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Why Are INFJ Old Souls?

INFJs are highly empathetic, and from afar, it’s noticeable how they have a grounded nature, setting them apart from others. They’re the type to prefer deep, meaningful conversations over small talk and choose peace of mind over material possessions any time of the day.

With that said, people call these empaths “old souls.”

But is being called an old soul a compliment or an insult for INFJs?

Why Are INFJs Old Souls?

An old soul is a person who carries the wisdom, maturity, and understanding that go beyond their years. Old souls may also be misunderstood and stereotyped as old-fashioned, isolated, and timid. However, these assumptions couldn’t be further from the truth. 

In the INFJ world, being an old soul means deeply understanding the bigger picture and making wise decisions consistently when problems and situations arise — just like the elderly people who have honed their perceptions through time. Hence, INFJs are nicknamed “the Sage.”

Unlike many others, INFJs possess an innate ability to foresee the long-term consequences of their actions. Their idealism and intuition direct them to choose a path that benefits not necessarily themselves but always the greater good.

They’re good advisers and great listeners, too.

An old soul is also someone who cherishes solitude. Compared to others, they feel secure in themselves and their relationships.

Personally, I discovered I’m an INFJ old soul when I realized I don’t feel afraid or uncomfortable when it comes to eating alone, watching movies, and strolling without company. In fact, I felt more at peace with these and cherished my time alone.

Being old souls also leads them to be content with what they have instead of chasing the limelight and material possessions. 

INFJs are reflective by nature. They reflect on many things — emotions, life events, and loved ones, and their contentment comes from a sense of inner peace and seeing their loved ones happy by their side.

I have been figuring my INFJ self out since I was young. 

While my mom always pushed me to be competitive, I eventually grew tired of following her lead and constantly striving to get ahead.ef

Don’t get me wrong, I still give my best in everything I do. But my motivation shifted towards co-existing, nurturing a peaceful work environment, and providing for my family’s needs. 

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve found more peace with the thought that people and relationships are way more important than material wealth. 

For as long as my loved ones are content, I am, too. 

INFJ Traits that Make Them Old Souls

So, are INFJs old souls? Yes, we are. And here are clear and convincing reasons why we’re such. 

⭐INFJs are empaths.

When you’re an empath, it’s easy for you to resonate with how and what others feel. And INFJs? They’re naturals at it. We can tell what our friends and loved ones feel before they say it. We can feel their warmth or coldness only with minor cues. 

Empathizing and considering others’ feelings, commonly associated with maturity, is a distinct trait of old souls. They fully understand where you’re coming from, and probably where you’re leading to.

Many younger INFJs may not have lived on Earth for 70 or 80 years. Still, their reflective nature allowed them to experience life events more intensely than others. As such, they have so many takeaways, even from a single event. This is how they grow emotionally. 

⭐INFJs yearn to make the world a better place.

An INFJ’s old soul behavior is to want better things for their loved ones. As people who seem to see what’s beyond the surface, they want to make a difference by doing what they can.

INFJs are connected to those they hold dear, so they can sacrifice their conveniences to help a friend in need. With their problem-solving skills and empathy, they can do so much for the people we care for. 

⭐INFJs are emotionally mature.

As mentioned earlier, an old soul is considered wise beyond their years. When our loved ones suffer from a wrong decision, we’re grounded enough to look past their shortcomings and decide to help them out instead. We understand that the least they need now is to hear how they messed up. INFJs are kind, warm, and empathetic to anyone who needs the comfort.

Because we understand their motivations, we also get to understand their choices. We can put ourselves in their shoes, which is why it’s hard for us to be self-righteous and judge them. Instead, we lend a helping hand and a warm embrace. 


Being labeled an old soul may not be a compliment for others, but it is a welcome adjective for INFJs. It only means we’re soft yet emotionally mature enough to know what and who matters in our lives. It also means we’re wise to chase things money can’t buy. The next time you hear that you’re an old soul, you have more than enough reasons to feel good about yourself. It means you have the much-coveted INFJ wisdom. 

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