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13 Best INFP Gift Ideas According to Survey

Are you looking for an appropriate gift for an INFP? Good thing, gift-giving for an INFP doesn’t require expensive materials.

You can send them mostly with what they want, what they need, sentimental gifts, or anything you pour your heart into. INFPs are all for meaning more than the cost of a gift. As long as you spent your efforts on it, they will appreciate them.

13 Best Gift Ideas for INFPs According to Survey

The question “What is the best gift for INFPs” was asked in a forum where 155 INFPs responded with their own preferences. Their desired gifts were noticeably similar so I boiled it down to the 13 best gift ideas. Let’s start.

#1 Books

Quickly taking the number one spot, we have books!

 Books are undoubtedly the most requested gift from INFPs as it extends their limitless ideas. They love picking up knowledge from a wide array of information. 

You can also opt to pay an e-book subscription for them. However, we can’t disregard INFP’s love for paperbacks and hardbound ones. Maybe, it’s just that INFPs have an earthy nature that loves the smell and texture of physical books.

When choosing the perfect book for an INFP, take note of the following. It must be:

A book of their interests

If you plan on giving them a fiction book, make sure it’s a genre that the INFP actually reads. Is he/she into romantic novels? Or prefer Harry Potter-like storylines? Often, mind-boggling reads would be a great option, too.

A book they’ve been wanting

Buy them a book they have been discussing, searching for, or a new release from their favorite author.

Book where they can learn from

INFPs would also appreciate books that would help them grow in knowledge and skill. If an INFP is inclined to business, marketing, technical, or philosophies, you can give reference books, too.

Book I recommend:

“Quiet” by Susan Cain

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Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that can’t Stop Talking

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#2 Something Crafty, Earthy, or Handmade

INFPs love personalized or handmade gifts. They have a passion for earthy, woody, and vintage designs. They truly appreciate the time and thought of the person who gave them such gifts.

Here are a few crafty/personalized gift ideas:

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Bullet Journalling Kit

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Personalized Keychain


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See on Amazon



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Crystals and Stones Kit


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See on Amazon


#3 Food

If you’re running out of ideas, you may resort to giving them delicious food or sweets. As per the survey, most INFPs who preferred foods said they liked sweets -candies, chocolates, and donuts.

But to make it extra special for INFPs, you can bring them delicious-looking yet uncommon desserts to pique their interests.

#4 Vacation/ Travel

INFPs gifts can also include travel. They prefer nature travels rather than beach parties. Bring them to places where they can wrap themselves in solitude or a place where you can have deep conversations with them.

Roadtrips can be memorable for INFPs. For them, city lights and peaceful roads are dreamy and magical, especially when they spend it with people they love.

#5 Art Supplies

INFPs appreciate art. Most INFPs are into creative activities such as painting and drawing. But even when an INFP doesn’t draw, I’m sure he/she will be delighted to use these colorful materials.

I, myself, am not a good artist, but I find joy in seeing watercolor paints, brushes, graphite pencils, and other kinds of art materials. I cherish my art materials, although I rarely use them.

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Watercolor Pencils Set

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Secret Worlds: A Coloring Book and Delightful Glimpse Into The Magical Life Of Tiny Creatures

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#6 Pets

Yes, some INFPs would be delighted to have their own pets. It can be a cat, bunny, or hamster. But to give the perfect gift, you can ask what INFP wants as a pet.


#7 Musical Instrument

I’ve personally known a few INFPs in my life, and all of them know how to play an instrument or two.

If an INFP is musically inclined, it would be great to give them musical instruments. I, myself, received a guitar years back and it was a well-appreciated gift.


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Guitar pick

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See on Amazon



#8 Practical Gifts

Aside from crafty and handmade materials, INFPs also prefer useful and practical gifts. What INFPs need are materials that can be used to their maximum potential – not things for display. This way, INFPs can save money, too, which will make him/her appreciate the gift more.


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Cute Ceramic Coffee Mug


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Coconut Bath and Body Set


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See on Amazon


Other Practical Gift Ideas:


#9 Plants

According to the survey, some INFPs want to receive a flower or a plant as a gift. INFPs are just earthy people they love nature, simplicity, and peace. Simple gifts such as flowers and plants would be lovely for some INFPs.

#10 Journal Notebook

INFPs love to write, draw or take notes. I, myself have an attraction to notebooks. I love buying them even though I haven’t used them often.

The more vintage, earthy, dreamy, or classy it looks, the better.


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Vintage Journal Notebook

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#11 T-shirt

Many INFPs are really simple with their fashion sense. A simple t-shirt and pants will do. Not to mention, many INFPs prefer dark shades over bright clothes. A minimalist T-shirt, one with their favorite band, their favorite character, or their favorite cartoon, will do. Catchy taglines and simple imprints work, too.


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Pluto T-shirt

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Funny Cat T-shirt

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INFP gifts if you’re on a tight budget

If you’re on a tight budget, INFPs can appreciate whatever you give them as long as it’s specially meant for them.

Here are some special gifts you can give an INFP:

#12 Quality Time and Memorable Moments

Quality time for an INFP means having a good laugh and deep conversations. INFPs cherish moments with you. They want that you’re having fun, too. The person who finds genuine relief with them will always be the best way to make an INFP feel happy. Here are some ideas to help you:

  • Hanging out with food and a good laugh
  • Deep conversation while watching the night sky
  • A road trip in the middle of the night
  • Relaxation within nature

#13 Thoughtful and Sentimental Gifts

You know what’s funny, INFPs can accept anything as long as it has a sentimental meaning. 

To this day, I keep a braid of copper wires from a close friend. If there’s a memory behind a gift and an INFP correlates it to your presence, then it will be special for an INFP. 

Other thoughtful gifts for an INFP? Here are some ideas:

  • Handwritten letters
  • A song composition
  • A poetry
  • A music box

Addition to the List: #14 Money

Who doesn’t want money? Lol. According to the survey, this is the 2nd most requested gift INFPs want to receive. 

It makes sense because often, people love to give things without shedding a thought on the receiver. For an INFP, it can be uninteresting. Worse, it’s nowhere useful.

 If you would give an INFP a rushed or randomly selected gift, it’s better to just gift them the money. Lol. I’m laughing ’cause it’s true.

That’s it. I hope this helps you decide on the perfect gift for an INFP!


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