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What Makes INFP Attractive?
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8 Qualities that Make INFP Attractive Without Trying Hard

The INFP personality possesses unique characteristics that make us stand out among the rest. To begin with, INFPs only comprise 4 to 5 percent of the population. Such rarity alone makes INFP personality more interesting.

INFP’s most attractive qualities include the most striking contradictions. INFPs are seen as gentle, yet they are deep. They are compassionate, yet highly moral. Mysterious, but their gestures ooze with cuteness. Such peculiarity attracts curiosity and attention which often leads people to approach them either as friends or romantic partners.

Are INFPs Attractive?

Regardless of their appearance, INFPs have a whole heap of attractive qualities like depth, independence, and optimism. Although INFPs struggle recognizing their great qualities, in the perspective of other people, they actually are charming and magnetizing.

Considering my experience, I’d say I’m attractive as an INFP.

I initially thought I was attractive because of my appearance. In fact, people regard my dimples as an asset and compliment me about it.

However, as I meet different people – both simple-looking and ravishing ones, I realized that compared to a wholesome personality, appearance becomes insignificant as a measure of overall attractiveness. 

I can’t bear to look at people with poor behavior despite their good looks. I would die of cringe. On contrary, some people may look unattractive at first sight but their admirable personalities captivate people each day you get to know them.

Truth be told, personality outweighs appearances.

To discuss this further, I’ll show you 8 INFP qualities that make them stand out and attractive to people.

8 Qualities that Make INFP Personality Attractive

Now, I’m trying to track down what makes INFP attractive to people. Let’s take a glance at other people’s perspectives. I’ll backtrack on their comments, and how they reacted towards these INFP attractive qualities:

What makes INFP attractive?
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1. Simplicity

INFPs’ simplicity radiates into their lifestyle, fashion, and appearance. Because of it, people find us less intimidating. Compared to those who wear lavish get-ups, INFPs tend to look more approachable and within their league.

Being an INFP, I always wore plain and simple outfits. T-shirts and jeans are my best combinations. However, my mom always told me to dress up more, put on some makeup, and to NOT WEAR BLACK. She often chewed me out about my tastes.

But to be honest, our style represents our personality. I can’t explain why but INFPs emit an earthy charisma that establishes humility through simplicity and natural beauty. Such modesty is unique nowadays and it’s what makes INFP attractive to people.

2. Depth

Truth be told, no one suspects an INFP’s intellect at first sight. Based on my experience, strangers overlook me and regard me as an airhead (which is excruciating). Truly, people take time to recognize our depth.

Whenever I meet new people, I swear, no one expects me to be of significant help.

However, when the right moment comes and the situation requires our knowledge, INFPs shine brightly as they exhibit idealism, creativity, and originality.

We can introduce a better plan for everyone to reconsider. And most often than not, people settle with our suggestions. 

Moreover, depth paralleled with sensitivity is a reason why INFP are attractive.

Again, INFPs are kind people with critical minds. Because INFPs present thoughts without overriding anyone’s ideas, people tend to feel comfortable which adds to an INFP’s attractiveness.

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3. Optimism

Although we’re fighting battles against ourselves, we don’t want people to get involved. Thus, we always bring up what’s on the brighter side. We refrain from blaming anyone. We always smiled and they rarely saw us engage in conflicts.

We’re not called Mediators and Healers for nothing. We uplift people and share our fiery passion. As a result, it motivates and attracts them to approach us more.

In my teenage years, I had the opportunity to ask people’s impressions of me. According to them, my strongest characteristics were kindness and optimism. It was an obvious verdict because I was the type of person to tell them, “it’s okay, things will be better.”

Furthermore, our passion is contagious. When an INFP’s too enthusiastic about their plans, it drives people to follow and actualize them. Such positivity along with warmth, calmness, and peace certainly becomes an attractive quality for INFPs.

4. Independence (Nonconformity)

INFPs uphold moral values and standards the most. They don’t conform when it’s against their beliefs. If people don’t believe their propositions, they tend to walk alone and work on things independently.

INFPs prefer to work independently – whether in jobs, group activities, or hobbies. Although we can work on teams, we work best as solo players.

Whenever I am chosen to lead groups, my go-to strategy is to distribute work depending on my member’s capability. I don’t usually seek equality of work. Instead, I do whatever I can and present it to my members almost finished. 

Furthermore, we don’t usually ask for help. Some people view us as private because we rarely rant about our issues. We solve it on our own.

INFPs work alone, yet they can still gain achievements. This quality is not only attractive. It also gains adoration, since only a few are courageous enough to walk their own paths alone.

5. Mysterious

INFPs have this interesting duality. To strangers, they are distant and timid. But with their closest friends, they’re expressive, witty, and talkative.

It’s hard to get to know INFPs. Because we rarely show our goofy side to the public, people think we’re mysterious. They don’t know what’s going on in our heads. 

Romantically speaking, INFPs tend to be distant from people who crush on them. I, myself, intentionally ignore them. But once a person breaks down the wall, they receive an exclusive ticket in INFP’s warm, fun, and whimsical persona. 

When INFPs open up to you, they become more and more transparent about their feelings. Deep and purposeful talks will keep you engaged. They talk about dreams, life, and positivity.

On the other hand, they also share with you random witty jokes which you only experience when they let you inside their circle.

Discovering what’s inside an INFP’s mind and heart makes people crave for more.

From my experience, when a person interested in me steps inside such exclusivity, it eventually turns into an obsession. They refuse to leave the circle.

There could be a point where some become possessive and aggressive about attention. The idea that they know the INFP better than anyone else somehow becomes addicting.

Truly, uncovering the INFP’s mysterious personality magnetizes people. This is an aspect that keeps people coming back for more. 

6. Cute gestures

Do you know what INFPs love to talk about? Fictional characters! (Or maybe, their favorite bands?)

Nothing triggers our hyperactivity more than our favorite characters. Novels and anime, for me, are the absolute best. I’d mimic the character’s lines and obsess over them.

When that happens, INFPs tend to make the weirdest and cutest gestures.

The people who see it find it bizarre, yet funny. No one expects that coming from the “deep and mysterious” INFPs.

I often hear people slide comments and call me “cute” whenever I make odd reactions and high-pitched voices. So, yeah. I guess this child-like character and overly excited trait make INFPs attractive to people.

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7. Not seeking attention

Why are INFPs so attractive? Because they don’t try hard to look like it. INFPs refrain from showing off. It’s important for them to make a contribution, but they dislike taking the spotlight.

Furthermore, when people compliment INFPs, they don’t even know how to properly accept them.

As an INFP, recognition makes me happy. However, I’m so cautious not to look conceited about it.

I once represented our university in a skills competition. Fortunately, I won first. On our way home, I met a friend and asked me how the competition went. I was reluctant to sound bragging, so I told him, “it was okay”.

Then the next morning, the news blew up and everyone congratulated me. My guy friend was astounded saying, “You told me it was okay!” I just chuckled.

There are many achievements I had and I kept them to myself. In the same way, I know many INFPs don’t like exposing their achievements, too. They work silently and refrain from gaining attention.

Dear INFPs, have you ever done anything creative and didn’t let anyone see it? And if anyone sees it, you die of embarrassment? I had that phase, too! We’re so shy about our own achievements but for other people, it was cool and worth admiring.

Our effort to work silently and keep things low is actually attractive to other people. Once people discover these sides of INFPs, people start to appreciate them even more.

8. Multi-talented

INFPs are jacks of all trades. We have a lot of interests and people find it attractive to see us capable of different skills.

Many INFPs are capable to be writers, actors, and leaders. We’re into music, too. We excel academically and are natural idealists.

When an INFP sets their hearts to it, they can achieve just about whatever. INFPs randomly know a bunch of skills and it effortlessly grabs people’s attention.


Is INFP attractive? My answer’s yes! INFPs have a lot to offer beyond what meets the eye. I can say our personality itself is an asset. 

On the contrary, many INFPs don’t find themselves attractive. They are self-critical and since they know what’s deep inside their hearts, they usually pinpoint where they lack.

However, in the eyes of other people, I assure you that you’re a more charming and attractive person than you thought you are.

We need to embrace ourselves and exude confidence in what we have to offer. Because to be honest, we carry a lot of interesting qualities. We only need to see it through our own eyes.

Hope this gave you insights. Thanks for reading!

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7 thoughts on “8 Qualities that Make INFP Attractive Without Trying Hard”

  1. I was trying hard to hold my tear 😭. This didn’t just made me feel more attractive but also felt like a warm hug. So, thank you ❤️!
    Everything was scarily accurate. Especially the part about being embarrassed when someone discovers one of our talents. (My friends were shocked when they heard me sing for the first time. They asked me to sing in an evening. I sang my face towards the wall 😂)

  2. As an INFP I love this article, because I criticize myself a lot on a daily basis, these 8 facts show the INFP’s attractive qualities that we don’t get to see for ourselves. This made my day, thank you! 🥰

  3. I just found out that I am an INFP, turbulent mediator. I am very interested in reading more! I’m amazed at how accurate this is. I’ve never been good at speaking my feelings, give me some pen and paper and I can tell ya all about it!! Anyway, thank you for helping me understand why I act like I do sometimes. My husband is ENTJ. It’d be awesome to find out more about how compatible we are and learn about his personality too..Thanks again! Traci J.

    1. Glad to know you’re discovering more about your personality and thought processes! Also, thanks for your suggestion. I’ll look more into personality compatibilities in the future. 🙂

      Thanks for your comment, Traci!

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