Do INFPs Cheat? The Dark Side of INFP Idealism

If by any chance you’re dating an INFP, then you’re probably curious if INFPs do cheat or have any tendencies. Do INFPs cheat? Here’s a short answer: INFPs are extremely loyal in a relationship. But once their partner continuously betrays, undervalues them, and pushes them into a rut, INFPs accumulate grudges that would result in … Read more

Blogging for Beginners: 8 Things I Learned about Blogging that No One Told Me About (My first 4 months)

I’ve been familiar with blogging since I started publishing on free blogging platforms such as Blogger and But it’s only in December 2020 that I leaped to web-host my blogs. I’m currently at the 4-month mark in blogging with a web-hosted blog. As I write this piece, I aim to share with my fellow … Read more

FAQs and Review: Is Yonipp a Good Writing Marketplace for Filipino Freelance Writers?

So you’ve heard about a writing marketplace called Yonipp. As a writer who seeks some extra income, you wonder, can you really write and get paid on this platform? Is Yonipp legit or just another scammer company that doesn’t compensate for the work you put in? Here’s the answer: Yonipp is indeed a legitimate writing … Read more

8 Secret Behaviors Female INFPs Do When They Like Someone

INFP is one of the rarest personalities in Myers-Briggs 16 personalities. The INFPs’ kindness, compassion, and peace-revering personality earned them the name Mediators. As an INFP, living in a rosy, romanticized world is pretty usual. However, when it comes to relationships, INFPs are less likely to risk their hearts. They’re prudent and not risk-takers which … Read more

6 Things to Do When You Think You’re a Failure

Asking yourself, “why am I a failure?” describes how much of your goals have drifted away from the initial plan. You’re not failing. Failure may have halted your plans and dreams. But on the contrary, it has also set you a step forward to where you’re meant to be.  Even though it’s not necessarily what … Read more

8 INFP Weaknesses and How to Turn Them to Your Advantage

What’s INFP Personality? INFP is an acronym for a person who’s Introverted-iNtuitive-Feeling-Prospecting. It’s a rare personality type among the  16 Myers-Briggs personality types composing only 4.4% of the population. INFPs are known for their idealism, authenticity, and passion. However, INFPs also struggle with “negative” traits that other people often misunderstood. Upon pinpointing the INFP “weaknesses”, … Read more

7 Tips on How to Be Happy as an Introvert (for highly sensitive introverts)

How do we become happy as an introvert? It’s actually pretty easy… if people don’t oblige us to socialize with them. I’ve seen running jokes about introverts disliking people (which I don’t fully disagree with). But going deeper, there’s really a lot happening within an introvert that triggers them to return back to their shells. … Read more

Beginner Tips: 9 Ways to Land Your First Freelance Writing Job

Becoming a freelancer was something I discovered through insistent searching on the web.  I started from scratch with no mentor to guide me. I must say, landing on my first freelance writing job wasn’t really easy. It took me a long while but the patience of randomly pitching to job boards eventually paid off. That … Read more

How to Become a Freelance Writer in the Philippines

Freelance writers make money through constructing written texts for clients. Whether it’s writing blogs, stories, e-books, and social media content, a freelancer would fit the role. Flexibility, own terms, own pace… sounds cool, right? Now you ask yourself, “Can I do it? Can I become a freelance writer in the Philippines, too?” Well, of course! … Read more

4 Most Profitable Passive Income Streams for Writers

Many writers have earned hundreds to thousands of bucks through online writing. While many writers earn from writing projects, it’s also most possible to earn astounding money from passive income streams. Let’s take the story of Ariana Huffington, the founder of HuffPost. She started a commentary blog site — yes, a blog — and paved her way to building … Read more

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