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What Is It Like To Be An INFP Male?

They said INFP females are prone to rose-tinted imaginations. They love the oh-so-romantic and fantastical.

But you know what, INFP males are no different.

The male Dreamers are similarly creative, yet they are easily misunderstood because of their macroscopic understanding.

Following the tiny percentage of INFP males worldwide, their mysterious yet intriguing personality is one of the reasons many people ask: What is it like to be an INFP male?

Is it more troublesome than rewarding? More complicated compared to INFP females? Keep reading to find out…

INFP Males Vs INFP Females

Let’s state the obvious. INFP males carry “feminine qualities.” They have soft gestures, shy giggles, and most amazingly, a unique, gentle, soothing voice! (Don’t even argue with me on this. They really do.)

I see absolutely nothing wrong with these characteristics. But we can’t disregard how social norms in this sensing society are slow to catch up with the INFP males’ unique qualities. In the 21st century, the majority still create stereotypes of masculinity that all men are supposed to follow.

But INFP males are proof that they can break stereotypes and still win at life.

Now, let’s talk about INFP males and females. What is the difference between them?

Who’s more sensitive?

INFP males and females are both sensitive people but they might express it in different ways.

Outwardly, INFP females appear to be more sensitive and emotionally vulnerable than INFP males.

But this doesn’t mean that INFP males aren’t sensitive at all. They just do a better job of camouflaging their emotions and observing other people’s feelings instead of drawing attention to themselves.

INFP males have it harder, living in an extroverted society that always expected them to “man up.”

But despite hiding their true emotions, it’s undeniable how they have a strong intuitive sense of people’s emotions. 

They may be huge gigglers and make fun of their friends (with sensitivity, of course), but are also naturally compassionate. It shouldn’t be surprising to often hear the lines “how are you?” and “what are you feeling?”

They check on their friends.

While they may try to fit in a group who don’t uphold similar values, they are also the type to value deeper friendships and be the person their guy friends can open up to.

On being secretive…

INFP men are like undercover agents who seem calm on the outside, but are keen observers (and overthinkers) on the inside. Internally, they’re quietly processing everything they hear, see, and learn about the world around them.

They have strong opinions about their surroundings—but being a male, opening up to others is one of their struggles.

Other men may find it weird to have guy friends open up about their emotions. As a result, INFP males keep their issues bottled up inside rather than talking about them out loud.

Do INFP males cry, too?

They do cry, too—a lot. But only people who are close to them get to see it.

For an INFP male, emotions should not be shrugged off—so it would not be surprising to see them shed a tear to express their sadness.

They can be vulnerable to emotional traumas. As introverted feelers who are in touch with emotions, being in continuous emotionally-triggering events could be tiring for them to process.

Tears fall when they know they disappointed people. They cry when life doesn’t seem to go right, and also when people push them to a life they find no meaning in — caging them overall.

Without sufficient emotional support and outlet, it could lead to them having depression and such.

INFP males are good at hiding these emotions, so if you have a male INFP friend, why not check them once in a while?

However, once male INFPs mature, they learn how to process emotions and brood less. They look for a bigger perspective, leading them to understand why situations happen, and what future steps to take to break off the chains keeping them caged.

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INFP Males and Stubbornness

INFP males and females are very similar in terms of their stubbornness, but the cultural expectations put on them are very different.

INFPs are generally individualistic, which means they dislike being told what to do or how to do it.

This is especially true for INFP males who are pushed into a “masculine” figure. They’re expected to meet standards like, “men don’t cry,” and “men should be strong.”

But newsflash: INFP males are strong—but that doesn’t have anything to do with an imposed masculine ego.

When INFP males get fed up with the pressure to conform, they tend to react by rebelling. No, not like becoming delinquents, but rebels in the shadows whom you think you can control, but you really cannot.

They may disappear from your life altogether, or they may just disappear into their own world. They do actions opposed to your expectations, with a goal to lead another way.

They don’t want to be held back by the pressures of society and will do everything in their power to escape them.

While these traits are seen as “stubbornness” by others, it’s only INFPs having a mind of their own, wanting to have autonomy and freedom.

Why Are INFP Males Rare?

Statistically, articles related to INFP males posit that this demographic only makes up less than 2 percent of the population. That is only less than 700,000 individuals out of the approximately 330,000,000 in the US.

The chances of getting struck by lightning—1 in 15,300, according to the National Weather Station—is even higher than meeting a co-INFP male.

Aside from their small population, being male and empathetic is often made fun of and labeled derogatorily as ‘feminine’ since, traditionally, males are expected to be more logical than emotional. For this reason, INFP males are often misunderstood by other male personalities like ESTJs, leaving them outcasted.

However, it is not only their struggles that make INFP males rare, as they can also tap into their emotions to spark their creativity. Often finding themselves leaning into arts and other creative outlets from early childhood until adulthood, males with this personality type find comfort in performing or seeing art being performed.

What Are INFP Males’ Best Traits?

1. INFP males have a colorful inner world.

One of INFP males’ uncommon characteristics is their ability to daydream whenever it’s convenient for them.

According to an article from Walden University, daydreaming positively affects one’s body, specifically enhancing our creativity by letting our imagination roam freely in our minds and reducing stress and anxiety levels.

2. Best listeners.

Romantically, INFP males are ideal partners for personality types who trust and listen to them, such as ENFJs and INFJs, as they complement each other’s communication preferences. 

But who knows, I’m an INFP, with a male INFP partner, and it still works! He really is a great and understanding listener.

Unlike other personalities who often space out after a short period, INFPs love hearing and remembering what others say. This would often lead to them giving innovative solutions whenever asked.

3. Genuine and loyal.

An INFP male is typically awkward when with the person they like. You could also consider INFP males’ innocent and genuine reactions to flirting one of their great traits. 

INFP men are mysterious and almost never show their truest selves to just anyone. But once you get into a relationship with them, I tell you, their depths of wisdom, broadness of capability and talents, and vast imaginations will surprise you.

Being with an INFP is never boring once you get to know them.

4. Can read one’s emotional pulse.

Remember the memes portraying how males don’t understand females, and how women get mad “without a reason”?

Hah! Not on an INFP male’s watch.

Male INFPs see the littlest details, and changes in behavior, and have a radar when everything feels “off” about their partners. Surely, they are emotionally supportive partners and aren’t tone-deaf about others’ feelings.

They ask you, even before you say anything. So if you want a partner who truly cares about your feelings, an INFP would be best at that.

Lastly, INFP males are gentle and ideal friends. Since they know how much action would impact a person’s emotions, this personality type would often act in the most sensitive way towards others to avoid hurting their feelings.

If they also see that someone needs to be corrected, you should expect to hear a gentle reminder rather than a harsh reprimand from these gentle males.

As their friends, you should also have no trouble running to them if you need to rant about anything and everything. As great listeners, they will not stop you from talking until you’re satisfied, and may even give great advice if you need it.


Answering the question, “What it is like to be an INFP male,” there are three words to sum it all up: emotional, rare, and creative.

Like INFP males, we hope that other people may learn to value compassion and gentleness despite the gender stereotypes that pressure them to act the way they truly are not.

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