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4 Reasons Why INFJs Can Be Quite Scary

What do Joe Goldberg, a serial murderer obsessed with controlling his partner’s life, and Batman, a billionaire turned superhero, have in common? Two things. They’re anti-heroes and INFJs.

INFJs aren’t necessarily the heroes. But they’re also not villains, per se. Their way of doing good isn’t conventional, which makes these introverts difficult to understand.

In fact, INFJs are so misunderstood that they come off as scary and intimidating. But is there a truth to the common misconceptions about them? Keep reading to find out…

4 Reasons Why INFJs Are Scary

1.    INFJs can read through people’s lies.

INFJs have a good balance of introverted and extroverted cognitive functions. The dominant function in their stack, Introverted Intuition (Ni), is why INFJs have a precise judgment and perception towards people. It’s like they have a built-in lie detector.

Their second function, Extraverted Feeling (Fe), also helps them see through their friends’ emotions. They do this by observing behavioral cues like stutters and lip twitches.

So, if you think about it, INFJs are scary when they utilize all their cognitive functions to catch you lying. Like Batman, they go into stealth mode, INFJs’ ways of reading through people’s lies are almost untrackable.

They do it so casually that no one suspects them of fact-checking their friends until they come out with evidence.

2.    INFJs can be intimidating when you disrupt social harmony.

INFJs hate conflict. They absolutely loathe it! And they’ll do everything to restore social harmony, even if it means hurting people along the way—like a total anti-hero!

INFJs feel like they’re responsible for fixing conflicts, especially if the problem is within their circle. As empathetic introverts, they crave harmony because it means everyone is stable and happy. And when their friends are happy, they are delighted too.

However, when they sense negative emotions, it disrupts their personal peace. Therefore, they get an urge to solve it immediately.

If bringing back social harmony means telling the harsh truth-teller, INFJs will do it. If acting rude is what it takes to get two parties talking again, they’ll play that role. And if being the anti-hero means bringing peace, INFJs will own up to it.

3.    You don’t mess with a stressed INFJ.

Even the coolest and most understanding personalities like INFJs have their breaking point. And let me tell you, as an INFJ, even I get surprised by how scary I get when I reach my stress threshold.

But don’t worry as INFJs don’t actually get stressed often. In fact, they only have three common triggers: drama, overstimulation, and uncertainty.

As mentioned earlier, INFJs come off as scary when drama causes conflict. They are most affected by social tension because of their empathy, so they fix it regardless of the means.

Overstimulation caused by sensory information overload also makes INFJs stressed. Since they take time to focus on one item at a time, having multiple problems simultaneously needing their attention will make them snap.

When INFJs snap, they don’t shout or physically hurt people. Instead, they leave without saying a word; just silence and absence. And this type of reaction is scarier than rage. Because as the saying goes, ‘the silent ones are the most dangerous ones’.

Lastly, INFJs like planning ahead. They avoid surprises and uncertainties as this catches them off guard. So, even the tiniest mishap in their plan stresses them immensely. And when this happens, INFJs will take control of everything, and everyone, which can be intimidating for strangers.

4.    INFJs see your strengths, as well as your weaknesses.

INFJs may be warm, but deep down, they are private and cautious of people who’ll possibly betray them sooner or later. Thankfully, as empaths, INFJs subconsciously take notice of people’s strengths and weaknesses.

Even when it’s an aspect never talked about, an INFJ comprehends your intentions and motivations. It’s surprising how they read between the lines, catch on quickly, and understand the matters you left unsaid.

They are so attuned to people’s dynamics that they easily shape their own personality to cater to people’s needs.

That’s why it’s scary to get to an INFJ’s bad side. They simply know where to hit you hard in time you try to turn against them. Hopefully, it doesn’t happen!


Are INFJs dangerous? Physically, not likely. But mentally and emotionally, they can if they choose to be.

Thanks to their cognitive stack, these introverts are gifted empathizers, mediators, and helpers. They love learning and listening to others. However, their cognitive stack also makes them see beyond their friends’ facades to see their genuine intentions.

INFJs struggle with trusting easily. They often step back and observe, which makes them seem intimidating. Additionally, when stressful situations and ingenuine people provide them then, the scary—and mostly hidden—aspect comes to life.

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