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INFP Bravery: How Are INFPs Brave?

Harmless, quiet, and gentle – these are probably the traits often associated with INFPs. Well, people are not wrong. Indeed, these Dreamers are the most peace-revering souls of the Myers-Briggs personality types.

However, because INFPs are sensitive and are so-called “crybabies,” they’re also perceived as weak, innocent, and fragile — ahh, these dang stereotypes. They’re making INFPs look so uncool.

However, I’d love to deviate from the common stereotype and reveal a trait people don’t often correlate with INFP. Do you know what it is?

It’s bravery. 

Today, you might be awarded a medal of bravery only if you do superhero-like deeds or maybe you’ve put your life on the line for people. However, some people miss that bravery can appear in different shapes and forms.

Truth is, even when INFPs appear soft and weak on the outside, they possess immovable bravery on the inside and the conviction that many people lack.

Despite people’s oversight of their capabilities, how courageous can INFPs be? 

Let’s talk about it. 

How Are INFPs Brave?

Bravery is the ability to confront fear, danger, or adversity.

But here’s how INFPs express their courage differently from others.

1. INFPs can stand their ground even when everyone else rejects them.

Who among here can follow their own ideals, despite everyone turning them down? I must say, not many.

People are scared of being left behind. They don’t want to be an outcast. They’re afraid to be different, so they will conform to society’s norm at the expense of what their hearts desire.

But INFPs? Being someone loyal to their ideals, we can’t just let it slide like that.

I admit, as an INFP, I’m not fit to fight people physically. I won’t throw myself out there to engage in a WWE match.

But here’s the difference.

Many can fight along with their friends, but only a few can leave “camaraderie” in pursuit of what they know is right.

It takes bravery to step out and step up, and INFP is best with that.

INFPs are sensitive, yes. They’re quiet, that’s true. 

But what people don’t know is that under INFP’s modest facade, these free spirits are one of the most stubborn and nonconformist people you can meet. 

INFPs are timid but brave.

When an INFP rejects a group decision, their values will keep nudging them like a kid, which forces them to make a move to either change the decision or back out, rather than conform to an idea they disapprove.

Unfortunately to Fe users who value group harmony, an INFP utilizes their Fi-dominant function.

And being an Fi user makes INFP cling to their personal values more than being fazed by peer pressure. 

Irrational? Selfish? You can call us anything you want, but at the end of the day, INFPs are compelled to follow what they believe is right, even if it means getting no support from the people they care about.

The people who have the guts to be different are the ones who initiate change.

What’s more, I believe INFPs are wired differently and are meant to be independent. If society just allows them to be themselves, just imagine how much idealism they could impart to the world.

Also, INFPs rarely seek validation.

As an INFP, I’ve always been the “irrational” in my family. I was often mocked for my life choices, and for a time, I also believed I was a failure.

But as a seeker, curiosity would always kick in, and my core values direct me to walk my own path.

When I was younger, I remember always crying because my ISFJ mom never agreed to what I wanted in life. So I always sneaked my plans and ended up accomplishing them in secret and receiving awards.

There were times when I catch my friends and colleagues looking at me awkwardly after revealing my goals. It’s a “what-in-the-world-are-you-doing” look on their face. 

But thinking about it, no “irrational” decision I made was a waste. I didn’t follow the crowd, and here I am, landing on my own exciting discoveries. I think I won.

An INFP who doesn’t cave into society’s pressure finds themselves in new places, shining brighter than people would expect.

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2. INFPs stand up for their loved ones.

As much as possible, INFPs don’t try to interfere with other people’s affairs.

Are you fighting? Leave me out of it, bye!

However, it’s a different story when close friends, family, and their values are involved.

Warning: never violate or hurt anything that an INFP treasures.

When people they care about are violated or mistreated, these empaths can detach from their compassion. If you have seen an INFP in rage, it might shock you how a soft-hearted person can flip 180 degrees.

They go from being effortlessly “cute” to completely losing their empathy for you.

INFPs can be tolerant if your actions don’t directly affect them, but they’re definitely not doormats.

So in your lowest, INFPs are the friends you’d love to be by your side.

In the moments you can’t fight for yourself, INFP’s bravery inevitably shows, even when they’re the only ones standing up for you.

From my experience, I’ve seen people turn their eyes away from me because they don’t want to be on the losing side. That memory is so vivid, I’m appalled.

So there I was, fighting for my ideals alone, even when there are like 2 or 3 people in front of me trying to discredit me.

But the question is, who’s right?

Thankfully, INFPs don’t leave their friends in a tight spot. They also have a heart for the underdogs.

If you’re close to them, and they believe you’re in the right, they will be on your side to support you regardless if they’re the only person who believes in you (unlike those who turn their backs on you.)

Are INFPs Strong?

INFPs may not be loud, outspoken, or rebels that grab headlines, but their quiet determination and unwavering convictions make them powerful forces of change.

They’re independent and have always been strong in overcoming their challenges. They fight silent battles and self-reflect on them, eventually making them wise philosophers.

INFPs are quiet rebels. They’re kind, but at the end of the day, you can’t tell an INFP what to do.


Overall, even when people see INFPs as “crybabies,” we can’t discount how their kind hearts spring up with courage. 

They’re not immune to fear and uncertainty, but at least they always have the willpower to get out of the rut they’re stuck in and walk their path, even if it’s against the status quo — all with a purpose to positively impact others.

Many INFPs, especially the younger ones, may struggle to make sense of their uniqueness. But once they realize how strong their capabilities are – their talents, wisdom, and empathy — INFPs surely make a positive difference in the world.

You know what, INFP? You’re brave.


Thanks for reading. 🙂


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