The Dark Side of INFP Personality

INFP Dark Side

You know who the INFPs are. They are the most compassionate, empathetic, and peace-revering type among the 16 Myers-Briggs personalities. However, as we talk about human nature, we must realize that everyone has the capability to be destructive – even the gentle INFPs. Can INFPs be evil? What does the dark side of INFPs look

5 Signs Introverts Need Alone Time from the Bustling World

Introverts are people who have minimal capacity for noise and social stimulation. They absorb the world differently, thus, function differently from the high-spirited extroverts. Introverts recharge alone in peace and quiet to keep their well-being. This is contrary to extroverts who accumulate energy from moderate to extensive socialization.  People usually correlate introversion to shyness and

The INFP Mind: 6 Best INFP Traits and Hidden Behaviors

INFP are individuals who spend most of their time in their dreamlands. What makes them unique is not only their innate creativity but also the hint of mistifying peculiarity swirling around them. INFPs are called the Mediators because of their peace-revering personality. It’s one of the rarest personalities among the 16 Myers-Briggs Personalities comprising only

Do INFPs Cheat? The Dark Side of INFP Idealism

If by any chance you’re dating an INFP, then you’re probably curious if INFPs do cheat or have any tendencies. Do INFPs cheat? Here’s a short answer: INFPs are extremely loyal in a relationship. But once their partner continuously betrays, undervalues them, and pushes them into a rut, INFPs accumulate grudges that would result in

8 Secret Behaviors Female INFPs Do When They Like Someone

INFP is one of the rarest personalities in Myers-Briggs 16 personalities. The INFPs’ kindness, compassion, and peace-revering personality earned them the name Mediators. As an INFP, living in a rosy, romanticized world is pretty usual. However, when it comes to relationships, INFPs are less likely to risk their hearts.  They’re prudent and not risk-takers, making it