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INFJ Intelligence: What Makes INFJs Smart?

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Yes, INFJs can be the goofy friend who joins you in your weirdest plans or someone you can lean on during your saddest times.

But did you know, behind INFJ’s friendly persona, is a mind constantly reeling with depth, ideals, and awareness?

In this post, let’s tackle what lies behind an INFJ’s mind. How are they deemed as wise and smart people? 

Here we go:

Are INFJs smart? 

INFJs are smart as they possess multiple intelligences. They are often highly creative and imaginative, but also possess a keen sense of logic and reason.

INFJs can be the person who sees through the facade of everyday life, revealing what’s really going on behind the scenes.

They can also have a clear vision of what needs to happen and how it should happen which makes them incredibly helpful when planning events or projects.

Going in-depth, let’s talk about more of INFJs’ intelligence and how they utilize it in the external world. 

7 Reasons That Make INFJs Smart People

Here are 8 reasons why INFJs are smart people.

1. INFJs are amazing communicators — they can engage you for hours.

INFJs are one of the most active communicators you will meet. They intently listen to your words, don’t cut you off as you speak, value your sentiments, and give advice when you need it.

In a conversation, they value taking turns and don’t hog the spotlight unlike other people would. 

Got more things to say? An INFJ is all ears. 

Already exhausted your thoughts? An INFJ can take over to avoid dull conversations.

These communicators are naturally skilled at making you comfortable when speaking out.

At the end of the conversation, you might even realize that you spoke more than you should have, spilled too many secrets, or even achieved new knowledge.

That’s INFJ’s magic — I mean intelligence. They know how to pique your interest and engage you for hours!

2. INFJs are existentially intelligent people.

Among other rare traits, INFJs also have existential intelligence. They can see beyond the ordinary and analyze problems from a philosophical perspective. 

They’re people who ponder the meaning of life, the direction the world is going, and the depths of a person’s mind. INFJ minds can travel too far, seeking the meaning behind meanings.

Because INFJs formulate and are guided by abstract ideas by nature — morality, meaning, symbolism, and purpose, others may only keep guessing about their profound thoughts. Well, except for their fellow intuitives such as INTJs and INFPs. 

3. INFJs always formulate profound and conclusive ideas.

What’s the cognitive attitude of being an Ni-dominant?

A person with high Ni (Introverted Intuition), such as INFJs, can easily perceive and process information and use them to formulate deep, conclusive paths.

While Ne-users like INFP and ENFP expand their ideas and may have difficulty cultivating depth due to interest-hopping, an INFJ works differently.

With strong intuition, also known as the sixth sense, INFJs see where their observable surroundings would lead to. All perceived information is spiraled down into a conclusion.

Look at the image below. 

Introverted Intuition VS Extraverted Intuition: How Their Ideation and Vision Differ
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Introverted Intuition VS Extraverted Intuition: How Their Ideation and Vision Differ

While Extraverted Intuitives (Ne) will have to take down possibilities one by one to reach a conclusion, an Ni-user like INFJ have more capacity to pinpoint which path will work best for them.

And because their intuition allows them to identify a firm possibility, you will find an INFJ built with more conviction and determination to follow through with their plans. You can’t argue with someone who’s seen how the future can materialize, can you?

That’s how INFJ’s Ni-Ti (intuition backed with logic and facts) works.

They finish what they started because their intuitive-calculative mind is strongly convinced of which path to go.

So if you’re in chaos right now, ask an INFJ what to do! They may help you organize your thoughts and lead you to one firm direction.

4. INFJs are the most logical Feelers.

Due to INFJ’s introverted iNtuition (Ni) and introverted Thinking (Ti) functions, they have both intuitive and analytical approaches to decision-making. In addition to that, they are also naturally drawn to their emotions because of their extraverted Feeling (Fe) function. 

In most cases, the cognitive makeup of INFJs creates lots of friction among themselves. It’s hard to find a balance between feelings and logic.

But when INFJs need to make important decisions, they can come up with one that adheres to the logical side and is agreeable with everyone’s emotional pulse.

They don’t come off as insensitive or irrational. They use a good balance of heart and mind, even if a decision is difficult for them, too.

5. INFJs have a knack for predicting the future.

INFJs are not fortune tellers, but they can predict the future via two ways: listening to their intuition (Ni) and observing behavioral patterns (Se).

Other personalities are often amazed by how accurately INFJs foresee the future but little do they know that INFJs simply practice the art of keen observation.

They instinctively see patterns in people’s behavior—like how people’s faces react to different situations, or their tones change when upset, happy, or mad.

Their Feeling trait also helps them validate these predictions as they can empathize with anyone—even people they are not close with.

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6. INFJs are empaths and interpersonally intelligent people. 

INFJs are emotionally intelligent. It allows them to effectively manage their emotions while being equally aware of how others feel. 

HelpGuide.Org describes emotional intelligence as the ability to manage relationships well, which INFJs are known for admirably. 

As empaths, INFJs make an extra effort to be sensitive when talking to people. Why? It’s because they can feel others’ emotions like their own. They are pleasing to talk to, making people enjoy their company. 

7. INFJs possess diplomatic intelligence.

INFJs’ diplomatic intelligence makes them great decision-makers. They solve conflicts with diplomacy and resort to more peaceful ways to maintain a group’s harmony. As much as possible, they like to fix disputes without offending anyone.

In a work setup, an INFJ would try to understand both sides. They’re not tone-deaf to what their co-workers truly need and cater to those requirements with incredible patience.

Whether alone or not, INFJs’ diplomatic intelligence helps them think about all possible pros and cons before giving a final verdict. They get a broader view of the situation and see which actions will bring the most benefits to everyone around them, including themselves.

However, when other people, say their workmates, tend to deviate from the objective rules and display greediness or injustice, an INFJ would be quick to push their rights and be firm on instilling fairness.


So, are INFJs smart?

Yes, an INFJ is smart as they utilize multiple intelligences in diplomacy, emotions, and existence. Despite being highly intuitive and emotional, an INFJ’s intelligence is their main navigator in making rational, sensitive, yet smart choices. 

Their balanced use of mind and heart makes this MBTI personality one of the rarest emotionally logical people.


That’s it. Was this helpful? Share your insight below.

Thanks for reading! 🙂


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