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5 Signs INTP Likes You Romantically (And Not Simply As a Friend)

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When you’re in love, you feel. You’re over the moon, and you look at everything and everyone, especially your object of affection, with rose-colored glasses. You see your lover as someone who can’t do you any wrong. This part explains why you blame yourself when someone hurts or betrays you. 

While this may be true for some, it’s not always the same for INTPs. If you love someone with this personality type, you know their introverted, intuitive, thinking, and prospecting nature.

It means that, though they love the person, they can keep their hearts in check with your rationality. This fact explains why, sometimes, the apple of their eye finds it hard to know whether or not an INTP is genuinely interested.

So, how do I know if INTP likes me? Read on if you’re eager to determine the signs of an INTP’s affection. 

5 Signs an INTP Likes You Romantically 

People have different ways of showing interest and affection. While some are straightforward and quick to profess their love, others take their precious time and only confess when they’re genuinely sure about the person.

Your INTP lover may lean more toward the latter description. 

Given their nature, they’d surely take their time thinking and rethinking their feelings toward you. 

But don’t take this against them. When they’re sure about their feelings, they sweep you off your feet until you say yes. For now, learn how to read their actions and see beyond their cold, pragmatic exterior with these signs. 

1.   Overly curious 

When you like someone, you see them differently. Suddenly, you want to know their favorite color, best childhood memory, the food they love, and all their other favorites. You want to know what makes them happy because you find joy in that. This applies to INTPs, too. When INTP likes someone, they become overly curious about them. 

Despite their level-headedness, when it comes to the person they love, they can’t resist researching what the other person loves. They’ll analyze you until they make sense of your quirks and traits.

They might keep their feelings in check by asking themselves if they’re doing the right thing or wasting time. However, their longing for you gets the best of them – they become more and more curious until they know you inside out. So, if you find your INTP crush suddenly bombarding you with these personal questions, you know what’s happening. Good job; you’ve got them constantly thinking about you!

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2.   Invest their time 

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As introverts, INTPs are selective about who they want to spend time with. Social interactions and gatherings will quickly drain their social batteries. That’s why they’d rather spend time alone. If they liked you, they’d be the opposite and go against their nature to be with you.

They might not like volunteering for extracurricular activities on weekends, but since you’re there, they would go out of their way to join. 

Their reflective nature makes them think about you and their feelings. When you’re constantly on their minds, they can’t help but want to see you. This is another reason they want to spend time with you—time away from you is plain and downright torture!

3.   Help solve your problems

We hate to see the people we love suffer because of their problems. If we can help them, we do our best to share the burden. INTPs are like this, too. But what sets them apart is their capacity to think of novel ways to help their loved ones. They don’t attack a problem with just themselves. The need to save their lover propels them to think on their feet about a quick solution.

Their intuitive, thinking, and reflective nature makes them think on their feet and jump to their lover’s rescue. If you’re the lucky one, you’ll experience being free from your worries since the solutions an INTP offers are for the long-term. They won’t hesitate to remain there the next time you need them. 

4.   Make you part of their world

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It’s hard for an INTP to open up to just anyone. Introverts need to warm up to a person before establishing a talking relationship. The other person usually initiates this when they want to know an INTP. However, things will be easier if an INTP likes you. They will be the ones who take the first step to get close to you. 

Their cheerful and loving feelings toward you are enough for them to warm up, so you’ll skip that part. Aside from getting to know you better, they’ll also share exclusive information about themselves that they don’t share with others.

It could be a fond or embarrassing memory, their first heartache, the reason for their disposition, and more. All the information they share is precious to them – this already says a lot about their feelings. 

5.   Tease you with debates

INTPs are highly intellectual, and you can see this trait even when they’re flirting. They’re not touchy-feely types, so they’ll intrigue you with their wit and eloquence instead. They love to be your devil’s advocate, but this doesn’t mean they’re trying to pick a fight. In their world and love language, this is them flirting and trying to win your attention. 

But take note. They’d hate for others to do this to you. They would be ready to fight anyone who tries to intimidate you. They’re a bit territorial, so you can expect them to pick up on cues when others attempt to win you over. 

Be Patient With Your INTP Lover

Now that you know the signs an INTP likes you, the next thing to do is wait for them to make a move. 

Indeed, it’s not easy to make an INTP admit they’re in love. They usually try rationalizing their feelings by doubting their “love symptoms.” They’re not doing these to make things difficult for you. Instead, they want to be sure about themselves and their feelings. This is why you should try to be patient with them. 

To justify their feelings, they might push you away or avoid you. Please don’t take this against them. That’s just part of how they process their emotions. They’d swoon over you once they’re 100% sure they’re ready to commit. 

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