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Why Are INFJs Attractive?
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8 Qualities that Make INFJs Attractive (And Irresistible!)

INFJs have multiple layers and facades. The more you get into their layers, the more you’ll see how INFJs are very attractive — both in presenting themselves and their soul.

Yes, they can be internally conflicted individuals, but from my experience with them, I can only enumerate all the good and selfless things they’ve done for people.

When I first met my INFJ friends (even before learning they were INFJs), it always fascinated me how I could reveal myself, and be comfortable around them. I am magnetized.

Thinking about it, I am often struck by their ability to read between the lines. Not many get my humor, but thank heavens, the INFJs around me effortlessly “get it,” which makes their company so easy and relaxing.

And one day, I just realized that as an INFP, it was my INFJ friends’ company that I enjoyed the most — in terms of humor, depth, and empathy.

As I get to know them better, I start to see all their other sides — their creativity and passion. It’s like peeling back the layers of an onion, and each new layer reveals something new and wonderful about them.

But it’s not just about the surface-level traits that make INFJs attractive.

Want to know some of the best attractive qualities INFJs have, then let’s start!

8 Qualities that Make INFJs Attractive 

Here are the qualities that make INFJs attractive:

1. INFJs have a classy sense of fashion. 

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While INFJs know the latest fashion trends and styles, they don’t always follow everything online. They’re very picky about what they wear. And before even putting on an outfit, they mix and match numerous clothes until they find a combination they’re satisfied with. 

I don’t always tell this to my INFJ friends, but whenever there are occasions and they dress up, they ooze with a unique aura among everyone in the room. Simple, yet classy vibe.

INFJs are simply elegant in an understated way. They dress well, but without having to show off. They may prefer classic, and timeless pieces over trendy or flashy items and gravitate towards neutral colors and simple, clean lines.

I believe it’s their simple yet confident fashion sense that attracts considerable attention. 

2. They are open-minded and very accepting. 

Have a secret you can’t tell anyone? Need non-judgmental advice about your relationship? Have a confession you’re itching to spill? Worry less, because you can tell all these deeds to INFJs.

One of INFJs’ attractive qualities is their openness to anything and everything. As empaths, they know how to emotionally connect with their friends’ problems. It’s their ability to make their friends feel heard and understood that makes them alluring.

Their open-mindedness is also why the people around them want to be their friends. Wouldn’t you want to have a non-judgemental friend who always tries to understand you (even when you don’t make sense), like an INFJ?

3. INFJs have strong willpower. 

If there’s a will, there’s a way! 

There’s nothing more attractive than seeing INFJs overcome challenges. Their willpower is also why this personality type is typically in long-term relationships. Imagine them dealing with family, relationship, health, and financial problems, but at the end of the day, they survive all those issues.

I can’t stress this enough, but INFJs are the people who show up.

Often, it makes me wonder how they can still thrive in situations I would easily tap out. Their determination is mindblowing that it leaves me in awe — toxic jobs? Anxiety? Illness? Struggling relationships? They still show up despite the cries and hardships.

INFJs often forget how strong their willpower is compared to other MBTI personalities. It’s an amazing INFJ trait the people around them love that they don’t even notice unless their friends point it out.

4. They know how to keep a conversation going. 

INFJs are the best conversationalists you will ever meet. They have mastered the art of starting and continuing engaging talks. 

I can’t recount how frequently my INFJ friends fill awkward silences with interesting questions to break the ice. Whenever the conversation is about to die down, they’ll typically open up another debatable topic that will make everyone talk.

And bang! Everyone’s on it again.

Also, INFJs’ skill to keep a conversation going is a tool they use when flirting with the person they like. Since they observe people so much, they get behavioral clues about what someone might want and not want to talk about. And ta-da! They’ll find themselves talking to someone for hours non-stop.

5. INFJs are reliable – they deliver what is asked. 

Whether you’re a friend, family member, or acquaintance, you can depend on an INFJ to stick to their word, even if it were years ago.

INFJs hate, HATE, people who bail on them. That’s why they exert effort not to be unsympathetic to others. For example, when they promise they’ll make it up to you, expect that within a short time, they’ll do it.

What’s amazing about INFJs is they’re definitely NOT whiners about the difficulty of their job (well, unless the people around them don’t do their part! This surely annoys INFJs.)

They are also reliable in school or work. If you ask them to submit before a specific time, you should expect a deliverable before the given period. They hate being late. And it’s their driving force to also be on time.

6. Their warmth attracts people. 

Have something to rant about? You may be surprised how many people run to their INFJ friends.

When I’m raging with terrible, chaotic emotions, INFJ’s warmth never ceases to calm me.

No, they don’t give lectures or “I told you so” advice. Rather, they’re just there, wrapping you with their comforting presence — listening. Actually listening. (Oh my, I’m crying.)

INFJs don’t always show it, but they are emotional people. They’re empathetic and can always feel their friends’ emotions even without hearing the words.

This makes INFJs the go-to informal “therapists” of their friends.

7. INFJ’s depth will surprise you.

INFJs see beyond appearances. Whether you hide it or not, they see the genuine intentions of people through their intuitiveness. You see, INFJs are pretty simple to please yet complex to understand. And that’s what entices their friends about them. 

It’s surprising for extroverted personalities, and even the most secretive ones like INFP, to realize how vulnerable they can be with INFJs. And not only do they listen to you. When you seek their advice, INFJs depth and viewpoint about the situation will surprise you. 

In my life, my INFJs friends’ intuition and advice have often materialized. Isn’t that a formidable skill they have? Dang, it sometimes feels like they can predict the future.

You can freely talk to INFJs about your existential questions. And sure enough, they will answer you with equal interest and understanding! 

8. They genuinely love helping people.

In connection to their warmth, INFJs do not only feel but also act on their emotions. They love helping their friends, whether it’s big personal problems or small ones like school work. Helping is one way they show their love since they don’t always verbalize it.

Through helping, they impact someone else’s life. And it isn’t just performative help for the sake of telling people they helped. INFJs love making life better for others because they know how difficult life can be.

And I think that’s a beautiful quality INFJs share in common.


If we could sum up what makes INFJs attractive in three words, it would be genuineness, reliability, and care. INFJs attract attention because they don’t force people to look at them. Their friends get to know how genuine their intentions are through how they talk, style, and act. 

You can rely on INFJs to share your struggles with you. And these introverted individuals do it because they genuinely care. 

Like onions, although INFJs have many different layers to unpack, they guarantee that every layer serves a purpose to the people around them.


Was this an interesting read for you? Share your comments below! Thanks for reading. 🙂

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