5 Signs INFP Likes You Romantically Without Them Admitting it

INFP likes you
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When it comes to love, INFPs aim for genuine and long-term relationships. Although they are idealists and fantasize about romantic novels, INFP romance doesn’t develop like cheesy books and movies. Worse, it’s more of a hide-and-seek game.

INFPs are difficult to get to know. Yes, they are kind and gentle. But at the same time, they are also secretive, distant, and complex.

So, if you’re planning to date an INFP, then prepare for a cryptic venture. It’s tough to break down the INFP personality. And even when they open up, they test you multiple times and evaluate your responses in different situations.

I understand if you can’t estimate whether an INFP likes you romantically or not. They’re pretty good at hiding it.

But in this post, I will save you time. What happens to INFP when they like you? How to know if an INFP likes you romantically and not as a friend?

To clear your confusion, allow me to reveal their approach to love. 

But before we proceed, let’s make a few clarifications.

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But if you’ve spent some time getting to know an INFP and are still unsure whether they would reciprocate the love, then you can check the signs below. After all the patience, how can you tell if INFP likes you back?

5 Sure-fire Signs INFP Likes You Romantically

Disclaimer: INFPs are individuals who have different takes on love. This list is based on what I found common in my own and INFP friends’ experiences in dating. Hope these give you insights!

INFPs are sentimental and sincere to the people they trust. They deeply care for their family, friends, and loved ones.

Since they are kindhearted individuals, it’s perplexing to discern whether they like you as a partner or not, if you’ve breached the friend zone or not. That said, it’s important to not confuse friendship and romance.

Sometimes, INFPs unconsciously show hints. It depends on how sensitive you are to interpret them.

Without further ado, here are 5 signs INFP likes you:

1. They talk to you and care for you in private, but they ignore you in public.

INFPs are private people. They choose who they trust and rarely talk about themselves.

Even though people see them as crybabies who easily get overwhelmed with emotions, that’s barely the truth.

The truth is, INFPs are emotionally adept at keeping personal problems to themselves. No one realizes the battles we are fighting. 

So if an INFP reveals their stories of anger, sorrow, and disappointment, it means they trust you. However, the romance here is still questionable. Even I open up my deepest thoughts to my most trusted friends. But that doesn’t mean I like them all romantically.

A better sign on how to tell if an INFP likes you romantically is when they ignore you in person. Yesss, weird right?

You probably had late-night talks and opened up about your goals, yet this INFP makes you feel like a stranger in person. Sounds familiar? Of course, it is. INFPs have a track record of ignoring people they like.

But rest assured, it’s not that an INFP is playing with you. 

Here are possible reasons INFP ignore you in public:

  • An INFP who has growing romantic feelings would feel awkward with you.
  • They can’t even make eye contact, lest talk to someone they truly like.
  • They avoid impending gossips.
  • Teasing friends would make everything more embarrassing, so they avoid it.
  • They don’t want to look desperate for your attention.
  • They test your courage.

And when you ask them about ignoring you, their replies could range anywhere from “I’m shy” to “I didn’t see you” (even if they did). However, shying away from you in person is an absolute sign.

I remember myself intentionally walking in the opposite direction from someone I like. We’ve been chatting for months but I was too shy to carry a conversation in person. When the guy asked me if I was avoiding him, I denied it. Good old days!

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2. Likes alone time with you but declines social invitations.

Have you ever invited an INFP to a party? How about asking them to hang out so you can introduce him/her to friends? I bet they declined!

INFPs are private people. From our perspective, we have no reason to go with you if your friends can keep you company. After all, we are aloof to strangers and won’t contribute anything to your group. Forcing us to meet new friends would be a disaster.

infp likes you

INFPs have a different way to show they care. How do INFP express love? It’s quality time. We want to have purposeful talks with you, be fun and weird.

But if you’re busy accommodating other friends, then such quality time just won’t happen. Instead, we’ll be crouching at the corner waiting to go home.

Alone time, for INFPs, doesn’t mean sexual intimacy. Rather, it could be a walk in the park, concerts, or assisting you with your projects.

They’re going out of their way just to accompany you. They love to spend time with you alone without any distractions. It’s a legitimate sign they have growing romantic feelings for you. 

3. When you sense they’re jealous.

It’s rare to catch an INFP getting jealous. Even when they’re hurting, they won’t admit it. But once in a while, such strong emotions will slide in and reveal themselves.

Often, INFPs get jealous when you give continuous attention to somebody else. If they feel you’ve been too approachable and affectionate to others, it’s off-putting for an INFP.

Again, they won’t admit they’re jealous. But they will give you subtle hints such as pushing you towards other men/women.

As I remember, there was a guy who always brings up his friend’s girlfriend. Not because he likes her, but because she was always hanging out with them. Maybe, he felt obligated to inform me about the girl.

But when the guy (who’s supposed to like me) complimented this girl consecutively, it triggered jealousy.

I recall myself saying, “I’m not as beautiful as her” and “you two look good together”. That was so pathetic of me, but that’s one-way INFPs show jealousy without bluntly admitting it.

If you’re sensitive to such responses, then you know that that INFP is in love with you.

4. Compliments your physical attributes. This means they “see” you.

Many INFPs can’t maintain eye contact. As an INFP, whenever I make eye contact, I’d describe the feeling as someone experiencing fear of heights. My vision becomes hazy for a split second. I’m not exaggerating!

Going back, INFPs observe behaviors more than physical appearance. Instead of highlighting your beauty, we notice people’s personalities more.

Moreover, it’s rare for INFPs to really “look” at someone and compliment their appearance. Or at least, it is for me.

I only compliment people if I wholeheartedly think they’re fantastic. Anywhere below that always looked awkward and fake.

How can you tell if infp likes you

Therefore, an INFP complimenting you is a game-changer. Once they compliment your smile, how your eyes twinkle, how it wrinkles, the hairstyle, and mannerisms, it means they’re watching you closer than you think.

5. Gets upset easily but they keep in touch with you.

INFPs are bubbly and child-like when you get to know them. Yet, they are also deep, sensitive, and affectionate. 

Also, INFPs have high moral standards and values. If an INFP already likes you, you’d notice how their standards shoot up.

Once they consider you as their partner, they would put you on tests and expect a lot from you. Tendencies are, they tend to get upset when you didn’t meet their expectations.

The more they show their truest selves, the more they become sensitive. But if they keep talking to you despite disappointing them, it’s a good sign an INFP’s already into you.

Because truly, disappointed INFPs ignore or alienate people who offended them. They check them off the list in an instant.

But if they continue to talk to you despite wronging them, then they already built a tolerance for you. INFPs easily forgive people they love.


It may be a long way to an INFP’s heart. Yes, it takes patience to know them but they sure are true and loyal partners.

Their lovers become a part of them. From an INFP perspective, relationships form a tag team where you will work through ups and downs and thrive through success.

INFPs are idealists even in relationships. They always think their current relationships are the best among the rest. (Don’t deny it). You become their pride.

Moreover, they are simple and appreciative. Your fight will be theirs, too.

If you’re currently pursuing an INFP, I hope it goes well! Observe these signs if INFP like you to give you insights!

That’s it. Thanks for reading! God bless!

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5 Signs INFP Likes You Romantically Without Them Admitting it

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  1. I can relate to #1. I’m always energetic and fun through messages but when I need to interact in person, I act like I don’t know the guy lol

    1. True! That’s so relatable to many INFP.

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