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Best Hobbies For INFJ
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23 Best Hobbies for INFJ Personality (Try Something New!)

Though INFJs enjoy social events and going out with friends, they are often drawn to hobbies that are solitary in nature. As introverts, they need adequate periods by themselves to recharge their energy and regain focus. 

What’s more, these idealists are highly creative with many interests, passions, and hobbies. They enjoy doing things that allow them to express their creativity and use their imagination in new ways.

So now, are you an INFJ looking for a new hobby? Then I got you covered!

Here are 23 hobbies INFJs love and new activities you may find amusing, too.

Here we go!

23 Best Hobbies for INFJ Personality (Try Something New!)

1. Gardening

Gardening forces you to be patient and consistent before you see any outcome. This is a perfect hobby for INFJs as they’re one of the most patient and caring MBTI personalities.

As people who like routines, looking forward to seeing their plants every day will make INFJs fall in love with gardening even more.

2. Watching true crime documentaries

INFJs love fictional films. But in times when they’re in the mood for learning, their go-to genre is documentaries.

Real crime documentary films have the perfect balance of reality and horror. It’s the best side hobby for INFJs who want to watch and do work simultaneously.

3. Chatting with friends

If you’re an INFJ, admit it or not, you prefer messages over calls. Of course, unless it’s your significant other we’re talking about.

Chatting with friends is a therapeutic hobby for them as they get to relieve their pent-up stories, rants, and emotions. 

4. Going on road trips

INFJs love exploring and discovering new places. To INFJs who need to breathe away from their busy life, going on road trips becomes their break away from everyday life.

Although travelling can be expensive sometimes, you can occasionally go from coast to coast. You can have day trips for quick getaways.

5. Doing arts and DIY crafts 

When it’s hard to verbalize how you feel, art becomes your way to express yourself. 

Have you heard of paint-by-number kits? If you haven’t, you should check it out. It’s a relaxing hobby an INFJ can do in their spare time.

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6. Reading books

Reading books is every INFJ’s go-to hobby when they want to spark up their imagination. The sky’s the limit for what kind of book you’ll catch them reading. 

On sad days, INFJs will typically read light-hearted rom-coms to cheer themselves up. When they want to “hold a conversation,” they will read non-fiction books like memoirs. And some days, INFJs would even read spicy books as their day-ender.

7. Playing UNO Card Game

UNO is a simpler, lighter, and less high-stakes game than poker to play with friends. Nonetheless, you can bet that INFJs will still use the same manipulative skills to win. It’s less bluffing and more strategizing, making it more exciting for INFJs.

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8. Playing with pets

Dogs and other pets are a gift to humanity! Unlike (some) humans, pets are generally loyal and kind, which is why INFJs love them.

If you have a dog or cat at home, you can start the hobby of playing with them by simply walking them outside every day. Eventually, the habit will start. And you’ll find yourself looking forward to being with them daily.

9. Strolling around the park

Consider making strolling around the park a hobby if you like going outside but do not always want to do it with friends. 

Introverts like INFJs learn to be mindful when they see nature. They contemplate life, death, and everything in between without interruption. 

10. Daydreaming

If there’s one thing INFJ is guilty of doing, whether indoors or outside, alone or in public, busy or not, it is daydreaming. It is one of the best hobbies for INFJs because they get to escape harsh reality for a few minutes and live in this made-up world in their mind.

11. Playing an instrument

Learning to play an instrument from scratch can be challenging. But it’s this challenge that makes learning it even more exciting. Additionally, it doesn’t have to be a complicated instrument. You can start with a flute or piano for the basics.

INFJs love discovering new skills and talents. And this is precisely why playing an instrument can be a good hobby for them. 

12. Going to live music festivals

Did you know that George Harrison from The Beatles is an INFJ?

Many INFJs are passionate about music. But not all of them can sing or play instruments. Listening to good music with a crowd who shares the same love for music is an amazing hobby for INFJs. 

You’re also getting your money’s worth because of how much fun you’re having.

13. Binge-watching spooky Youtube videos

If watching true crime documentaries is too dull for you, try binge-watching scary videos on Youtube as a hobby. INFJs love good entertainment while learning. And those two combined are 10 to 30-minute Youtube videos about haunted places, mysterious disappearances, and creepy ghost encounters. 

14. Learning a language

INFJs love immersing themselves in culture. It makes these introverts feel more empathetic towards different nationalities without having to go to the country.

Learning a language as a hobby is beneficial for INFJ as it is a lifelong skill they can use when traveling abroad.

15. Going to art galleries and museums

There are thousands of art galleries around the US, and chances are, at least one INFJ visits a gallery every day. Art and history are two topics INFJs love. So, seeing artifacts and paintings in real life makes them happy.

16. Learning a recipe and cooking at home

A hobby to learn, especially if you live alone, is cooking home-cooked meals. INFJs are homebodies. So, being knowledgeable about cooking will save money, social battery, and time.

17. Hiking with friends

If you’re the type of INFJ who likes going outdoors, hiking is a great hobby to share with your closest friends. Since you are constantly on the move, there isn’t much time to talk (which you love). You also lose a good amount of calories from doing this activity. 

18. Playing a team sport

INFJs are introverts, but they are great team players. Sports needing teamwork, such as volleyball, basketball, football, and softball, make INFJs step out of their comfort zone and expand their social network. Plus, you might gain friendships from playing.

19. Listening to podcasts

Listening to podcasts is an ideal hobby for two types of INFJs: Those who can’t work without background noise and those who can’t sleep without listening to a video. 

20. Photography

INFJs are the most sentimental people you’ll ever meet. Taking pictures wherever they are, whether through their phone or a camera, makes their inner self happy.

21. Spending the day in a cafe

The smell of freshly brewed coffee beans and the sound of chatter from distant tables… These are two reasons why INFJ loves going to cafes. Although it might be expensive, it’s a hobby that makes you relax (and awake).

22. Journaling

Some good hobbies for INFJs involve being with friends. But when they feel like sulking, journaling is their go-to hobby to process their emotions. Journaling helps keep INFJs intact with their feelings by writing down their thoughts.

Also, have you heard about bullet journaling? It’s an activity to pour your creative expressions, too! 

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23. Writing a novel

Writing is an extension of INFJs daydreaming hobby. When INFJs write, they feel like they are one with the world they are writing. It excites them to think about what will happen next and which characters will end up with who in their novel.


INFJs’ hobbies and interests revolve around arts, self-care, and isolation. As intimidating as INFJs may seem to others, trust me, they’re the most caring people you’ll ever meet. If you’re an INFJ and want to learn a new hobby, you might consider checking the list above to see which fits you the best. 

As an INFJ, I can attest that doing our hobbies is one way we recover when our social batteries go low. Hopefully, this article helps you find another activity to try on your next ‘me time’ day!

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