not your fault?

If you’re an INFP, people assume you’re incapable of harm. Truly, credibility and reliability can take you a long way. 

Many INFPs admit how people let their mistakes slide because, why would anyone suspect a reserved and credible INFP?

There was also a time my teacher was hysterical and furious about a stunt involving her. I was scared, but being an INFP, I stood with honesty and apologized.

She was surprised I was the mastermind. But luckily, her rage died down and just left me with a “never do it again” line. To my surprise, I was not punished.

Goodness. Nothing compares to the trust INFPs receive. But I admit it guilts me sometimes.

Even when I’m at fault, other people were suspected and take the blame. But in other grave scenarios, this perception is an absolute advantage for INFP.

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3. People come to INFPs for advice.

INFPs are great observers. They process information, see patterns, and can give profound insights into people’s troubles.

Moreover, INFPs are healers who listen and empathize. While people find comfort in INFPs, in the same way, INFPs find purpose in comforting other people. It’s nice to put our love for knowledge and observation to good use.

4. INFPs entertain themselves with lively imagination and monologues.

INFPs always wander around stories, fantasies, and possibilities.

When I was a kid, I used to imagine secret doors on our walls, leading to an underground living room with railways to travel the world.

Oftentimes, INFP minds are so creative that they can cover a full talk show inside their heads. We interview ourselves and it never gets boring.

INFPs could imagine being in a sad drama – crying and speaking the most hurtful words. Or become a motivational speaker who delivers the fruits of their profound self-reflection and intrapersonal intelligence.

With that said, I couldn’t imagine not having such an imaginative and idealistic mind. While we live such a colorful and dreamy life, understand that there are people who don’t have inner monologues.

No inner voice? Hard pass.

When I put it that way, having a secret dreamland could be one of the best times and advantages of being an INFP. I wouldn’t trade it for any other personality types.

5. INFPs love new information which makes their thinking ahead of others.

INFPs are always in search of meaning and possibilities. Give them one idea and it will branch out endlessly.

Such curiosity is powerful. Because INFPs are voracious readers, curious beings, and easily fascinated with new things, we gain wisdom people don’t easily realize.

INFPs connect the dots of gathered knowledge and make new philosophies out of it. While they are learning from others, they also discover more existential understanding through self-reflection. They usually gain a wide breadth of knowledge.

Did you ever converse about a topic where you had to pretend you know nothing? Typical INFP. Well, it’s such a nice thing to learn, be ahead of them a little, and be able to share the wisdom when someone asks for it.

Interested to hone your thinking? Here are my recommended self-help books for INFPs.


Truly, many INFPs find themselves lost and misunderstood. They always find themselves brooding and hating themselves. I was there, too. But after realizing how much an INFP can offer, it gets me more and more excited.

Is being an INFP bad?

Being an INFP becomes dreadful when we cut portions of ourselves to fit in. But what if, instead of patching up your weaknesses, why not nurture an INFP’s real strengths?

INFPs have weaknesses. But believe it or not, INFP personality can make an impact as long as you understand your core.

Know what motivates you, learn what lifestyle you can negotiate with, nurture your natural gifts, and drop people’s high (or standardized) expectations of you.

And now that you learned about the benefits of being an INFP, I hope it will kickstart your way to becoming a more fulfilled peace-revering, compassionate, and idealistic spirit.

Don’t let the world wear your ideals down.

All the best! Thanks for reading. 🙂

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