5 Best Ways to Comfort An INFJ

How To Comfort an INFJ

As much as how great empathizers INFJs can be, lifting them up from a slump (emotional, mental, and physical) can be quite complicated as they usually have difficulty confronting and expressing their feelings to others. This is especially true when dealing with negative emotions such as disappointments, anxiety, or anger.  Need to figure out what

The Dark Side of the INFJ Personality

The Dark Side of INFJ Personality

Despite coming off as warm and approachable, the dark side of INFJs can be quite scary—I mean terrifying. These introverted individuals are typically laid back. Some INFJs are even unaware of their dark sides as they are so good at controlling their emotions. But you see, INFJs have a very intense and complex inner world. So,

8 Sure-Fire Signs An INFJ Likes You Romantically (and Not Simply As A Friend)

Signs an INFJ Likes You Romantically

Now here comes an INFJ leaving you curious. “Does this INFJ like me or he/she’s simply kind to everyone?” Ack. I know, I know. It’s hard to read an INFJ’s thoughts! Moreover, as innately intuitive and introverted, INFJs love listening to their friends’ problems which often gets misinterpreted as flirting.  But although the Advocates may

Can INFJs Be Manipulative?

Can INFJ Be Manipulative?

Can INFJs be manipulative? Well, in one way or the other, the answer is yes. Like any human being, we’re all prone to socially manipulate and “influence” the people around us. And at some point, we all get manipulated, too. We mimic phrases, copy one’s gestures, and make people accept our beliefs. Since everyone has

7 Tips to Make An INFJ Fall In Love With You

How To Make INFJ Fall In Love With You

Ahh, INFJs — the romantics of the MBTI world. They’re known for their deep emotional connections and desire for long-term committed relationships. So, what do INFJs think about love? And do INFJs fall in love easily?  Let’s get into that. What Do INFJs Think About Love? INFJs often have a very romantic view of love.