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5 Actionable New Year’s Resolutions for Introverts

“New year, new me.” Ahh, I love how people express heightened optimism whenever they’re starting anew. Maybe it’s the cold weather and the gift-giving season that contributes to the hype.

The last months of the year are such a nostalgic season.

But here enters January. While we’re all excited for the new beginning, it also means all the parties have died down and we’re all back to work.

If you’re an introvert like me, I know surviving the Holidays is a challenge itself especially when you’re dealing with loud families and extroverted friends. Unfortunately, at least for me, January may be a struggle, too. As we all know, “the beginning is always the hardest part”, especially for New Year’s resolutions.

But at the same time, I still believe the new year is a great opportunity to boost all our ideals.

I believe “New Year’s Resolution” must be a “Whole Year’s Resolution”.

I carry my own philosophy, “if you want to change your life, you can do it any time of the year.”

January is a good starting point. But as you list down your New Year’s resolution, you might as well think of it long-term. Can you uphold it until December of next year? Better yet, will you carry it as a new core value?

According to Statista, fitness and saving money are the top New Year’s resolution in 2021. These are great goals, but most people leave them unfulfilled. That said, don’t let the hype carry away your goals. To have a New Year’s resolution that sticks, you need to dig deep and find the true reason why you will do it. 

Find a Deeper Meaning Behind your New Year’s Resolution

One way I found effective in fulfilling my New Year’s resolution is to dig deep into the reason and purpose. Because I know, even if I promised myself to reach a goal, if there’s no realistic and tangible drive to push me to do it, then I would just drop them all on the first month (again).

That said, when you’re listing your resolutions, ask yourself first, “what am I doing this for?” 

Find a realistic and attainable resolution, realize the reason behind it, and list the real consequences if you don’t fulfill them this year. Here are a few examples:

  • I will shed pounds to maintain my health, or else my hypertension will worsen.
  • I will study freelance writing so I can leave my toxic job, or else I will be stuck here.
  • I will save up to find a new home for my growing family, or else we will move in with our parents.

5 Actionable New Year’s Resolution for Introverts

Wondering what to do for the next year? I’ll list down a few actionable New Year’s Resolutions you can do and keep as an introvert:

1. I will set quarterly goals.

Think long-term. Make a realistic bucket list. I suggest that you enlist a new goal every 3 months to give direction on how your year’s going to be. Life’s more meaningful and structured when you make plans in partitions.

Also, according to a study, it takes an average of 66 days for anyone to form a habit. So whatever your goal is, allow yourself to grow in it for 3 months. 

For example, you can set the following goals:

  • Quarterly nature travels to refresh your mind (hiking, glamping, beach)
  • Read varying genres of books.
  • Learn a new skill.
  • Set milestones and quarterly goals for your startup.
  • Finish writing a novel in the 2nd quarter.

Why you should do this: This aids in long-term personal and business growth. This is something that won’t easily leave you if you get accustomed to it.

2. I will give time for my creative projects.

From my observation, most of my introvert friends who spend time on their creative side are happier than those who are stuck in their 9-5 jobs. I realized it myself, too. People feel fulfilled in doing what they’re truly interested in.

I got friends who are a teacher but started her own podcast, an electrician who’s drawn to cinematic video editing, and a quality assurance assistant absorbed in toy photography. You can insert creative projects in your schedule, too!

You can take a step towards doing your hobbies, or start a new one such as:

  • Calligraphy
  • Blogging
  • Embroidery

Here’s a list of creative hobbies for introverts you can try.

Why you should do this: Most introverts are creatives. We must express our creativity and don’t let the world take it away from us. Moreover, hobbies can become gateways to more opportunities.

3. I will start journaling.

Journaling is a great way to keep your memories intact. While journaling is also a way to unleash your thoughts, looking back on your 10-year old journals is such a treasure. You will be reminded how much you’ve grown after years, how your principles changed, and compare the then and now version of you.

Find an appealing journal notebook to properly keep and organize your memories.

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You can check this hardcover and thick paper journal notebook on Amazon. 

Why you should do this: To keep your life’s historical records. Yes – historical! Life has been reeling too fast, but writing journals preserve the highlights of your day. You remember the little details such as your friend sending a dramatic text to you, the funny mistake of putting sugar in your dish instead of salt, or the autumn sky you appreciated that day.


4. I will spend time with friends, and allot alone time for myself.

As introverts, we always crave quiet time for us to function. We don’t only want it, we need it! However, after shutting off my doors for half a year, I realized and self-reflected that no man is an island. Although we’re introverts, we must realize that ample social interaction maximizes an introvert’s personal growth.

That said, we must set a structured balance between time for ourselves and time for people. The world is vast and going out there will help us grow as introverts.

Travel with friends, maybe 3-4 times a year. Despite wanting time alone, a controlled travel experience will help you grow, so don’t suppress it. However, when you know you’re too drained to get out, promise yourself to muster the courage to decline your friends’ invitations.

Why you should do this: For your growth and mental health. This will also keep friendships and maintain connections. You’ll learn more than the 4 walls you’re accustomed to.

5. I will follow the 5-hour rule.

Many successful people such as Bill Gates and Jack Ma follow the 5-hour rule where they allot 5 hours a week to research, read, or learn a new skill. Whatever your job position is, learning something new will keep you from stagnating.

I admit I do a poor job at schedules. Sometimes I spend the 5 hours all at once. And when I get in tune with my research, I spend a full day. Nonetheless, new information will always help us improve so you need to put it in your resolutions list.

Why you should do this: New information introduces a lot of opportunities. It helps you see a new perspective and visualize a bigger picture.

Try these and track your growth.

Some people don’t realize how much growth they accumulate in a day, week, or year. Because growth may look invisible to some, many lose interest and fail to fulfill their New Year’s resolution.

But you don’t have to do the same mistake. Truth is, gaining one piece of information every day is already growing. Learning how to fry an egg, or learning how to convert a PDF file into a Word document is growth.

Growth is around the corner and I’m sure it will be fulfilling as you track every single piece of it – just like I did.

Reminders for the New Year:

Here are a few more reminders for introverts in the New Year:

  • Be firm and unapologetic for the goals you want.
  • Accept criticisms as building blocks.
  • Cultivate your strengths and creativity instead of sticking with your weaknesses.
  • Realize your self-worth and contributions to the world.

May we all have an abundant New Year!

– M. Mathias

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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