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What Makes INFP Mysterious?

While others want to be understood, listened to, and comforted in troubling times, here comes one of the weirdest personalities, unfolding a peculiar trait. Let’s welcome! The INFPs – the Dreamers who prefer holding everyone in a riddle.

I mean, seriously. INFP may or may not do it intentionally, but you bet they safeguard their privacy (with high alert security) so people’s prying eyes can never gaze within their lives.

And it’s not only their secrets. If only they could withdraw and hide themselves physically and live in a distant land with nature and books, they would.

Now, why are INFPs mysterious? Is it because of their reserved demeanor, or do they truly go out of people’s grasp when others try to get to know them?

 In this post, we’ll get into that. Here we go!

INFP and Their Mystery

At an early age, INFPs realize the impact their words and actions bring on others. As introverted Feelers (Fi), this is how they see the world as a default. They have a strong sense of morality, and knowing what’s good and bad has become their life compass.

In many circumstances, they choose to follow what they know is good, and at the same time, treat others with the same goodness they apply in their lives.

But now, what makes INFP mysterious?

How do strong morals make a cloud of mystery embrace them?

First, let’s note that although INFPs are wise with their discernment, not everyone adheres to their perceptions and standards.

Some love embarrassing people. Others revel in people’s pain and are not mindful of their actions. INFPs denounce these acts.

Knowing these subconsciously, INFPs realize that no matter how kind they are to people, humans are humans, and they will be judged or criticized regardless.

They know that revealing themselves would only give others access to tarnish their morals and beliefs. They will be questioned, laughed at, and talked out of their beliefs. 

But as people who shield their values to stay authentic, speaking less is easier than letting others meddle in their thoughts. They don’t plan to impose either.

Personally, as an INFP, it’s better for me to hide away, find solace, and be misunderstood. Rather than have others ask our explanations, be misunderstood and disapproved.

Who’s got time for a lengthy discussion only to be denied? Definitely not INFPs.

And I’d be honest, the empaths even go out of their way to eliminate their traces so people are kept in a riddle about them.

I remember myself scrolling way down to my 2009 posts on social media just to delete and put my silly antics in private. Lol.

So yep, it’s one of INFPs’ fears – to be seen too much.

What Is the Mysterious Side of INFP?

If INFPs are an enigma, what are they thinking behind the quiet persona?

Behind their looming mystery is simply a creative, soft-hearted, and childlike spirit.

These are the people who appear uninterested but are emotionally invested in the events happening around them.

Their curiosity is easy to pique, and although they don’t show it, idea after ideas cross their mind. They remember your actions and are sentimental people.

In the shadows, INFPs are traditional people who love the simple things in life – books, playing their old games, learning, and joyfully admiring their favorite bands and characters. 

To some, INFPs appear boring, but in their own spheres and worlds, these Dreamers are alive, vivid, and free.

They’re always on the move for the next goal and forever explore the new things unheard of to some.

They find peace in working on their undisclosed personal projects and continue to do so even without the validation of the people around them. 

And most of all, behind the cold and aloof façade they show to the crowd, INFPs have a soft heart for everyone. They easily forgive, care, and willingly extend their hand to people in need, even when not asked for it.

They are also people who may get easily hurt, self-reflecting on what they could’ve done wrong, agonizing for people they could have harmed, and sharing the pain of those who need comfort; thus, they’re called the Healers.

You see, INFPs don’t like sharing what’s in their mind but give so much of what’s in their heart. 

Overall, they’re mysterious, but they’re also old and sensitive souls who protect and keep everyone’s fire burning.

Do INFPs Hide Their Feelings?

INFPs are often in touch with their feelings. They know that revealing their true emotions may not bring the best outcomes, so they have learned to suppress them and deal with personal problems independently. 

People may be surprised how they know too little about their INFP friends. Mostly, INFPs keep their real desires in the shadows.

Even when confronted with hurtful words, unintentionally rejected, or complimented, an INFP will try to keep those emotions intact and concealed.

However, when they’re alone, the story isn’t the same. Who knows how many tears they have silently endured?


INFPs are like boulders of rock that people can’t easily pierce through. Despite people bringing good intentions, it’s not easy for these Dreamers to open up and confess any stories about them. 

But despite the air of mystery, these Dreamers remain kind and wish for a compassionate and genuinely connected world. Even when mysterious on the outside, INFPs exude warmth on the inside and compassion for people who truly need it.

While they may appear invisible during moments of joy, these empaths will never abandon you in times of hardship.


That’s it. I hope this gave you insights. Thanks for reading!


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