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Are INFPs Boring?

So you’re telling me being quiet and reserved is “boring?” Well, it’s people’s obvious first impression when you’re not talkative and a partygoer. 

However, with INFPs, I can attest that they’re more than being quiet and reserved. They may not be as sociable as you want them to be, but they offer so much more if and only if you really get to know them. 

I’m an INFP, and in some cases, I think I’m a boring person — I don’t respond much and I can’t entertain colleagues. 

But here’s another side of me: if you ask my ENFJ best friend, she’ll most likely tell you otherwise. 

The first time I told her I’m an introvert was a shocker for her. With us being so loud, taking over the room, and being “rude” to each other, she asked me, “how are you an introvert???” (Lol. Yeah, how???)

So, are INFPs boring?

Simply put, when INFPs are uncomfortable, they can be quiet and aloof, making people think they’re boring. But when these Dreamers are with nonjudgmental friends and people they trust, they can become extroverted and free in expressing their quirks, creativity, and randomness, which shows they’re not boring at all.

Once an INFP opens up, they’re never boring.

You think INFPs are boring? That’s most likely because you’re not close to them.

Yes, some people will try to engage with INFPs — befriend them, invite them to parties, or welcome them to the group. Unfortunately, these Dreamers take time to warm up to people.

When you haven’t breached the 10-foot-high walls, seeing their fun and animated side is less likely. It would take a lot of work to squeeze stories, reactions, and insights out of them. They struggle with small talk. 

INFPs will be kind, yes, but that’s about it.

Meanwhile, with friends they fully trust, INFPs can become the life of the party — engaged, entertained, and entertaining.

The only time they open up is when they’re in a safe space, away from judging eyes. Surprisingly, their energy can switch from zero to 100% when this condition is met.

So yes, we’re not boring. This is just how INFPs function.

INFPs appear boring when you don’t pique their interest.

Maybe, INFPs seem boring, because you’re boring them, too. Hmm.

You see, INFPs are childlike, and their curiosity is easy to pique. One way to lure them into talking is to bring up topics about their passion, hobbies, and likes. They quickly light up if you share the same interests.

However, if you’re trying to reach them with topics they find uninteresting, like gossiping about the new girl in the office or the mechanics of a sport they didn’t care about… that won’t work.

INFPs are not entirely boring. You just have a different definition of fun.

INFPs appear boring when in the wrong group of people.

I was an upbeat INFP kid who attracted many high school and college friends.

But frustratingly, after getting a job, I’ve become the most isolated person in the office who hasn’t got anyone I can call a friend even after two years. Two years of faking it!

You bet this was one of my biggest frustrations before. How am I degenerating into an uninteresting person, opposite to how I was?

I dwell in many self-deprecating thoughts because I can’t believe how boring I have turned out.

Thankfully, I came to a realization.

I’m not boring. It’s just that the people in the office don’t make me comfortable expressing myself.

From hanging out with xNFx friends in high school and college to being stuck with people who enjoy conflicts, backstabbing, and hierarchy — it’s not a place INFP would feel safe.

So if you’re an INFP who thinks you’re boring, let me tell you this: 

You’re not boring. You’re just in the wrong group of people.

INFPs have an imaginative mind — it never gets boring inside our heads.

Imagination is an INFP’s unparalleled advantage

One day, they’re studying how to play guitars. The next, they’re hooked on making desserts.

They put in the effort in things they’re passionate about.

If you cage them in a box and suppress their strengths – creativity, authenticity, and imagination – then yes, they can appear boring to you.

But internally, the never-ending ideas running through their minds never cease to entertain them. If you’re close to them, you will get winded up by their randomness, too!


In conclusion, characterizing INFPs as “boring” is a subjective perception and greatly depends on how comfortable INFPs are in opening up. While they may be quieter, being the “Dreamer” of MBTI implies that their minds would never be as boring as you thought.

They often have rich inner worlds and unique perspectives. When their thoughts are brought to the world, they make valuable contributions to any group or community. 

So the question is: are INFPs boring, or are you boring an INFP?



That’s it. I hope you learned a few insights with this short post. Thanks for reading! 🙂

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