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INFJ Quirks
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6 INFJ Quirks People May Not Know About

Conservative, composed, and well-put — as someone who’s friends with many INFJs, this is how I usually see them. But as I’ve always said, with INFJs? Man, there’s more than what meets the eye.

They may portray a mundane facade or a go-with-the-flow attitude, but truth is, they have tendencies to hide many sides of themselves from the public eye. Definitely not open books.

And little do people know, INFJs’ quirks are amusingly odd. Sometimes weirdly funny, while others are confusing if you randomly hear of it.

In this post, let’s get into it one by one. These quirks may be oddly specific. so if you’re an INFJ, you’ll know this is totally relatable.

Ready to find out weird facts, fun hobbies, and amazing quirks specific to these rare Advocates?

Then, let’s start!

What’s special about INFJs? 

At first glance, INFJs give an impression of being collected and conservative.

Not very special, right? Well, if that’s what you think, you’re most likely missing a lot.

Being both an empath (Fe) and a Thinker (Ni-Ti), INFJs have a good balance between emotions and logic, hence they’re called the most logical Feelers in the 16 Myers-Briggs personalities. At the same time, their social skills come as easily as a breeze, too.

Despite being highly rational and logical in most of their decisions, INFJs love looking out for people, too. And come to think of it, not many can juggle making people feel comfortable while still complying with logic.

Let’s admit it. INFJs don’t have superpowers that magically make them well-liked by their friends and colleagues.

Because in reality, INFJs can look well-put on the outside even when they’re distraught inside. It’s a hard internal battle, yet, INFJs can deliver, and it’s one of the reasons why they are amazing individuals. 

In the end, INFJ exudes the charm of reliability, making other people trust them more and more.

With the ability to mirror behaviors, and give way to others despite their intellect, all while masking away their vulnerabilities, they undoubtedly appear as the dependable and stable person they always portray.

Simply said, despite the swirling anxiety within them, such an ability to be calm, logical, and extend their hand makes them strong and reliable people, trusted and well-liked by many.

And that’s one of the many reasons that make INFJ special.

6 INFJ Quirks People May Not Know About

Great, we’ve talked about how INFJs are special in their own way. Let’s talk about the surprising quirks INFJs have that people may usually find peculiar.

1. INFJs daydream as a hobby.

For other MBTIs, daydreaming is a boring pastime. Ha! Not the case for INFJs.

Thanks to INFJs’ high intuition, they have this imaginative inner world where they craft a portfolio of stories, and empower them by adding life-like sensory images and emotions.

INFJs love daydreaming so much that they set aside a specific time—usually before sleeping—to wander around their mental imagery.

Imagine directing a film wherein you can control which actors play what role, the plot, the setting, and the theme. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

And it excites them until it motivates them to finish their tasks early to have more daydreaming time. 

2. INFJs can last days talking to no one.

This may come off as an INFJ weird fact. But did you know INFJs have imaginary conversations with themselves?

With all the conversations they have in their head — the what-ifs and could-have-beens — it gets quite entertaining being alone.

You bet, INFJs even have multiple debates with themselves after random activities like watching a movie. While people may see them as quiet and reserved, their minds are actually booming with questions and conversations.

Aside from a hobby, this also allows them to recharge their social battery. Win-win.

3. As perfectionists, they may feel agitated when they miss a routine.

INFJs are passionate about order and structure, eventually leading to their desire for perfection. They simply can’t resist functioning when they’re aware of the flaws they’ve yet to fix. 

Whether it’s a routine, a scheduled task, or a set commitment, INFJ’s perfectionism needs to organize their surroundings to feel less anxious.

For example, an INFJs’ night routine. INFJs need to accomplish their schedule, even if it’s as simple as a two-step skincare routine or checking to see if they’ve set their alarm for tomorrow, before they can fully relax.

Weird, isn’t it?

4. INFJs can read anyone but themselves.

Ironically, although INFJs are excellent at analyzing their friends’ emotional cues, they are oblivious to handling their emotions.

INFJs’ Fe makes them keen observers of people’s behavioral cues, such as their facial expressions when they’re happy, or body gestures when irritated. However, the downside to being observers is they can’t look at themselves most of the time.

Truth is, INFJs have a hard time processing their feelings.

Since they’re so used to fixing their friends’ problems, it feels foreign when they face their own personal values.

Many INFJs even confess how they don’t know their real identity, considering how they change behaviors depending on who they’re with. Often, they have a hard time setting boundaries to guard themselves. They’re afraid people will see them as bad and uncooperative.

 Because they’re not strong in reading themselves and asserting their own values, it allows people to abuse INFJ’s kindness.

5. INFJs write long messages on their phone and delete them immediately after.

INFJs are more comfortable writing than speaking their thoughts and emotions. And which better place to pour out our feelings (aside from a journal) than in our phone’s notes application?

The content of their writing ranges from rants, and random existential inquiries, to functional events they think would be an interesting plot for a novel. However, even when their messages are amazing, once they re-read them, they cringe at them.

Thus, after the second read, they delete it without a second thought.

6. INFJs hyper-fixate on hobbies but drop them halfway.

INFJs can so OBSESSED with an activity that all they do and think about is finishing. Whether it’s a DIY activity like crocheting or a physical one like running, INFJs are quirky enough to hyper-fixate.

But surprise surprise, they always end up backing out midway because, and bam! 

They found a new hobby to try.

If an INFJ doesn’t feel inspired in what they do, the cycle of discovering a hobby, fixating on it, and leaving the previous one behind is unending. Unending!


Whether it’s a passive behavior such as daydreaming or a daily activity such as doing their night routine, INFJs prove that there is more to their composed personality than what their friends see.

It may be challenging to see the quirky side of an INFJ. But once you see it, you’ll have a deeper and more relatable understanding of their life.


That’s it. I hope this post gave you insights. Thanks for reading! 🙂

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